Essay On Meri Priya Saheli - My Best Friend In English

Essay On Meri Priya Saheli - My Best Friend In English

Essay On Meri Priya Saheli - My Best Friend In English - 1500 in words

Today we will write Essay On Meri Priya Saheli in English on my dear friend . This essay written on my dear friend is written for kids and class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and college students. You can use this Essay On Meri Priya Saheli in English written on my dear friend for your school or college project. You will find essays in English on many other topics on this website of ours, which you can read.

Essay on Meri Priya Saheli Essay in English Introduction

A person who has no friends. He is very unfortunate. And a person who believes that he has many friends, but no true friends. She is more unfortunate than that. A sycophantic friend is worse than an enemy. True friends share our sorrows and increase happiness manifold in happiness. Such friends are not made, they are recognized. Their friendship grows with time. When a person is lucky, he can make many friends of his choice. People who make friends when needed, they can become friends or friends, but they lack the feelings of friendship. When they need you, they come for a special time in your life. Those who are very busy believe in these things and make friends in haste. There are tricks like politics in making friends. While it does not deceive friendship, It is called fraud and deceit. Such cunning friends are never of any use, and it is better to be alone than such frivolous friendship.

my friend

We find some people in the world to be better and better than others. Human nature is such that he feels himself equal to him on a mental level. Whom we call our dear friend, friend or friend. We like to spend time with our friend. We get the love of all our parents, brothers and sisters in our family. But when we are out of the house, the responsibility of maintaining a good companion is fulfilled by Sakhi Saheli. You know that we start going out since childhood and the first place is school. Where we have to live alone and away from our family. We never like to be alone in our school and class. We share everything with someone and that is our friend, with whom we play games, eats food The Sakhi Saheli made in the school has its own importance. Without them life seems to be colorless. We meet many leagues in our life and also make many friends. But some friends are special. I also have a dear friend whose name is Anamika. For having a good friend like Anamika, I would like to thank the upper person who gave me such a lovely and wonderful friend.

nature of my friend

My friend Anamika has a calm nature, she talks very little. That's why all the girls in the class respect him. The smartest student in our class is my friend Anamika. I love the nature of Anamika very much. She never hesitates to help the weak companions. Every year on the basis of hard work and dedication, she secures the first position in the class. Moreover, whenever I go to his house, his parents and all his family members talk to me with a lot of love and affection. I like all the members of his family very much. I respect them from my heart. We study while sitting on the terrace of Anamika's house. Also jokes a lot. His mother brings us a very tasty breakfast. She loves me just like my mother. I also respect and love them very much. The nature of Anamika is so good that no one can be angry with her. She is of calm nature, honest towards her work, sensible, very intelligent and always taking the right decision. I like this quality of his. Also, she helps me a lot, whether it is making notes or any project, my friend Anamika always helps me. Anamika's father is a very big officer and she is working on a high post. Anamika's father also helps us in our studies. Whether it is making notes or any project, my friend Anamika always helps me. Anamika's father is a very big officer and she is working on a high post. Anamika's father also helps us in our studies. Whether it is making notes or any project, my friend Anamika always helps me. Anamika's father is a very big officer and she is working on a high post. Anamika's father also helps us in our studies.

my friend in school

My friend also lives with discipline in school. She follows the orders of her teachers. My friend Anamika listens to the teachers very carefully. She never gives anyone a chance to complain. What the teacher says She does that work immediately. Also, she does all her work with hard work and honesty. All the teachers admire him. He never gets into trouble with anyone. My friend talks to everyone very well. That's why everyone in the class likes him very much. I like my friend only because of her good thoughts and nature. Another specialty of my friend is that she never wastes time. My friend Anamika advises everyone that we should not waste time. Better than this, some study should be done. Many students always agree with this point of view. The quality of a good student is in the ring finger. He is fond of reading biographies of great men and getting inspiration from them. She comes to school every day and reads the newspaper. She always advises me to study more and not to waste time. Actually Anamika is my true friend and by God

my friend in the playground

My friend is a smart student and also a very good badminton player. She has been elected once at the state level. Whenever sports is organized in our school, Anamika not only participates in it, but also plays the game with great dedication. My friend Anamika wins everyone's hearts with her performance. He has also won many trophies and medals in badminton. Apart from being good in the field of sports, she is smart in studies and she also respects everyone. Because of which he has been made the monitor of our class.

my friend a trusted friend

My friend Anamika is my very trusted and trustworthy friend. If I have any problem, I can tell her without hesitation. The hallmark of a true friend is that she does not reveal your secrets to everyone and you can trust her completely. If you can't tell some of your special things to your friend, then understand that she is not your true friend. Because you don't believe in him. The one who can tell all her things to her friend and the friend also takes her words seriously and does not joke like other friends, she is a true friend.

my friend a right advisor

A good friend you can call someone who gives you proper advice and prevents you from going on the wrong path. We meet many such people in our life, who explain to us in their own way. Some of them give us the right advice, while some are just engaged in proving their selfishness. So if I do not understand something and I feel that I cannot do it, then I take the advice of my parents, my family or my friend Anamika. And to be honest, I feel very relaxed after following his advice. That's why it is very important to have friends who always give you the right advice. If your friend or friend shows you the wrong way, makes fun of you behind your back, then you should stay away from such friend and friend.

true friend identity

True friends or dear and true friends create feelings of immense joy, love, affection and satisfaction. Friendship is always born from the heart. They naturally like each other. They have a good bonding. No trouble can separate them. Such friends are really true friends. The person who finds such a friend and friend, he remains happy. He becomes dear to God by receiving the priceless gift of God. True friends are the ones who stop you from wandering. He also feels the same pain as his friend. That's why a true friend always protects or protects his friend or friend.


Friends, in the last I would like to say that it is better to be alone than a thousand bad friends. If you find a true and good friend, friend, who will always show you the right path, prevent you from wandering, stay away from bad habits and keep you away too. So one should never leave such a friend or friend. Because only those who are lucky get the gift of such good and true friends. Therefore, take care of them throughout your life. Never take them away from you and never be angry with them.

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Essay On Meri Priya Saheli - My Best Friend In English