Essay On Indian Politics In English

Essay On Indian Politics In English

Essay On Indian Politics In English - 2000 in words

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Hindi Essay on Politics (Indian Politics Essay in English)

The political system in India gives the citizens of the country the right to choose the government they want. Because India is a democratic country, in our country the people contribute to form the government and have the power to change the government if they are dissatisfied with the government during the next election. Politicians inform the people about the schemes through the government. To make the nation strong and effective, people have to follow the instructions of the politicians. Politics is the basis of any government. Politicians carry out various programs to fill the support of their vote bank. There are some honest political leaders in our country, But unfortunately most of our leaders are corrupt. An Indian citizen must be 18 years or older to vote. Voting is a constitutional right of all citizens. The corrupt mentality of politicians is standing as a hindrance in the progress of the country. The common people of the country are suffering because of this corrupt politics. The common man pays all kinds of taxes every month. But still the roads and all other difficulties remain the same. Corruption is emerging as a dirty face of politics. Common people will have to test it and elect the right leaders and political parties. To win the chair in the country, a political party spreads false news against another party. Politicians always give speeches at the time of vote and prove their party right and other party wrong in every respect. Every political party adopts its own tactics to get more votes. You can say, politicians work together to get more votes, Do not forget to use tactics like price, punishment, difference. Citizens pay taxes to take the country on the path of progress. Corrupt politicians fill those hard earned money in their pockets. The development that India should have done after independence, unfortunately has not been able to do so much because of these corrupt politicians. Politicians cheat the public for their own interests and selfishness. Corruption is the main factor causing the plight of the country's economy. Corrupt leaders love their throne more. To maintain that, they fool the common people. This is seen in most elections. People sit supporting such corrupt leaders and later they have to be disappointed. There are two major political parties in India, one is the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Indian National Congress. Every political party has a symbol in front of it. Which is required to be registered with the Election Commission. By recognizing these symbols, uneducated poor people can vote. There are three coalitions at the national level in India, NDA, UPA and Third Front. Political System of India The President of India is the head of state in our country, while the Prime Minister is the head of government. We have an upper house, which is known as Rajya Sabha. A lower house known as the Lok Sabha. The members of these houses are known as Members of Parliament.

Lok Sabha

There are a total of 545 members in the Lok Sabha. 543 Lok Sabha members are elected by the general public of the country through elections. The President of the country, who is elected by the Lok Sabha member. The age of the candidate is mandatory for the Lok Sabha membership to be around 25 years.

