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Essay On Internet In English

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Internet Essay in English Introduction

Internet is that gift of science, which if used with care and get correct information from it, then it can make a person right or wrong! Tells easily. Internet has become the key of our need today, Without it, no work is as possible. Anyway, today's era is the modern era and in the modern era no work is possible without internet. Internet is a word that is used by everyone from children to elders. Whoever you see, everyone is seen using the Internet. In a way, the Internet has become a reason for our living. The Internet has made many of our difficulties easy, due to which we have started finding any work easy and simple. Internet is a kind of repository of knowledge. It is like a magic lamp on which we get answers to all our questions as soon as we use our fingers. It is like a small dictionary of information. Which we can also keep in our pocket and open it when needed and get answers to our questions. So years ago no one would have even thought that humans would invent such a thing themselves. In which information about all the countries of the world And all the countries will be connected to each other through this internet. Today it is not a dream to go anywhere or see any corner of the world. Just opened the internet and saw whichever city or whatever country you want to see. In today's time the Internet has become the largest network in the world.

definition of internet

Internet is such a modern tool. Which is connected to a network of computers all over the world. The Internet is a globally connected network system. Which is used for the exchange of information or information between computer to computer through various types of media using TCP/IP protocol. Computer servers are also included in this network. "In a way, the connection of all the computers of the world is called Internet".

meaning of internet

Internet has become extremely important in our life today. And has become the most popular network of the modern era. The Internet is also considered an invention of modern and high-tech science. All networks around the world are connected to the Internet. In this way we can also call it a network of networks. In this way the Internet is an important tool of the computer world.

types of internet

There are three categories of networks.

  1. LAN (Local Area Network) MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) WAN (Wide Area Network)

There are two types of Wide Area Network. In which the first is TANs (Tiny Area Network), this connection is similar to LANs (LANs) but smaller than that. Another type of WAN is CANs (Campus Area Network), it is similar to MAN network in a way.

history of internet

Internet is a fast growing network. It was started in 1969 for the work of investigation in the US Department of Defense. Initially it was named ARPANET (Aparanet). In 1971, due to the development of computers and the necessary growth, ARPANET or Internet became a network of about 10,000 computers and later from 1987 to 1989, it became about 1,000,000 computers. In the 1990s, the Internet has replaced ARPANET. 10 lakh computers in 1992, 20 lakh computers in 1993 and its growth continued to grow. The Internet has truly become the most affordable means of access of communication for the people at high speed. Many people have contributed in its development. The stage of its early development can be said to be in the 1950s. The US government went from the USSR (Soviet Union) to the US after the launch of the USSR in 1957 and then ARPA (Advance Research Project Agency) was created. in which JCR Licklider was the head of the computer department. The Internet itself is not an invention. The Internet is made by combining the already existing telephone, computer and other technology.

Importance of Internet

The Internet is nothing less than a wonderful gift given to man by science. Internet is an ocean of possibilities. Through the Internet, we can access any information, any picture, video etc. in any corner of the world. And it can reach anyone in a moment. Through internet we can send email and can also receive email. Internet is the cheapest and best means of sending messages. For this one does not need to go from one place to another. We can chat with our relatives, friends. And this chatting is done through Facebook and WhatsApp, it is known to everyone. Also we can talk looking at each other. And its medium is video calling. Through video calling, we can talk to each other by looking at each other and we can also do the work of conference meeting etc. very easily through internet. Anyone can share our quality with people through the Internet. We can reach our thoughts to the people. We can also do business through the Internet and we can also buy and sell our goods through the Internet. The biggest tool for this is a website. By making which we can run our blog etc. and can provide very informative information to the people. We can get employment through internet. You can access your resume to any company sitting at home and you can put your resume on the Internet itself. In fact, the Internet is a means of great convenience and it can be used by anyone. Nowadays internet has become very cheap and even a small child can use it. Is. Many new achievements of human beings have been possible only through the Internet.

