Essay On Indian Festivals In English

Essay On Indian Festivals In English

Essay On Indian Festivals In English - 1600 in words

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Indian Festivals Essay in English


Our country India is such a group of diversity, which is very amazing and also rare. Seeing this rarity and wonderful nature, there is a joy in the mind. Whatever festivals are celebrated in our country India, many forms are seen in them. As any festival is based on season and season, some are cultural or related to a particular event. In our country, it is like a web of festivals.

festivals of our country

It would not be an exaggeration or unreasonable thing to say about the festivals of our country that there is always some festival happening here. This is because these festivals of our country are not related to any one class, caste or sect. Rather, they are organized and organized by different classes, castes and sects. Which we all celebrate together with happiness. These festivals are religious, cultural, political and social. All these types of festivals have some specific meaning. Along with this specific meaning, they also have some importance. In this importance, the nature and condition of human beings are reflected in some form or the other.

Festival of Human Values ​​and Human Ideal

The festivals of our country, which establish human values ​​and human ideals, are chained. As soon as one festival ends, another festival comes. It is only meant to say that in our country, festivals continue throughout the year. Understand that we cannot get leisure from these festivals. The major festivals of our country include Deepawali, Rakshabandhan, Holi, Janmashtami, Baisakhi, Rath Yatra, Dussehra, Eid, Muharram, Bakri Eid, Christmas, Onam, Nagpanchami, Buddha-Purnima, Ram Navami etc. The significance of the festival of Rakshabandhan lies in propounding the importance of Guru as per the ancient tradition. It is a belief of the people that on this day the Guru shows his faith and loyalty by giving donations and dakshina to his disciples. According to today's tradition, sisters tie rakhi in the hands of their brothers and take a pledge of mutual love for them. The festival of Bhadra month Janmashtami is celebrated as Shri Krishna Janmotsva. The festival of Dussehra is celebrated all over the country in the month of Ashwini. Although there are different ways of celebrating this festival, To which our religious sentiments are attached. This festival is continuously celebrated with utmost gaiety till the entire Shukla Paksha of Ashwin month. The same Nagpanchami, the Panchami of Shukla Paksha is celebrated with great pomp all over the country in the form of Nag Puja festival. On the day of Nagpanchami, reverence is expressed towards Sheshnag. People believe that the snake gods are pleased on this day. This awakens our religious rites. Then how can we forget the festival of Diwali in these festivals. The festival of Diwali is organized to defeat the darkness of the new moon of Kartik month. It dissipates ignorance and establishes knowledge. According to the belief, Shri Ram ji had returned to his home Ayodhya after defeating Ravana and by lighting countless lamps in his welcome, After erasing the darkness of Amavasya, Shri Ram was welcomed in Ayodhya. Who does not know about a festival like Holi. This festival of joy and jubilation is celebrated with gaiety, forgetting all kinds of bitterness. Similarly, Eid, Christmas, Bakri Eid, all these festivals have their own importance.

The tide of the festival of our country India

In our country, the tide of festivals keeps rising every day. There is no such day which is not the day of any date, festival or festival. Through these festivals, dates and festivals, the waves of our cultural unity keep on irrigating every particle of our country with affection. Whether it is the northern part or southern, eastern or western or heartland of our country. It is our date, festival and festival that gives life to all. Just as there is ethnic difference and geographical disparity in our country, in the same way there is no uniformity of the festivals being conducted here. There is such a big festival that it is embraced by the whole country with joy. So someone is so small that he is popular only in a limited space. Holi, Dussehra, Diwali where widely celebrated all over the country with great pomp. Same regional festival like Ghat festival of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar,

arrival of festival of india

The arrival or event of the festival of our country is due to the cycle of seasons. As a living representative of our cultural consciousness. Due to which our social and national beliefs are visible. Our attitude is clear from this. Our castes are visible. What are we and what are our concepts. What do we expect from others or what do we think of others, all these questions are answered and explained through these festivals. Therefore, we feel it necessary to mention the festivals that are held here. The festival of Rakshabandhan is known by many names like Rakhi, Rakhi. Which appears from the triangle of faith, faith and love on the day of Shravan Purnima of the rainy season. There have been many beliefs about it since ancient times, But the open and true form of this festival is revealed through the mutual affection and good feelings of brother and sister. It is celebrated with joy and gaiety all over the country. The festival of Dussehra, a symbol of victory and a symbol of determination, teaches the lesson of fighting against injustice and tyranny on the tenth day of Shukla Paksha of Ashwin month. The festival of Dussehra is celebrated widely throughout the country in the form of victory by Shri Ram over Ravana. The festival of Deepawali, which is celebrated as a festival of loyalty and reverence at the national level, is celebrated on the new moon of Kartik month. The festival of Diwali invites us to light the lamp of knowledge by presenting the smile of the temperate season with the beautiful and adorable look of the lamps. Eid among minority festivals celebrated at the national level The festivals of Muharram and Christmas also awaken the spirit of mutual reconciliation and fraternity in us. Which we all celebrate together.

Importance of festival in our country India

The importance of the festival of our country India is also because it teaches the lessons of unity, unity and unity. This is the reason that we consider the festivals and festivals of Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs etc. as our festivals and festivals and participate in them and apply each other from our heart. In the same way, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians also express their integral feelings by adopting our Hindu festivals with body and mind. Therefore, the importance of the festival of our country is very much from the religious, cultural, social and spiritual point of view. From the point of view of national importance, the importance of 15 August, 26 January, 2 October, 14 November is more. In short we can say that the festivals of our country are of pure love, discrimination and sympathy. friendship with each other, Unity and harmony appear. In a way, if these festivals were not there, then understand how colorless and monotonous our life would have been. We don't care about each other. But because of these festivals, we Indians are connected with each other and share the happiness of these festivals together.


Our country India is a land of festivals. It does not matter any festival here, because in our country all people forget every caste and religion and enjoy the festivals. Religion has no importance in our country as much as festivals. That is why the country of India is not only famous for its communalism and integrity in the whole world by the name of festivals. The unity associated with these festivals is seen only in our country India. The biggest thing is that this festival has been cherishing the same spirit of purity and sattvikta since its birth. The era has changed, many changes have happened and are happening, but it did not have any effect on these festivals. Whether the form of these festivals is big, whether small, whether it is limited to a particular area or whether it is affecting the entire society and nation. This festival is a symbol of purity, morality and faith, it is the festival of India.

List Of Festivals Of India in English

festivals of january
Lohri Makar Sankranti Thaipusam february festivals Vasant Panchami Losar festival of march Mahashivratri Holika Dahan Gangaur Festival Shab-e-Barat festivals of april Ugadi/Telugu New Year (Ugadi) Vishu Festival Mahavir Jayanti Good Friday festival of may Jamat-ul-Vida Buddha Purnima festival of june Hemis Gompa festival of july Ratha-Yatra Eid-ul-Adha (Bakrid or Eid-ul-Adha)(Eid al-Adha OR Bakrid) festivals of august Onam Krishna Janmashtami Ullambana september festivals Rambarat Brahmotsavam Paryushan october festival Ramlila Dussehra Karwa Chauth Guru Ramdas Ji Jayanti festival of november Dhanteras Govardhan Puja Chhath Puja XI Sharif Deep Diwali festival of december Christmas

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Essay On Indian Festivals In English