Essay On Indian Farmer In English

Essay On Indian Farmer In English

Essay On Indian Farmer In English - 1000 in words

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Essay on Indian Farmer (Indian Farmer Essay in English) Introduction

Most of the people of India do agriculture work. Farming is their main occupation. This is how they make their living. In short words, agriculture is the mainstay of the country's economy. Looking at all these aspects, it can be said that we get food grains only with the help of farmers. This is the reason why he is also called by the name of Annadata. Mention the history of agriculture in India. So agriculture is being done here since the time of Indus civilization. But it is very unfortunate for us that even after five decades of getting independence, the condition of Indian farmer is very pathetic. The condition of the Indian farmer was not good even before independence and remains the same even after. No meaningful effort has been made so far to ameliorate their condition. However, laws have been passed for them many times. But in reality those rules were not followed completely. The farmers had to pay a large part of the crop planted by them to the government in the form of tax. In the event of the occurrence of any natural calamity, the condition of the farmer brothers goes from bad to worse.

life in debt

Due to the failure of the crop, they have to go through financial crisis. To pay the same tax, Seth has to take a loan from the moneylender. In the event of not being able to pay the same debt, they continue to carry the burden till life. Another reason is that they are made to work by paying wages at low wages. They also have to work in low wages due to compulsion to fill their stomach.

lifestyle of indian farmers

The farmers of India lead a very simple life. Despite so much hard work, they lead a life of scarcity. But unfortunately if their crop is destroyed due to natural calamity, then they have to take loan to grow another crop.

importance of farmers

Farmers work tirelessly for the progress of the country and to fill the stomach of the entire country. Then there is no shortage of food grains in our country. According to the need, the grain is stored and the rest of the grain is exported. Due to which the economy of our country is strengthened.

Farmers' challenges

Farmers have to face various challenges during harvest. Sometimes there is no rain, sometimes due to snow, the crop gets spoiled. Despite these challenges, Indian farmers do not give up. He works diligently day and night and keeps on planting crops. This is the reason that the problem of supply of food grains does not arise in a country with a large population like India.

useful tool

To increase the productivity of agriculture, in today's time, state-of-the-art equipment is being used for farming. Due to which the farmers get little help in farming and the productivity of the crops also increases. These include tractor, power tiller, rotavator, roto seed drill, happy seeder etc. By using these machines in farming, both the time and labor of the farmer brothers are saved. Due to which they are able to do more and more farming. Doing agricultural work without these tools is like chewing iron gram. Due to the state-of-the-art equipment of agriculture, agriculture has developed in India.

types of agriculture

There are also many types of farming, which only Indian farmers do. The method of cultivation also varies greatly for growing a particular type of crop. Different types of farming include specialized farming, mixed farming, dry farming, ranching farming, multivariate farming. All these types of farming are done to increase the productivity of a particular type of crop.

Our Responsibility To Farmers

The special contribution of Indian farmers is for the development of our country. Despite being so important, they lead a life of scarcity. So it is our responsibility to do as much as we can to help them. Like we can contribute in educating their children. If the children of uneducated farmers do agriculture after getting educated, then even more productivity can be developed from it. Because they will not face any problem in selecting the food and operating the state-of-the-art machines. Another work that we can do to help them is not to misuse the grains. It is generally seen that on wedding, party or any festival, we invite people and get a lot of food prepared. People fill their entire plate with great fervor and leave after eating half, Which is a complete waste of food. Farmers work day and night to grow this. They also did not get high profits of the crop. In such a situation, to what extent it is right to waste food.

Schemes running in the interest of farmers

At present, to improve the condition of the farmers, mainly six schemes are being operated by the Central Government. Due to which the farmers will get some financial assistance and if their crop is damaged due to the disaster, then they will not need to take loan from anyone for the next crop. Crop Insurance Scheme, Mechanization in Agriculture, National Agricultural Market Scheme, Soil Health Card Scheme, Organic Farming Scheme, Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana have been included in the government schemes. All these schemes are being run to encourage the farmers. Which is proving to be very effective as well.


Indian farmers not only fill the stomach of the country, but do true service to the country. Because even after working so hard, they lead a life of scarcity. The government should work in the interest of the farmer to encourage them. So that the Indian farmer does not have to face financial crisis in case of crop failure.

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Essay On Indian Farmer In English