Benefits of the Internet

Through the Internet, we can get many types of benefits. Or it can also be said that all the work can be done sitting at home, just we should know how to use the internet.

  • With the help of internet, we can get any kind of information through search engine and can get it within minutes. In this we can make new friends with the help of social networking site. From whom you can learn a lot. If we are getting bored through internet, then through this we can entertain us by downloading movies, games, songs. Through internet, we can get the facility of online ticket booking, online shopping, online banking, online job etc. Through the Internet, we can send our important documents from one place to another in a blink of an eye. We power through the Internet, Water and telephone bills can be paid by sitting at home. This work can be done without having to stand in any line and without facing any trouble. With the help of internet, we can reach any news to many people from a single share. Those who cannot go for regular studies and are not even going due to the lockdown. So you can study at home through online classes. If someone is in search of a suitable groom, then with the help of internet, he can also get that facility. On the other hand, we can learn any online course sitting at home. There is no need to spend any money in this. Like cooking classes, fashion designers etc., we can easily learn through YouTube. Through the Internet, we can meet each other no matter how far away we are. Internet has made our life very easy. Fashion Designers etc. We can easily learn through YouTube. Through the Internet, we can meet each other no matter how far away we are. Internet has made our life very easy. Fashion Designers etc. We can easily learn through YouTube. Through the Internet, we can meet each other no matter how far away we are. Internet has made our life very easy. Fashion Designers etc. We can easily learn through YouTube. Through the Internet, we can meet each other no matter how far away we are. Internet has made our life very easy. Fashion Designers etc. We can easily learn through YouTube. Through the Internet, we can meet each other no matter how far away we are. Internet has made our life very easy.

Disadvantages of Internet

Where we have many benefits from the Internet, its side effects are also not less and its side effects are so dangerous that it forces us to think whether the development of so much modernity and so much technology is right for us or not?

  • which is wrong. The danger of its misuse remains and nowadays even theft of confidential documents is becoming possible through the Internet. Nowadays, the security system of the country has also been affected by spies. Which has become dangerous from the security point of view. Spamming is used to misuse the Internet. This is an unwanted email. Through which the thief steals the confidential document. The Internet has caught many types of diseases. With the increasing use of the Internet, the disease of cancer has started happening. Through the Internet itself, some anti-social elements also send viruses to harm the working system of other's computer. With the use of the Internet, a person has become used to it. Then he cannot live without it for a day or even a moment. Holi has come to see these things that a person can see any picture, Or when sharing the video with the logo. So he wants that he gets a lot of likes and comments and when the likes and comments are not found according to the person's wish, then all these things have an effect on the person's mind. Due to this his mental condition becomes so bad that the person does not hesitate in taking the dangerous step like suicide. Pornography sites abound in pornography via the Internet. The worst effect of which is on the children and on the youth. Seeing all this, people move towards the wrong path and start committing crimes. It is proving like a dangerous poison for our society. Due to today's social sites, love and belongingness is being lost in the people as before. Where earlier people used to share their happiness and sorrow by sitting for a moment or two hours, Same nowadays all the things are done just by doing it on one phone. But that affinity and love is getting lost somewhere because of this internet. It was only a few days ago that only a 16 year old boy died due to heart attack. And that too because that child was playing a game like PUBG and because of losing in it, he died while playing. Where the Internet has made many of our tasks easier, it has also provided immense harm. That's why we should use the Internet sparingly. Because the Internet is proving to be harmful from our mental, physical and social point of view.


We have come to know this thing that where we benefit from the Internet, it also harms us. Therefore, we should take advantage of it and not use its disadvantages. If we use it properly then it proves to be a good friend for us. When internet is so important to us, we have friends in common. So we should neither misuse it nor should we recognize any harm from it. Just as knowledge increases drop by drop. So in the same way, increase your knowledge so that it should not harm anyone else or yourself. Fill the pitcher drop by drop, don't let such knowledge grow wrong, use it to become a true friend of it… Take advantage of internet only when needed.

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Essay On Internet In English