Essay On Make In India In English

Essay On Make In India In English

Essay On Make In India In English - 1400 in words

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Make In India Essay in English Introduction

Keeping in view the increasing unemployment in the country and the deteriorating economy of the country, decisions were taken by the government for the development of the country. Many schemes were also run by the government for the people, so that people could get employment opportunities. Similarly, the provision of Make in India policy was also kept by the government. The purpose of this scheme by the government was that the exports in the country could be reduced and employment opportunities could be created in the country, which would also improve the economy of the country.

Make in India

Make in India is an important decision which has been taken for the interest of India. The decision of Make in India was taken by the Government of India on 25 September 2014. In this, emphasis has been laid on the fact that the government can manufacture goods inside India by domestic and foreign companies. The aim of Make in India was to increase the country's economy and create employment opportunities. At the same time, maximum exports can be stopped in India and more imports can be done. The plan to make foreign things inside the country was started. The name of this scheme was named “Make in India”. This became an important policy, due to which people could get many employment opportunities.

History of Make in India

Make in India was launched in 2014. This policy was organized by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It was decided to launch this scheme by Narendra Modi after holding a meeting of his cabinet and talking with the ministers of state. Industry leaders were also included under this scheme, so that there is no problem during this scheme. The purpose of making Make in India was that people could get employment opportunities in the country and the economy of the country could be improved. During this policy, a lot of focus was fixed on 25 key areas. During this policy emphasis was laid on developing more areas of critical skill development. Within India, topics that have less impact on the environment were promoted. It was decided to start such business, In which people can benefit more and the economy of the country can also improve. Licenses were given to those starting new business. The validity of these licenses was kept by the government for 3 years. Automobile, chemical, electronic, food processing, gas, railway, textile, thermal power, road, aircraft industry, defense sector, space, leather, mining, shipping etc. Investments were also made in the stocks of these sectors.

Objectives of Make in India

The launch of the Make in India policy within India has been done keeping in mind many objectives in the country. Many new technologies will be developed in India during this policy. The main objective of this scheme is to invest in India by a foreign company, so that India can also produce overseas. India's exports should be reduced so that the country's economy can be improved. Its purpose is that unemployment can be stopped growing inside the country and people can get maximum employment. Another purpose of this is also to promote companies which were closed within few years. The increasing unemployment, literacy, corruption, poor becoming more poor within India, etc., were kept in mind. More than 100 smart projects will be commissioned during this policy.

Benefits of Make in India

The making of Make in India policy has brought many benefits in the country of India. With the coming of this policy, there have been improvements in many areas in India, many people have also got the benefit of this policy well.

becoming a manufacturing hub

Make in India policy was implemented by the government, due to which many foreign companies were given tax exemption in India and many foreign companies were encouraged to bring inside India. So that many foreign things can be manufactured inside India and exports can be stopped in the country. India was made a manufacturing hub, which helped people to get many employment opportunities.

economic growth and improvement

There has been a lot of economic reforms in India due to the formulation of Make in India policy. As new things started being produced inside India, the exports started increasing. As a result of this, the economy of the country improved and opportunities to invest in many new areas within the country also started getting opportunities.

employment opportunities

On the formation of Make in India policy, many people got employment opportunities in India, because many foreign products and new companies started being created inside India. Due to which people started getting employment opportunities. According to the Mudra scheme, the right income was fixed by the government to the skilled persons, due to which the willingness of the people to work increased. New people got the opportunity to start new companies, as well as the people whose companies had been closed got a chance to start back those companies. Under this scheme, a lot of attention was paid within 25 sectors, due to which people could get employment. Under this scheme, 10 lakh people were expected to get employment. As the demand for Indian production increased inside India, employment opportunities also increased and the country's economy also improved.

foreign investment opportunity

A program was organized inside Mumbai under this scheme by the government. The event was attended by 68 countries and 2500 international and domestic delegates. Under this scheme, the people of India got an opportunity to invest by coming to India and producing foreign companies. Many Indian industrialists made their investments in big investment companies during this period, which benefited the same companies and also supported them in creating new products.

Benefits of Make in India

The making of Make in India policy has brought many benefits in the country.

  • During Make in India, there have been opportunities to reduce unemployment in the country and to provide employment to the youth. The list of other countries within the country was quickly placed during this campaign. Foreign production now began to be carried out within the country as well. People producing in India will now be able to produce with a company outside as well. Individuals will be able to get jobs according to their skills. The economy of the country will also improve. During Make in India, investments can be made in the country's sectors such as manufacturing ports, chemical tourism, welfare production, automobiles. During this policy, people of the country and foreign policies will be able to meet and invite each other. Under Make in India, industrialists will be able to associate their company with foreign industrialists and will also be able to invest in each other's companies.

Important things related to Make in India

With the launch of Make in India, investments will be made inside India by all the investors of the country and abroad. Invitations will be made for all countries to do business inside India. As we all know that India is a democratic country. For which it is very necessary to make India's economy strong. During this policy, important decisions were taken to strengthen India's economy. The focus will be on 25 main areas within India. Within these sectors are automobiles, gauges, railways, thermal power manufacturing, aircraft industries, highways, shipping, media, entertainment, mining, leather, food processing, chemicals, road construction, electronic machines, space, There will be more focus on core sectors like defense sector and investment opportunities will also be explored within these sectors. Exports within the country will be reduced and tax exemption will be given on imports. During this policy, a plan has been made to invest 930 crores within the beginning. During this, an investment of 580 crores will be given by the government, so that this policy can be implemented properly and there is no problem of any kind. A survey of 17 cities within the country was done, during which Ludhiana, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Gurgaon and Bhubaneswar have emerged as the most investing cities, which are capable of doing any business.


Many people in the country will get benefit from this scheme run by the government. People will get new employment opportunities and many people will get a chance to start their closed business. Many issues will be addressed in the country, due to which the economy of the country can be increased rapidly and the country will be developed.

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