Essay On Jeevan Me Guru Ka Mahatva - Importance Of Guru In English

Essay On Jeevan Me Guru Ka Mahatva - Importance Of Guru In English

Essay On Jeevan Me Guru Ka Mahatva - Importance Of Guru In English - 1600 in words

Today we will write an essay on importance of Guru in life (Essay On Jeevan Me Guru Ka Mahatva in English) . This essay written on importance of Guru in life is written for kids and class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and college students. You can use this essay written on the importance of Guru in life (Essay On Jeevan Me Guru Ka Mahatva in English) for your school or college project. You will find essays in English on many other topics on this website of ours, which you can read.

Essay on Importance of Guru in Life (Jeevan Me Guru Ka Mahatva Essay in English) Introduction

The importance of Guru is well known to his disciples. If there is no Guru, then there is no disciple either, that is, without the Guru, there is no existence of the disciple. Guru and his blessings have been an integral part of Indian tradition and culture since ancient times. In ancient times, Guru used to give his education in Gurukul. After receiving instruction from the Guru, the disciples used to touch his feet and seek his blessings. The place of Guru is more than that of the parents. The disciples do not exist without the Guru. The philosophy of the right path of life is given to the students by their Guru ji. Students in life cannot differentiate between right and wrong without Guruji's education. The position of the Guru is the highest in the life of the disciples. Whatever decision the Guru takes, his disciples follow him. Guru is the guide of the disciples and plays an important role in the life of the disciples.

To respect the guru is the supreme religion of the disciples.

The disciples should always respect the Guru. Some people with bad intentions live in the society, they do not respect and respect their guru. Such people can never progress in their life. To insult the Guru means to insult the education. Therefore, children are taught by elders i.e. parents to respect the guru from childhood.

Significance of Ashram and Guru in ancient times

In ancient times, there were ashrams or gurukuls, not schools. Children were taught here. The rules here were very strict. Following the orders of the Guru is considered paramount. In the ashram, disciples used to come from far and wide to study. Here the disciples used to study with complete concentration.

importance of teacher in school

Right now the place of the ashram has been taken by the school. Now big schools exist for the students. Here teacher is present according to each subject. Teachers work hard for the progress of the children so that their future is bright. There are huge schools, colleges and universities etc. in cities these days. In this way the youth are prepared for their future. In such a situation, the youth should respect their guru.

Our guiding guru ji

Guru leads his disciple in the right direction. The Guru also teaches the lessons of good and bad to his disciples. Guru ji teaches his disciples to fight and fight with the difficulties of life. Guru ji makes his disciples mentally strong, so that he does not kneel in front of any difficulty. Guru ji is the guide for the disciples.

construction of the word guru

The word Guru is made up of two letters. Gu + Ru = Guru. Gu means darkness and Ru means light. A Guru is a person who takes his disciples out of the darkness and leads them to the light of knowledge. In life, man gets entangled in difficulties in the form of darkness. Guru's knowledge leads him from darkness to light. Guru is everything to the disciples. Parents give birth and nurture their children. But children get education from the Guru.

life without guru is dangerous

If there is darkness, we keep groping our materials. Without the Guru, there is darkness in life. The light of Guru is indispensable in everyone's life. Through the light of Guru, a person finds his necessary things and paths. If the disciple does not get a Guru in life, then the life of the disciple is filled with sorrows. Guru ji shows us the right path of life.

no one is more powerful than the guru

The strongest part of the world is the Guru and his education. The life of the disciples is incomplete without the knowledge of the Guru. Even great people bow their heads in front of their gurus and pay respect to them. His disciples leave no stone unturned in the hospitality of the Gurus.

get education in different fields

Knowledge has to be acquired in different areas in life. Gurus of all the fields are also different. A right master is also needed to drive a car, only then a person can learn to drive. There are different gurus for learning art, different gurus for learning music, different gurus for sewing and dancing. Education is provided in schools, colleges and universities. Guru also imparts education to his disciples in many areas of life, in different arts and culture etc. No matter how rich and wealthy a person comes in life, no one can take the place of a guru. We cannot get any kind of education without Guru's guidance. We can learn all the tasks with subtlety, but for that we have to have loyalty to the Guru and follow the path taught by him.

Improved and positive life of students

Students progress in their life only because of Guru's education. Guru treats all disciples as equal. Guru always wants that his student should achieve a new position in life. The Guru also wishes that his disciples are successful in every sphere of life. Due to Guru's education, the life of the students becomes orderly and positive.

Guru Purnima

Guru Purnima is a holy day. It is a day where disciples pay respect to their Guru. On the day of Guru Purnima, worship is also done in homes. All the disciples come and meet the Gurus on this special day and take blessings from the Gurus. On this day people also do charitable works like charity etc.

Disciples become qualified persons

Under the guidance of the Guru, the student becomes a capable and responsible person. Some people serve the people by becoming doctors. Some people stop the crimes that are flourishing in the society by becoming police personnel. Some people become teachers, some become lawyers and handle legal work. All this would never have been possible without Guru's education. A person gets a job after getting the education of the Guru. He gets a job opportunity.

difference between a good and a bad teacher

Good teachers are very direct and naive. He works hard to make his disciples masters in his art. He removes every shortcoming of the disciples with his education. He gives all kinds of knowledge related to that field to his disciples. The mind of an insidious master is full of deceit. He is unable to save the lives of his disciples. The hypocritical guru does not give correct and proper knowledge to his disciples. Therefore the disciples should be careful while choosing a guru. The Guru should never resort to deceit and deceit. The disciples trust him a lot and it is his duty to show them the right path. The tradition of Guru-Shishya has been going on for centuries in Indian culture. It is important to maintain both the respect and prestige of this relationship. The guru should give his proper education and the disciples should receive the education with dedication and dedication. There is great power in the teaching of a Guru. Nothing helps the disciple to reach his goal. Obstacles cannot stop. Therefore, there is a lot of power in the education of the Guru.

Disciples are proud of their Guru

If the disciple progresses in life, then all the credit goes to the teacher's education and parents. Whatever a person becomes in life, he becomes because of the education of his Guru. As far as possible, disciples should serve Guruji. There are many such incidents in history where disciples made sacrifices for their guru. In the Mahabharata, Eklavya also gave Guru Dakshina to Guru Dronacharya by cutting his finger. This shows that for the disciples their guru is paramount. The disciple should also never misbehave with his guru, it is an insult to art and education. Those who do such misbehavior do not get any respect in the society. Guru teaches his disciples to maintain relationships. The disciples should not forget their dignity and should continue to respect the Guru for life.

Story of Eklavya

Eklavya used to secretly learn bow lore from Guru Dronacharya. Eklavya was a great archer. But Dronacharya had already vowed to make Arjuna the best archer in the world. He knew that Eklavya was better at wielding the bow than Arjuna. So he called Eklavya and asked for his thumb as Guru Dakshina. Eklavya cut off his thumb and gave it to his Guru ji. This proved that Eklavya was not only an excellent archer but also a good disciple. For Eklavya, there was no higher education than a guru. He had learned this education for his Guru. Realizing the importance of the Guru, he gave his thumb to the Guru.


Disciples should always respect their Guru throughout their life. There is no one greater than the Guru. Because of Guru's education we can live a good life in our life. You can earn money and enjoy all the pleasures of life. Therefore people need to understand the importance of Guru ji.

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Essay On Jeevan Me Guru Ka Mahatva - Importance Of Guru In English