Essay On Jungle In English

Essay On Jungle In English

Essay On Jungle In English - 1900 in words

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Essay on Jungle (Jungle Essay in English)


Forest is one of the natural resources of the earth. The vast expanse of trees is called a forest. In mythological times, sages used to do penance sitting in the forests. Earlier, forest was counted in a large part of the earth. But unfortunately now man has started cutting the forests long ago for his selfish fulfillment. It is very important to keep the forests comfortable, because it is our natural capital.

Origin and different layers of the word forest

The word forest is derived from the French word, which means the availability of trees and plants on a large scale. Some people say that the word jungle is derived from the Latin word forrest, which means 'open wood'. The term dates back to the time when kings used to refer to their royal hunting areas. The forest is formed by different layers. All these layers play an important role in holding the forest. These layers are as follows: Forest land, Under story, Canopy and Emgent layer.

types of forests

There are many types of forests such as tropical evergreen forests, tropical deciduous forests, tropical thorn forests, montane forests and anup forests. Mangrove forest is found in the North Eastern region and Andaman Islands. Species like Rosewood, Mahogany, Anne, Fern are found in such forests. Trees like cider, holak, kail are found in the semi evergreen forest. Tropical deciduous forests are also called monsoon forests, as these forests become lush green during this season. These forests are divided into wet and dry forests. Wet deciduous forests are found in the north eastern states, foothills of the Himalayas and regions like Odisha. Valuable trees like sal, teak, rosewood, semal, safflower and sandalwood are found in these forests. Dry deciduous forests are found in the plains of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Main trees like Tendu, Palas, Amaltas, Bel are found in this. Tropical thorn forests Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh, It is found in states like Uttar Pradesh. Vegetation like acacia, ber, thorny bushes, neem, palas is available in such forests. In mountain forests, with the increase in the height of the mountains, its vegetation is also of different types. Trees like juniper, pine, birch are found in the north mountain forest. The southern mountain forests are found in the Western Ghats and the Nilgiri hills. Anoop forest is also called mangrove forest. In such forests, Sundar forests are found in the delta, Andaman and Nicobar Deep Group and in the deltaic parts. There are many states of India like Arunachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra. Where most of the forest land of the country is found. There are many national parks in India i.e. National Parks and Sanctuaries, Where forest land is spread over many hectares. Tourists often come here to visit. Many guidelines are followed here for the safety of the animals. People from many places come here to enjoy the forests. Examples of forest land area are Sundar Ban, Gir, Jim Corbett, Ranthambore, Kaziranga National Park, Manas National Park etc.

importance of forest

Everyone has the right over the forests. The natural habitat of animals, birds and different types of animals is the forest. Various types of animals, birds and trees are found in the dense forests. There is no existence of man without forests. We get many innumerable benefits from forests. The beauty of the earth comes from the forests. Trees provide us shade in summer. We find most of the trees in the forests. Animals and birds feel safe in the forests. Different types of animals are found in the forest. Lion, cheetah, leopard, fox, wolf which is carnivorous. Animals like elephant, deer, rabbit etc. are also found which eat vegetarian food. Beautiful birds also reside here by making nests on trees. Many species of birds like parrot, owl, vulture etc. are found in the forests. carnivorous animals in the jungle, Herbivores hunt animals. Herbivorous animals make their living by eating green grass and leaves of trees. Many rivers flow through the forest. Tall trees provide shade on these rivers. That's why rivers do not dry up due to strong sunlight. Plants and trees provide oxygen to humans and animals. We release carbon dioxide which is used by plants and trees to process photosynthesis. Plants get their food by this process. Photosynthesis is called photosynthesis in English. This process requires water, sunlight and carbon dioxide. If we can breathe on the earth, then the credit goes to the plants. It is very important to have forests on the earth. If there are trees then there will be forests and if there are forests then there will definitely be rain. Due to continuous cutting of forests, rainfall has decreased. because of the forests, Humidity remains in the atmosphere which is called transpiration in English. The tree releases water vapor, due to which these droplets help in getting rain. The forest is a place for living beings. Various types of medicinal trees are found in the forests. Medicines for many diseases are made from the bark of trees. The tree maintains a certain balance in nature. Thousands of industries of the world are completely dependent on forests. Various types of commodities like wood etc. raw materials are obtained by such industries from forests. We get fruits from plants which are beneficial for our body. We get flowers from trees. Plants like Peepal and Tulsi are worshipped. Natural medicines like Neem, Tulsi, Amla are capable of curing many diseases related to our body. There are many types of trees in the forest like pine, teak, Furniture is made from cedar etc. But if harvesting continues in this way, then the day is not far when this greenery will be completely converted into desert. Millions of people of the world are completely dependent on forests for their livelihood. About ten million people are employed for the conservation of forests.

