Essay On Indian Culture In English

Essay On Indian Culture In English

Essay On Indian Culture In English - 1300 in words

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Essay on Indian Culture (Indian Culture Essay in English) Introduction

India is popular all over the world for its unique and diverse culture. Many tourists and researchers from abroad come to understand our culture. The culture and tradition of our country is world famous. There are total 28 states and eight union territories in our country. The countrymen have retained their culture and tradition and at the same time have kept cultural and family values ​​comfortable. People of different religions live here. India is a secular country. Despite different cultures, languages ​​and traditions, the countrymen are connected with each other. Our culture is very old and our culture has been described as great all over the world. Here people who believe and follow different types of culture and traditions live together with love and peace. Good manners, good sayings, good thoughts, in Indian culture Religious values ​​and rituals. Our culture is five thousand years old. Here there is a difference in the way of eating, living style, manner and customs of all the people. Yet here the countrymen live life together with each other.

celebrating all festivals together

Be it Holi or Diwali or Christmas and Eid in our country, everyone celebrates each and every festival with full enthusiasm and gaiety. Here in our country, the custom like Atithi Devo Bhava is respected even today. Hospitality is considered paramount. Here the people of the country follow their religious ideas. In all festivals, worship is recited according to their customs. After bathing in the holy river, they worship and offer Bhog to the Lord. Devotees keep fast with devotion and break the fast after worshiping. Everyone celebrates national days with joy together. Our country reflects unity in diversity.

Kind nature and sacrifice of freedom fighters

Where our country gives an example of unity in the whole world. The whole world appreciates the tolerance, unity, culture of our country. Our country is known for its gentle and gentle nature. Freedom fighters had sacrificed their lives to free our country from the shackles of independence. Mahatma Gandhi, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad, Tantya Tope, Rani of Jhansi, all of them dedicated their lives to free the country. We are proud that we have taken birth on the holy land of Mother India. Gandhiji believed in non-violence. He taught the lesson of non-violence to the countrymen. He taught us that if we want change, we must forget violence. We must treat everyone with patience, respect and humility.

spiritual thinking

Our country relies on spiritual processes. People here want to know more about meditation and spirituality.

joint family

The people living in India earlier used to live in joint families. Even today people live in joint family, but it has become a little less than before. People nowadays live separately from their joint family for studies and for jobs. But even today joint family exists in our country. In a joint family, people can share each other's grief and pain and family members stand by each other in difficult times.

Different dishes in different states of India

The dish is prepared according to the culture prevailing in different states. Some Southern dishes are made like idli, dosa, some Punjabi food like sarso ka saag and makki ki roti, then Chole Bature, Golgappa, and sometimes Kolkata Rasgulla is preferred. Some people like to eat food like Biryani, Sevai. Different delicious food is prepared in every corner of India, which reflects the diversity. He is always remembered for his service to the countrymen.

Culture, tradition is paramount

The main characteristics of our culture are respect for elders, humanity, love, benevolence, brotherhood, goodness. Our country's civilization can be called body and country's tradition, culture can be called soul. All this is incomplete without each other. Today every country is leaving its cultures because of modernity. Even today, we countrymen have not left our culture, tradition and values. Folk dances of different states and regions are very popular in our India. Various cultural dances are famous in the country like Bhangra, Bihu, Garba, Kuchipudi, Kathakali, Bharatnattam. Punjabis do Bhangra and people of Assam do Bihu. Each state has its own distinct culture and identity. All these features make our country most unique.

celebrate special events together

People of different religions in the country celebrate together Buddha Purnima, Mahavir Jayanti, Holi, Diwali etc. On Independence Day, people of all religions come together to hoist the flag and sing the national anthem.

country's tradition

In Indian culture, Sun, Vat and Peepal tree are worshiped as God. People are faithfully following the traditions that have been going on since time immemorial. People recite the holy Vedas and also explain its specialty to the coming generation. This tradition has neither died nor will it be. We the countrymen take the development of the country seriously along with our progress.

Sacrifice, penance and patriotism

There is a feeling of patriotism in the mind of the countrymen. Whenever there is any trouble on the country, we all fight against that crisis together with each other. Our country's culture is different among all the cultures of the world. Our culture has taught us to respect the views of people and help each other. When a man believes in renunciation and penance, peace and contentment arise in his mind. There is sympathy in that man's heart. Due to renunciation, feelings like greed, selfishness end in man.

Bad effect of western culture on the culture of the country

The British made our country their slave. He oppressed the countrymen and wanted to hurt our culture. The British wanted people to follow their culture and the path shown by them. He wanted the countrymen to adopt his culture. Because of this, many people in India are moving towards modernity and are giving more importance to western culture, which is not right. Due to modernity, materialistic ideology is flourishing in the people and people are living in small families leaving joint families for more progress.

It is important to preserve the culture

Nowadays some people are trying to become modern by leaving their country's culture and tradition. Similarly, some people are trying to become modern by adopting the culture of foreign countries without respecting the culture. this is wrong. We should adopt modern good things, but should not forget our culture. The culture and tradition of the country is our pride. People should know their tradition and introduce the new generation to their culture. It is the duty of the countrymen to protect our culture. Understanding the culture of the country and adopting it every day, then we can definitely preserve our culture.


In this era we should protect the culture of our country. We should be proud of our language, dress and our culture. Citizens should keep their culture comfortable. It is the responsibility of all of us to maintain our culture. Only then our India country can become a developed nation. People should understand the importance of their culture. It is important to preserve the culture of the country.

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Essay On Indian Culture In English