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Essay On Lion In English

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Lion Essay in English Introduction

The king of the jungle is called a lion. The lion is counted among the mighty animals of the earth. We get distracted hearing the roar of the lion. Due to the characteristics of the lion, he is called the king of the jungle. Many animals are very courageous and one of them is a lion. The lion is also related to the cat family. Cheetah and Panther also come in this family. Lion is a carnivorous animal. He hunts herbivorous animals like deer, buffalo etc. Lion is the most powerful animal. Lions are found in African countries and South Africa. All the animals are afraid of the lion. They feel that the lion should not hunt them. Twelve types of lion species are found in the world. Lion's paws are very strong and have sharp nails. The lion has brown hair on its body. The lion best represents beauty and courage. Lion is mostly found in Europe and African forests. Lion is considered a symbol of power, Scientific name of lion Scientific name – Panthera Leo Scientific classification

  • Kingdom – Animalia Federation – Chordata Class – Mammalia (Mammal Animals) Gana – Carnivora Family – Felidae Lineage – Panthera Species – Leo

lion's body

Lion has four legs. The lion has a big tail. Lions can make long jumps with the help of their tail. Lion's eyes are big and bright. Lion's teeth are very sharp. The length of the male lion is four feet and the height is about 10 feet. Lion weighs up to 200 kg. Male lion has hair on its neck and female lioness has no hair on its neck. Lions mostly like to live in herds. Lions usually hunt at night. This makes it easier for them to hunt. The hair which is near the neck of the lion, it protects it from many types of attacks. With time, the hair on the neck also increases. The body of a lion is very large, but its ears are very small. When lion cubs grow up and become adult lions, they have thirty teeth in their mouths. There is power in the tail of a lion, with the help of which it jumps high.

lion likes to live in group

Lions mostly hunt in herds. There can be about twenty lions in a herd. Lions sleep for about sixteen to twenty hours. He spends the rest of his time doing other things. The lion likes to live on rocky hills. He does not like places full of trees. Lions drink water from Tasma watermelon in summer. Lions can live without water for about four days. Lions belong to the cat family.

indigestion problem

Whenever a lion is suffering from indigestion, he eats grass to get rid of it. Eating grass helps them to vomit and improves their digestion power. In India, it is believed in Gujarat that most of the Asiatic lions are found in India, which are mainly found in Gujarat. Even if you go to a zoo, the lions found there are Asian. Most of these lions are found in the Gir forest of Gujarat and that is why they are known as "Asiatic Lions". Thousands of tourists from all over the world come to see the lions in Gujarat, because now the number of lions has increased to 675.

to hunt

The hunt is mostly done by lionesses. But if the animal is large, then the lion also hunts with the lioness. The lion takes care of the security of its group. A lion and a lioness need eight kilos of meat every day. The lion hunts animals like deer, reindeer and giraffe. The lion hunts by hiding behind large bushes. The roar of a lion can be heard far away.

Lion species extinct

In many forests, some people hunt lions illegally. For this reason the number of lions is decreasing. This is a big warning. Protection of animals and protection of forests is essential. Necessary laws have been made to stop poachers. If poachers are not strictly banned, the lion species will be extinct forever.

lion life time

The life span of a lion is fifteen years. When the lion's appetite increases and a man is seen in front of him, then the lion also hunts him. If a lion catches any animal, it kills and eats it. The lion can run very fast. The speed of a lion can be about eighty kilometers per hour. Most of the lion's time goes to sleep. The lion is engaged in sleep for twenty hours and the lioness sleeps for eighteen hours.

hunting large animals

Lions hunt large animals in herds. He can hunt animals like elephants and giraffes. This is the reason why all animals keep a distance from them. The lioness hunts at night because the animals cannot see them. The lion guards his place so that no one can grab his territory.

lioness and her baby

The lioness carries the babies in her womb for about one hundred days. A lioness can give birth to six young at a time. She protects her babies and doesn't let them out for six weeks. She keeps her children hidden. Children depend on their mother for everything.

Some interesting information related to lion

The male lion always protects his flock members and the lioness is busy hunting. A lion can live for some days without drinking water, but not at all without food. Due to the lion sleeping for twenty hours, it is called a lazy animal. Lions living in the jungles of Africa hunt humans.

  • The lion comes in the cat species and that is why the cat is colloquially called the aunt of the lion. The lion is called the king of the jungle since ancient times, but always the lion is seen only in the grasslands. The lion has amazing hearing ability and that is why it can hear the sound of its prey even from 1 mile away. If there is such an opportunity where the lion gets water, then he can also swim in the water. The lion sleeps at least 20 hours a day and hunts for the remaining 4 hours. The speed of the lion is 50 kilometers per hour, due to which it runs fast and catches its prey. The roar of a lion is so strong that its roar can be easily heard for at least 7 kilometers.

Lion's group organization Lions live in two types of group organization, under which they carry on their daily routine.

  • Pride Organization Nomadic Organization

Pride organization This is a group of lions consisting of only about 5 or 6 members and at least 4 females and one or two males in a day. They always live in groups and their group includes small children, who follow their mothers. When they hunt, they do it together. Nomadic organization It is an organization that can sometimes live alone and spread to a certain extent. The male lion has to go through such a lifestyle, where he has to hunt for himself again and again. Lion is a national animal Lion is the national animal of many countries. In which the countries of Albania, Belgium, Ethiopia, Netherlands are included. Although before 1972 the national animal of India was the lion, but later the tiger was made the national animal. When is Word Lion Day celebrated? World Lion Day is celebrated on 10 August, 1 day in a year. Species found in lions The following species of lions are found all over the world, which are located in different countries.

  • Asiatic Lion Barbary Lion Congo Lion Transvaal Lion Cap Lion

Currently, two main types of lions are seen in abundance, which are Asiatic and African lions. The largest breeding center for lions is the Sakar Bagh Zoological Park located in Junagadh, Gujarat, which is called the "Zoo of Junagadh", the largest breeding center for lions has been built here. It is spread over an area of ​​about 84 hectares, from where news of the birth of a lion definitely comes every week. It is also being estimated that there is more number of lioness than lion.

Lion got place in Ashoka Pillar

The name of the Ashoka Pillar is taken as the national emblem of India, where lions are depicted. In such a situation, the lion is known as an essential wild animal for India.


It is very important for the forest department to protect lions. There is a decline in the number of lions in the country. This should be taken seriously. Many efforts are being made now, as a result of which the number of lions has increased. There has been an increase in the number of lions in our country as compared to the earlier years. Protection of all animals is necessary and among them the protection of lions is very important. All types of animals, both herbivorous and carnivorous, maintain the food chain.

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