Rajya Sabha

There are about 245 members in the Rajya Sabha. The 233 members of the Rajya Sabha are elected by the states and union territories. 12 members are nominated through the President. Candidate must be 30 years of age to become a member of Rajya Sabha. Member of Parliament of the country, integral part of the political system. Members of Parliament have the power to take political decisions. The President is elected by an electoral college for a five-year term. It consists of the members of both the houses of the parliament and the members of the state legislatures. The President of India is the head of the executive of the State and the Union. Presently the President of India is Ram Nath Kovind. The Vice-President is selected by an electoral college. Members of both the Houses of Parliament are present during this decision. Presently the Vice President of India is Venkaiah Naidu. The executive power rests with the Union Council of Ministers, headed by the Prime Minister. The Union Council of Ministers is a group of ministers, with whom the prime minister works. The work is divided among different ministers in different departments and ministries. The Prime Minister is the head of the Union Cabinet. Presently the Prime Minister of our country is Narendra Modi. The government is formed in India for five years. Nowadays many political parties have been formed in India, whose candidates represent their party and fight in the elections. The party which gets the majority in the election comes to power. The government of the country is made by the people with the expectation of the interest of the country. Common people have to face many difficulties in their daily life. the main reason for which, There is corruption in the political system of our country. Most of the political leaders indulge in corruption. Such mentality of our politicians is having a negative impact on the interest of the country. The people of the country are suffering the most from corruption. These days a large amount of tax is being imposed on the public. By not taking the country towards development and progress, this money is used by corrupt politicians to fill their bank accounts. Due to all these reasons, we have not been able to do as much development as we should have done after independence. Politics is also directly related to party politics. In this type of politics, different factions play the game of politics of substandard quality, despising the ideological thinking. For modern politicians, politics is not a service to the country, but a profession to earn money. In his ideology, the country is only a means to fulfill his selfish interests. In party politics, only the party is the leader. not the country. The innocent students are just puppets in the hands of these crooked politicians. Shows the wrong path to the enthusiasm of the students and takes advantage of their weakness. Instigates students to do little riots in the name of movement. Such students get lost in the path of their life and get caught in the quagmire of anti-social activities. Students should not participate in politics without thinking. Along with taking education, students should study the politics of the country thoroughly. Students should express their views and use their voting rights wisely. Don't jump into politics with flags and sticks. Participation in the freedom movement of India was not politics, but it was a national religion. It is the duty of the students and youth to fulfill the national obligations. If any Indian citizen wishes, So you can contest elections. For that they should be at least 25 years of age. There is no education criterion for contesting various posts of government in India and this is the biggest problem. Many leaders in India are illiterate. If the leaders will be uneducated and they will have the reins of running the country in their hands, then can people expect that the development of the country will be in the right direction? If you do not find any candidate standing in the election eligible and suitable, then we can use NOTA. It means non of the above. This system has been developed by the Election Commission so that it can know what percentage of people do not consider any candidate to be eligible to vote. If you also do not agree with any candidate, Then you can press the NOTA button. The color of this button is pink. The NOTA option was used for the first time in 2013. The Election Commission of India made this NOTA button available in the assembly elections. Educated politicians are needed for the progress of the country. If the leaders are educated, then surely they will become the true guides of the society and the country. Unless the political system is improved, the country will not be able to become a prosperous nation. The country needs honest and hard working leaders. We need conscious leaders, who can build the beautiful today and future of the country. There are some popular women of the country, who have stepped into politics forcefully and proved that women are not just home, office, Rather, the country can also run smoothly. Indira Gandhi became the President of Congress in India and then became the third Prime Minister of the country. She was a strong-minded woman and had a keen interest in politics. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is a strong-willed woman. He was so confident that in 1998 he broke away from the Indian National Congress and formed his own organization. She is the founder of Indian Trinamool Congress. She is very famous in West Bengal and people call her Didi with reverence. Jayalalithaa is also known as the famous revolutionary leader in Tamil Nadu. People of Tamil Nadu address her as mother. Pratibha Patil also worked in many important positions in the political field. She served as the country's external president. He entered politics at the age of just 27. Along with being a member of the Rajya Sabha, Served as Member of Parliament of Lok Sabha. Along with men, women have also played their role in the political field. There are good politicians but we need more good and true politicians. Society needs educated youth who show the mirror of progress, who can do good work in the post of leader. Most of the leaders in our country, before coming to power, make sweet promises to the countrymen. As soon as they get their chair, they start showing their true colors. People vote by trusting politicians and getting influenced by their plans in future. In return, they get cheated by corrupt leaders. It has often been seen that leaders make many promises to the general public before coming to power, But after gaining power, they forget them. This happens in every election. Poor people are fooled every time by corrupt leaders. Often there are news of the country's ministers and their party workers participating in scams and forcing people to think that after all they have chosen the party of the wrong people for their country or state. Being in power, these corrupt people are not punished and they are released illegally. Law is equal for all and such corrupt leaders should be punished severely. Some countrymen only blame the council of ministers for bribery. It is an irony that some people in our society resort to bribery to get their work done quickly and to get a job. If today the wealth distribution and economic system of the country is affected, So all the credit for that goes to the corrupt leaders. It is imperative to curb this type of polluted politics. People have to unite and make the country corruption free. Our strength is our unity and with this unity we can raise our voice against immoral politics. Like the Indian people had liberated the whole country by waging a movement against the British. Similarly, we have to get freedom from the filth of the country like corruption. The political system of the country is in the grip of corruption. But we should choose political leaders after understanding and introspection. There is definitely a need to reform the political system for the progress of the country. There is a need to bring positive changes for the betterment of the society and the interest of the nation. When the political system is good, So surely the country will be corruption free. No one can stop a corruption free country from progressing. For the positive change of the society, it is necessary to change the political system system.

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