Essay On Indian National Flag In English

Essay On Indian National Flag In English

Essay On Indian National Flag In English - 1200 in words

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Essay on Indian National Flag (National Flag Of India Essay in English) Introduction

The national flag has its own distinct and special significance for every patriot and countryman. The national flag is considered a symbol of the unity of the country. Our national flag is called tricolor. The national flag has saffron at the top, white in the middle and green at the bottom. On the white stripe of the tricolour, there is a blue Ashoka Chakra. Our country endured many tortures of the British and our country was bound by the chains of slavery for many years. After all, in the year 1947, we and our country became independent. On 15 August 1947, our country became independent and the tricolor was hoisted. A true patriot can understand the importance of the tricolor and the feeling of patriotism associated with it. Whenever there is any national occasion like independence or republic day in the country, So the national flag must be hoisted. Apart from government officials, citizens of the country have also been allowed to hoist the national flag on some occasions. Our country shows unity in diversity. Our country treats people of all religions as equal.

hoisting the national flag with respect

On many national occasions like Independence Day, the national flag is hoisted with great joy and enthusiasm in schools, colleges, universities and government offices. After that everyone sings the national anthem after hoisting the flag on occasions. Various programs are also organized after the hoisting of the flag. Every country has its own separate national flag. The national flag of India gives the message of unity and independence.

National flag made of three beautiful colors

The national flag of the country is made of three colours, which are saffron, white and green. It is called tricolor because of its three colours. The national flag is made from Khadi cloth. No other cloth is used for the flag. The use of any other type of cloth is prohibited.

importance of national flag

All the people of the country have considered the national flag as a symbol of unity and freedom. People of different religions live in our country. All the countrymen should respect their national flag and should illuminate the name of the country.

importance of all three colors

The three colors present in the national flag have their own special significance. Saffron color is a symbol of renunciation and selfless spirit. White color is the symbol of feelings like peace, truth and purity. Green color represents the energy in the mind. In the center of the flag is white, in which the blue Ashoka Chakra is made. In which twenty-four spokespersons are present. Ashoka Chakra signifies truthfulness, honesty and success. The twenty-four arrows present in the Ashoka Chakra have developed the glory and splendor of the tricolor. Green is a symbol of progress and prosperity. Green color plays a good role in keeping away from terrible diseases. Today our country has made progress in many fields and green color is a symbol of that progress. The Ashoka Chakra in the middle of the flag is a symbol of freedom.

learn from national flag

Our national flag gives the message of adopting values ​​like unity, humanity, truth to the countrymen. India is counted among the countries that believe and respect the traditions, values ​​and traditions. Our country is a secular country and the national flag teaches the lesson of unity to all the countrymen. Develops feelings like unity, trust and humanity in our mind. Every year on 15th August, the Prime Minister of the country hoists the national flag at the Red Fort. Republic Day is celebrated on 26 January and every year a big event is organized in Delhi. The national flag is hoisted by the President on Republic Day.

Freedom Fighters' Sacrifice

Freedom fighters have a hand behind making our country independent. They made sacrifices so we are happy and free. After facing many struggles and many challenges, the freedom fighters got the country free. We should respect the sacrifices of the freedom fighters and never let our national flag bow.

design of national flag

Pingali Venkayananda designed the national flag. In 1947, in the meeting of the Constitution on 22 July, the form of the national flag was adopted. This current form of the national flag was adopted till the year 1950. The ratio of the length and breadth of the national flag is 3:2. The national flag shows the pride and pride of the country.

hoisting of the tricolor

The nation hoists the tricolor at the India Gate on the occasion of Republic Day. At this time, the salute of twenty one guns is given by the soldiers. Tributes are also paid to martyr freedom fighters. True patriots never let the respect of the country and the flag of the country bow down. When there is a great mourning in the country, the tricolor is lowered for some time.

change in national flag code

In the year 2002, some changes were made in the National Flag Code. According to this change, the common citizen has been allowed to hoist the flag. It has also been told to the common people that whenever they unfurl the flag, they should not let anything diminish the pride and honor of the national flag. Common citizens have been asked to pay special attention to this.

what not to do with flags

According to the law of the land, the national flag should never touch water and land. The flag cannot be used as a cover or tablecloth. This is not only an insult to the flag but also to the country. Flags cannot be used as pillows either. The flag should never be kept upside down. According to the amendment of the National Flag Code of the year 2005, it can be worn as a uniform. Along with hoisting the national flag, it is necessary to follow all these instructions as per the constitution. In the year 2005, flag hoisting was allowed in the private sector and government offices and educational institutions, which is being followed even today.


Earlier the hoisting of the national flag by the common people was forbidden. Earlier only government officials could hoist the flag. But now somewhere the general public has been given permission by the government to hoist the flag. Our national flag represents the unity, integrity and strength of the motherland. Freedom fighters and true patriots do not care for their lives to save the honor and prestige of the flag.

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Essay On Indian National Flag In English