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Essay On Library In English

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Library Essay in English Introduction

Where we get the store of knowledge together, where knowledge increases, where we make good use of our time, we call it a library. We get a variety of informative books to be found in the library. Which any book lover can visit. You can increase your knowledge by visiting the library. Book is that precious wealth, in which we get many useful things. The solution to every problem is a book and we can easily find these books in the library.

book collection in library

The library has a collection of different types of books. From the name of the library, we understand that a large collection of books is called a library, where there are books on different subjects like Hindi, Mathematics, History, English, Social Science, Science, Commerce, Philosophy, Planetary Science etc. . In Hindi library, information like poetry, stories, poetry, songs, introduction of authors etc. is available. Biographies of well-known historical figures can be found in the Hindi library.

Importance of library

Books are the storehouse of knowledge, which we can read and increase our knowledge further. Many books on the same subject and their authors are also different. All knowledge is written in the book itself. The reader of the book gets a lot of information, pronunciation of words, depth of subjects etc. information from books.

as a library

  1. school library

In the Pathshala library, students get the opportunity to use their time properly, secluded environment, to read the subjects with proper understanding and attention. Students can make proper use of knowledge and time from books in the library for work like making notes etc. Students can get all the important information from the library.

  1. university library

The university library is used by the students from time to time and understands its importance. Many subjects have many authors and one subject has many authors, so that students make their notes by reading different books of the same subject. More marks can be obtained from the library in the examination result. Apart from students, teachers also go to the library and all those books are available for them. Teachers get all the books they need. The books which we do not find even after searching outside, we get them easily in the library. That's why students use the library. Newspapers, stories, employment newspapers are provided to the students in the university library.

  1. factory

Library facilities are also available in big factories. From the store of knowledge of books, common people and their employees, who are fond of reading and writing, make use of it from time to time.

  1. social institution

In the social institution, many high officials collect the library and open the library. Due to which the social people make use of the library. Many plays, his pictorial performances such as Ramlila, Ramayana, Mahabharata, descriptions about great men, descriptions about revolutionaries who liberated the country, etc., are obtained through books only. Today we know about our history, so the biggest credit goes to books. Because we have come to know about our history only from books and our elders.

parts of the library

Generally a library consists of two parts. In the library, one part is for reading books and the other part is for issuing books. There is a librarian here who keeps information about the list of people visiting the library. The parts of the library are as follows.

  1. first part

First of all, before entering the library, there is a room outside the library, in which many cupboards or diners are made. Bags, bags or other things are kept in these shelves or in the mines. There is also a staff to take care of them, who takes care of the same. Pen, copy for writing, page are allowed to enter the library.

  1. book issue section

In this room there is a librarian to look after all the libraries. The books kept in the library by the librarian, the list of people visiting the library, the books issued by them are kept. The list of persons who are coming to the library and the books selected by them to read is maintained by the librarian in the issue of books. There is a card for going to the library, which has a photo or identity card. it happens. The librarian sees it, gets it signed in his record and keeps the card with him. The time, date and day of arrival in a register have to be mentioned and signed. Carrying inappropriate material there is prohibited. You cannot take anything except a copy and a pen to the library. At the time of leaving the library, the time, date, day and signature of the ID card is taken back.

  1. Reading Section and Writing Section

In this room there is a long table, books, newspapers, monthly dailies (magazines) are kept which you can read. Also in this room there are chairs to sit. If you want to note something in the copy, then it is noted by keeping it on the table. The pages of the books are read and noted with care and handling of the books. A lot of books based on various subjects are kept in this section. Any person can read the books kept on that subject according to his interest sitting comfortably in this room.

  1. monitoring room or staff

There are cameras in the library. She is an employee, who keeps an eye on the individuals and the learners. From here, there is no noise or noise in the library and attention is paid to maintaining a calm atmosphere etc.

  1. General rules for becoming a member of a library

However, different libraries have their own rules. But still some rules are applied in every library. Some general rules have been made for visiting the library. To become a member of the library, some fee has to be paid monthly in the library. Also, there are libraries where you do not need to pay any fee. Once a member of the library, one can read any book of his/her choice available in the library. While becoming a member of any library, fee has to be deposited, this fee is taken for the maintenance of the books. Books have to be returned to the library within the time limit. Different libraries have different rules for depositing and returning books.

type of library

  1. public Library

A public library is a library that is available to all classes of people. Anyone can go to this library and read any book they want. You will find public libraries anywhere.

  1. private library

Different books are needed to know and understand the aspects related to the profession of certain class of people like Lawyers, Chartered Accountants, Doctors, Engineers etc. Therefore, they make their own library by collecting books related to their profession and such library is called private or private library.

benefits of library

Books are helpful if you want to increase your knowledge base. Whenever there is a need to master a subject, then only a book can help you. Reading in the library helps in studying. This happens because there is a calm atmosphere in the library. Having a calm environment keeps our attention focused on reading. The quiet environment of the library enhances concentration. If you go to the library regularly to read or write, your pronunciation and reading improves. You can also do this improvement by studying at your home, but it is a different matter in the library. When students regularly use the library and study in the library, they get good marks. The reason for this is the calm atmosphere in the library.

library our national heritage

There are many good books written by our ancestors in the library. Like Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, APJ Abdul Kalam, there are many great people, whose books are available to us in the library. By following whom we increase our knowledge. The books of many good writers are also collected in the library. Which we can use to make life better in future. Any person who cannot buy good and high value books, he can come here and read that book in a relaxed and peaceful environment and can satisfy his curiosity of knowledge.

The influence of the library from ancient times

The effect of the library is on us since ancient times. Because in ancient times there was no printing machine, whatever was written was written in books by hand. Due to which their value was also kept high. Due to hand writing, books were also rarely available, because handwritten books were rarely produced. Seeing this the library was established. With the establishment of the library, any person who was willing to read books can go to the library and read books in a calm atmosphere. Due to this, the people of the poor class benefited more, because they could not afford books of high value.

Precautions in the Library

Library is a temple of knowledge, where we have to take care of some things. We should follow the rules of the library. We should never make noise and noise in the library. It is often seen in the library that some people steal books or steal pens, which is not a good thing at all. Some people even tear the books of the library, in such a situation they are not only harming others and the country but also harming themselves. We should not go to the library and do things like stealing, tearing books. Whenever we go to the library, we should follow discipline. Because without discipline, there cannot be a reading environment in the library. The rules of all libraries are different, so we should follow the guidelines of the librarian.


Libraries are made from books, only by reading them, understanding and knowledge in subjects gets promoted. Disciplined lifestyle, solitude and concentrated environment, reading books comfortably, all these are obtained from the library. Library is very important in our life, people who use the library regularly, they understand this very well. If you are a student or are interested in reading books, then you must visit the library once.

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Essay On Library In English

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