Essay On Maharashtra Day In English

Essay On Maharashtra Day In English

Essay On Maharashtra Day In English - 1300 in words

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Essay on Maharashtra Day (Maharashtra Day Essay in English)

Maharashtra Day is celebrated on 1 May. This day is very special for Maharashtra. Labor Day is celebrated across the country on May 1. In fact, the state of Maharashtra was established in the country on May 1. Every year in the state of Maharashtra this day is celebrated as the foundation day of the state. This day has special significance for all the people living in Maharashtra. Various programs are organized on this occasion. Cultural, colorful and religious programs are organized on this day. A glimpse of Marathi civilization is seen in such programs. When India became an independent country in 1947, Bombay was a separate state in western India. Which was in the existing Maharashtra and Gujarat states. In the 1950s, the Samyukta Maharashtra Samiti demanded the creation of a Marathi-speaking state out of the then bilingual state of Bombay. Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Karnataka were formed in 1950. But the central government was not paying heed to the demand for the creation of Maharashtra state. Disturbed by the obstinate attitude of the then government at the center, people decided to fight against it. The government had tried to suppress it by demanding use of force and power. More than a hundred people were killed at the Flora Fountain in Mumbai when Maharashtra Divas opened fire. The Samyukta Maharashtra Samiti achieved its goal when Mumbai as its capital was created on May 1, 1960, under the Bombay Reorganization Act. The state of Maharashtra was formed in 1960. It is said that earlier the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat, Used to be a part of a state called Bombay. Then according to the 1956 Act, all other states were being formed in the country. People speaking Marathi and Gujarati language wanted their own separate state. These two were not given a separate state and Bombay was declared a separate state. People struggled a lot to get their identity for the state of Maharashtra. Bombay was a place where Marathi and Gujarati speaking people lived together. When all the states started getting their identity, then the people speaking both the languages ​​made a strong demand for separate states to establish their identity. Those who spoke Marathi wanted their own state and those who spoke Gujarati wanted their own province. The people had started the MahaGujarat movement to declare the state of Gujarat as an independent state. Marathi people organized a joint committee to make Maharashtra a separate state. For this, people started agitations and continuously Fought battles to get When the country got independence, then the Prime Minister of the country, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, divided the Bombay region into separate states such as Maharashtra and Gujarat. This was done on 1 May 1960 as per the Bombay Reorganization Act. Despite being divided into different states, there was tension over one issue. Both the states were trying to make Bombay their province. After that Bombay was handed over to the state of Maharashtra. Today Bombay is considered a thriving capital. Bombay is an advanced state not only in the industry but also in the tourism sector. Along with this, Bombay is considered to be a huge center of entertainment sector. Due to its fame in the entertainment sector, Bombay became a very popular place. The parade is organized on May 1, Maharashtra Day. Many types of programs are organized on a large scale. Tributes are paid to those people, Who agitated for making Maharashtra a state and also became martyr. That's why this day has a very special significance. Maharashtra Day is celebrated as a holiday in many state government schools and government offices. When India got independence, then the map of the Indian map was something else. Many states were merged into each other. All the states wanted their own identity. Gradually the states were divided on the basis of language and culture. New states were formed in the country. every year, The entire state celebrates the foundation day of its state with pride. Similarly, Maharashtra also celebrates this day every year. At present there are twenty nine states in total in the country and each has its own distinct language and diverse culture. Despite so much diversity, the country is tied in one thread. The reorganization of the states was done according to the 1956 Act. According to this act, people who spoke Kannada language were assigned the state of Karnataka. The states of Andhra Pradesh were given to the Telugu speaking people and Tamil Nadu states were given to the Tamil speaking people. But the problem occurred when the Marathi and Gujarati people were not given their state. As a result, they started agitations. There was a lot of controversy between the Marathi and Gujarati people regarding the Bombay province. Marathi people wanted Bombay to be a part of Maharashtra, At the same time, the Gujarati people argued that the credit for the progress of Bombay goes to them. So they should get this place. Eventually after all these events Bombay became an integral part of Maharashtra. To make Maharashtra Day memorable, many types of grand celebrations are organized by the Maharashtra government. Every year a parade is organized in Shivaji Park. On this day, the Governor of Maharashtra delivers a speech at this function. The Chief Minister of the state pays homage to the martyrs by visiting Hutatma Chowk. Those who gave their lives in the movement to build the state. On this day, no liquor, intoxicants, etc., are sold in the state. The Marathi culture of Maharashtra is reflected in its folk dances and music. People wear new clothes on Maharashtra Day. Sports and various types of competitions are also organized on this special occasion. Whoever wins in these is rewarded. Government work is completely closed on this day. Sweets are distributed among the people on this day. Competitions are also organized in the school and every student tries to win it. Various programs are organized in the school on this day. Children perform many dance rituals on this day. Cultural programs are also organized in government offices and colleges in Maharashtra. Maharashtra is a special state in itself. India's first train journey was from Mumbai to Thane in 1853. Walked in the middle Mumbai is also called the Maya City of Dreams. Thousands of people come here everyday in search of their employment. Maharashtra comes third in terms of area fruit in India. The state of Maharashtra plays a major role in the politics of the country. There are thirty-six districts in Maharashtra. Nagpur is the winter capital of Maharashtra. In summer its capital becomes Mumbai. Maharashtra is counted among the prosperous, wealthy and settled states. It is the birthplace of Gangadhar Tilak, Veer Savarkar and Dadabhai Nairoji. The neighboring states of Maharashtra include the names of Goa, Karnataka, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh. Maharashtra is the financial capital of the country. This state is also a successful and prosperous state in its industry sector. Maharashtra state accounts for one fourth of the country's production. The population of Maharashtra has reached close to thirteen crores. Caves in Maharashtra from the point of view of tourism, Tourists come from far and wide to see various architectures. The popular places here are Gateway of India, Marine Drive and Siddhivinayak Temple. Where lakhs of people come to see God.


Every year this special day of Maharashtra is celebrated with great pomp. People living here get an opportunity to understand this history of Maharashtra and its importance. Therefore, May 1 is celebrated as Maharashtra Day. Many types of religious programs are organized on this day, which show the culture of Maharashtra state. So this was the essay on Maharashtra Day, I hope you liked the essay written in English on Maharashtra Day . If you liked this article, then share this article with everyone.

Essay On Maharashtra Day In English