Conservation of forests is necessary

The protection of the forest is important for man and every living being. In the forest, the roots of the tree hold the soil particles, due to which there is no soil erosion. The roots of trees have proved to be helpful in preventing soil erosion during floods. Bamboo trees are cut to make paper. Now the time has come for man to use paper wisely. Forests play an important role in preventing all kinds of pollution in the environment.

Side effects of excessive deforestation

In earlier times, people hunted many animals, due to which today it is the case that many species have become extinct. Some animals are on the verge of extinction due to excessive hunting. If there are no forests, then there will be no greenery from the earth. Man has become so blind on the path of his progress, that he has started cutting the forests infinitely. The process of deforestation is called deforestation in English. Which is called deforestation in English. Mankind cut the forests and built big buildings, wide roads and factories to develop big cities. Trees were cut to build big factories. Population growth is the main reason for cutting down forests. The more the population, the more houses will be needed. Due to which the forests will be cut. This unjust act, which human beings have been doing for years even after knowing it. It is illegal to cut trees and hunt animals without permission in the forest. All these activities are illegal, for which punishment is given. Animals and birds are affected the most by cutting forests in this way. Where will they go if there are no forests? Due to the indiscriminate cutting of trees, pollution on the earth has reached its peak. Trees reduce the polluted gas emitted from factories. The tree absorbs all the poisonous gas and protects the environment from contamination. Continuous cutting of trees affects the fertility of the soil. Leaves of trees and dry branches falling from trees, Develops soil fertility. If there are no trees, then the fertile power of the soil will be lost. Day by day problems like global warming are increasing regularly on the earth. It is very important to curb this. This will be curbed only when deforestation is stopped. Global warming is called global warming in English. When gases like carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide on the earth become excessively produced in the atmosphere, then it is called global warming. Due to this the temperature of the earth increases excessively, due to which many types of terrible problems arise. Sunlight is essential for the earth, but when the excessive radiation coming out of the sun is not able to leave the earth, then the problem of global warming arises. The ever-increasing air pollution increases global warming. Due to global warming, the heat is increasing so much that, The ice on the Antarctic is melting and the sea level is rising. Due to melting of large glaciers, the water is increasing. Due to which all the coastal areas are standing on the verge of drowning. If trees are not cut, then global warming can be reduced. The forest maintains the complete balance in the earth's atmosphere.

Important measures to stop deforestation

There is a need to make people aware to stop excessive felling of trees. Since long ago, every effort is being made to encourage people to plant saplings. The process of planting trees is called tree planting. Plantation is called Afforestation in English. Van Mahotsav is celebrated in the first week of July. Through this the spirit of planting trees is developed in the people. School students also participate in this. There is a need to spread awareness among the people that no person can cut a tree without a valid reason. If still the tree has to be cut, then one needs to plant two saplings. The more trees we plant, The more we can save nature and the environment from destruction. The creation of a green and happy nature depends on the trees. One should earn merit by planting trees. We cannot imagine life without trees. It is very important to stop deforestation.


The Government of India and the Forest Department have made many rules for the protection of forests. But it becomes our duty that we should also fulfill our responsibility towards the conservation of forests. The importance of tree plantation should be explained from student life itself. Students should be encouraged to plant trees from time to time. The forest is important not only for the human race but also for all the living beings. Continuous cutting of trees is a serious problem for mankind and nature. We have to unite for the balance in nature and for the protection of all living beings. To keep the greenery alive on the earth, there is a need to do tree plantation continuously.

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Essay On Jungle In English