Essay On Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)/ Department of Space (DOS) In English

Essay On Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)/ Department of Space (DOS) In English

Essay On Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)/ Department of Space (DOS) In English - 900 in words

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Essay on ISRO (ISRO Essay in English) Introduction

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has always been showing its best performance at the world level. Indian Space Research Organization has always made India proud. Indian Space Research Organization has never been behind in showing India's strength. The Indian Space Research Organization was formed on 15 August 1960 under the leadership of Dr. Vikram Sarabhai. Since then, India has touched new heights of space. The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is one of the most successful space organizations in the world. Indian Space Research Organization has done many such works, Which India is proud of. ISRO has also sent Jagdish satellites of different countries into space. ISRO has earned a lot of name in the world. ISRO is famous all over the world and because of Chandrayaan and Mangalyaan, ISRO has left its wish all over the world. The success of ISRO has always been a testament to the progress made by Indian scientists. India has full faith and pride in its scientists. ISRO has always supported India in showcasing its strength and has carried out many big missions as well as got success.

ISRO launch

India decided to go into space under the leadership of Vikram Sarabhai. Dr. Vikram Sarabhai understood the importance of this and made many efforts to take it forward. ISRO started work on several missions to provide space based services to the nation. ISRO introduced the technology to achieve indigenously. Apart from the technological capability, ISRO has also contributed fully to science and science education throughout India. Perhaps no one would have thought that ISRO was started on a very small scale. In 1963, the parts of India's first rocket were carried on a bicycle. This shows how hard and determined the scientists of India have pushed ISRO forward. We should consider ourselves lucky that our country is progressing in every field. Whether it is the region of space or any other region. We should be proud that we have this Rose is such an organization that has the best scientists. We are very fortunate that through ISRO, the people of India get a chance to peep into space. It is because of ISRO that we get to know about the activities happening in space. We should always respect ISRO and its scientists and take inspiration from them.

ISRO's world class success

If we talk about the initial success, then ISRO has never offended the people of India. The scientists of ISRO have fulfilled their religion by destroying religion and have tried their best to make every mission successful. Not only this, he has also been successful in many missions. ISRO has been the most successful in reaching space at a low cost. Organizations of big countries like America, China, Japan, Russia etc. travel to space, but it becomes very expensive. But we are proud of the fact that ISRO has always surprised the world by doing great things with very little money.

slv 3

ISRO has made India's name the highest not only once but again and again. The first indigenous satellite launch was started by the organization (ISRO) on 18 July 1980. APJ Abdul Kalam SLV-3 was the director of this project. The launch of SLV-3 was a historic milestone for the Indian space programme. Due to this project program, India was shown the way to build a heavy technology launch vehicle.

Chandrayaan 1

ISRO gave India's first Chandrayaan mission to India. Chandrayaan 1 was successfully launched by PSLV-C11 from Sriharikota Space Center. This moment was going to make India very proud. The spacecraft carried 11 scientific instruments manufactured in India, USA, UK, Germany, Sweden and Bulgaria.

Mangalyaan – Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM)

Mangalyaan mission is one of the historical moments of India. ISRO had created history in the very first time in successfully taking Mangalyaan to Mars. India is the only country that has succeeded in reaching Mars in the very first time. Moreover, the cost of Mangalyaan mission is only 450 crores, which is considered to be the lowest cost Mars mission in the whole world. Launched on 5 November 2013, Mangalyaan had successfully entered Mars on 24 September 2014 after traveling 6660 lakh km. Which was really surprising. In addition, ISRO successfully launched its GPS satellite NAVIK (Navigation with Indian Constellation) in April 2016 to set up India's own GPS system. Reusable Launch Vehicle – Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV-TD),


ISRO has always maintained its mark in the world. Every time ISRO has climbed the ladder of success in every mission and told the world that India is not behind anyone. ISRO scientists work day and night on the mission and their hard work is commendable. As citizens of India, we should be extremely proud that we have an organization like ISRO in our country. In which many talented scientists work and who inspire the children and youth of India to work hard and make their dreams come true.

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Essay On Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)/ Department of Space (DOS) In English