Essay On Importance Of Voting In English

Essay On Importance Of Voting In English

Essay On Importance Of Voting In English - 1400 in words

Today we will write an essay on the importance of voting in democracy (Essay On Importance Of Voting In Democracy in English) . This essay written on importance of voting in democracy is written for kids and class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and college students. You can use this essay written on the importance of voting in democracy (Essay On Importance Of Voting In Democracy in English) for your school or college project. You will find essays in English on many other topics on this website of ours, which you can read.

Essay on Importance Of Voting In Democracy Essay in English Introduction

Voting is no less than a festival in our country. India is a democratic country, where every citizen has the right to express his opinion. He can freely choose the representative responsible for the country. It is the duty of every citizen to understand his responsibility and vote properly. Every citizen should vote with his own understanding and understanding. Citizens should realize their responsibility and take voting seriously. Voting decides who will run the governance of the country. The citizen of the country performs his duty by voting. The religion of the citizen of the country is to take part in the voting and elect an honest representative who can develop the country. It is in the hands of our countrymen that what kind of government we want. Every countryman should cast his precious vote, so that a well-organized government can be formed. various governors, Judges and presidents are selected through a voting system. This process is done by the people. They are then decided upon by the elected officials.

capacity of citizens

Everyone should vote, because everyone has a different opinion. In Indian democracy, citizens have the ability to choose who can preside over the office. This gives citizens a chance to have their say in this political world. The whole purpose of democracy is to be able to have a say in the political landscape and ensure that every citizen's voice is heard.

voting is paramount

The country needs honest citizens. The general public plays an important role in choosing the leader of the country. If all the people vote after considering their duty properly, then surely the country gets a good government. Citizens are considered supreme in the country of India. There is no power in India more important than the people. It is important for everyone to know about the importance of voting. Whether it is a village or a city, all the people should vote, otherwise the progress of the country may be in jeopardy. The reins of the country, the country should go in the right hands, this decision is taken by the people. Voting is the right of the citizens, on the basis of which they can form the government. If citizens do not find any representative right, then they can also raise their voice against him.

Choosing a true and deserving representative

The citizens of the country always think that such a representative and candidate should stand who can form a corruption free government. A true ruler of the country who is capable and in the right mind will fulfill his duty towards the country. Such a more worthy ruler who will serve the citizens of the country and will take every decision keeping in mind the interest of the people. Such a deserving representative needs the support of the general public.

The mistake of not understanding the importance of voting

Those who do not understand the importance of voting, they make a big mistake. He chooses a candidate and brings him who destroys the country. Such representatives take wrong advantage of their office by winning elections and they become corrupt. The country has already suffered a lot due to corrupt leaders. Corrupt leaders win such elections only when all citizens do not participate in voting. By not participating in the voting, some citizens put the reins of the progress of the country in the hands of the wrong person. For which the citizens have to pay later.

honest and efficient government

The country gets honest government only when all the people vote. Elections are held in the country every five years. In these elections, the countrymen have to decide who will be the state government and the central government.

chance to vote

If for some reason the government could not run its government properly and the countrymen were not happy with their work, then there is a chance to vote again. So that we can choose a new, strict and responsible government.

Voting awareness among people

It is necessary to spread awareness among the people that it is necessary to vote. People must come out of their residence and vote. People know how important voting is, yet some people miss out on voting. This is sheer negligence. When people vote less, the wrong and dishonest representative sits on the political chair.

Not voting means loss of the country

It is often seen that many people do not vote at the time of voting. Many people do not know the importance of voting. It is necessary to make them understand that every person's vote is valuable. If the wrong organization takes over the government, then the name of honesty will be erased. If the government becomes corrupt then there will be more crimes in the country. The country will not develop. Such a government should be elected which works in the interest of the country.

Voting age

A citizen who is eighteen years of age or older can take part in the vote. You must be eighteen years old to vote.

preparations for political parties

For the election, the political party makes its own tricks to win. Going everywhere tries to convince the people that there can be no better government than them.

voting process

In voting, all the people can vote according to their opinion. It is kept secret. Not all should vote for the same political party. Everyone's opinion may differ. The political parties which can persuade people to get votes, they get more votes. If more people agree with his point of view, then surely the same candidate wins. Where polling is held, there is tight security. So that there should not be any kind of disturbance.

The development of the country depends on the decision of the people.

It is the responsibility of the public to elect such a representative who will act positively without any discrimination. The one who gets more votes has the responsibility to develop at the state and national level. This is a big decision, so people should take it carefully.

Voter must have necessary documents

Before voting, the voter is required to carry the identity card obtained by the government. To vote, a voter should check his/her name on the voter list. It is necessary to have the name of the voter on the voter list. Voter ID card and voter slip have to be carried by the voter at the time of voting.

success of democracy

Democracy will succeed only when people vote. Everyone should vote together for the progress of the country. Often people are found complaining that our country is not progressing. People are active on the internet nowadays. People should take time to know about news on internet and about all political parties and candidates. Voting is the constitutional right of all. It should be used voluntarily by all the people. Our ancestors fought for the freedom of India. It is our duty to vote and elect the right government. In some countries in the world, people do not have the right to choose their government. We are fortunate that we have been given this right. We should appreciate and appreciate it. There has been an increase in the number of voters in the last year as compared to the previous years. People must vote every year and use their right properly. The future of the country is only on the right use of vote


It is necessary to choose the right representative to prevent many problems of the country like unemployment, poverty and rising inflation day by day. The people of the country should understand the power of voting, so that their one vote can lead to the progress of the country. His one vote can change the destiny of the country. The development of the country is first in the hands of the people. Its proper use can take the country to greater heights.

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Essay On Importance Of Voting In English