Essay On Importance Of Online Education In English

Essay On Importance Of Online Education In English

Essay On Importance Of Online Education In English - 1700 in words

Today we will write an essay on the importance of online education (Essay On Online Shiksha Ka Mahatva in English) . This essay written on the importance of online education has been written for kids and class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and college students. You can use this essay written on the importance of online education (Essay On Online Shiksha Ka Mahatva in English) for your school or college project. You will find essays in English on many other topics on this website of ours, which you can read.

Essay on Importance of Online Education (Online Shiksha Ka Mahatva Essay in English) Introduction

Education is the most important part of our life and you can know about it only from those who have not received education or have been deprived of education due to some reason. But in today's modern era, education has acquired a new dimension. Today there is such an easy way to get education that you do not need to go anywhere to get education. To take education, you can get education from the teacher just sitting at home. And the name of this education is online education. In today's time, facilities like internet are available in all the homes. Online education is proving to be very effective in the time of Corona. Nowadays online education is becoming very prevalent everywhere whether it is village or city. You can join online education anywhere in the country or abroad. Today online education is proving to be very beneficial for the students.

What is online education and what is it called?

Many people do not even know what is called online education. Because he is not related to all these things, he remains ignorant of all these things. The meaning of online education is in contrast to the regular education which is taken by going to school, school or college. Online education is called teaching your own course material at home through mobile, laptop, computer etc. In this, it is explained or lectured by the teacher using books, notes etc. online. Technology like video conferencing is used in online education and this is called online education. Internet facility is important in online education, because without it online education cannot be given.

impact of online education

The pandemic has severely affected education and educational systems across the world. Educational institutions around the world were temporarily closed in an attempt to reduce the impact of Corona. 1.077 billion learners have been affected due to school closures. Now the biggest question arises that how students should get education. For this, many big organizations have found only one solution for this, that is online education. The effect of which can be seen everywhere. Online education is being achieved through computer in a way with the facility of internet. Computers and many types of gadgets are used for online education. But for this the quality of internet should be good, we have to pay attention to this. The benefit of the app or software depends on the speed of the data. That's why internet facility is very important. But when there was a situation like lockdown, Then there was a lot of confusion in the facility like internet and due to this the net was running very slow. So it is obvious that due to this reason connectivity will also be slow and education will be affected. There is no such situation as Kher Lokdown, but a deadly disease like corona still has not given up. For this reason, schools, schools and colleges have still made online education their best support due to the situation being not normal. Which is right or not, it depends on the effect of the situation in each way. The school and the college have still made online education their better support due to the situation not being normal. Which is right or not, it depends on the effect of the situation in each way. The school and the college have still made online education their better support due to the situation not being normal. Which is right or not, it depends on the effect of the situation in each way.

benefits of online education

As many of us know that e-learning is a form of distance education. Where the teacher sits far away, whether that place is at home or outside the house, he can provide education to his student. Through this, teachers and students are exchanging their ideas, which is a good way to understand education. Online education also has many benefits, which are as follows.

Technology changes education

In the changing environment, there have been many changes in technology and its use is also big. Many changes have also been seen in the way of taking education due to technology. Today, the teaching-related material used in online education can be sent from one place to another through technology online. No matter where you are in the world, you can get the learning material delivered to another place in no time. Like any link, any video related to education, any file. All these types make online education even more creative.

Save both time and money with online education

Online education saves time. In this, no one has to go far and take education and there is no transportation cost. Not only this, there is no tuition or cost of big coaching centers in online education. All studies are being done online, due to which money is being saved along with saving time. Also, the student can take education in the comfort of his own home. Due to online education, the fatigue of commuting and daily expenses saves a lot.

Option to fall on any subject or from any teacher

One of the benefits of online education is that you have options. In online education, you get the option of which teacher or which subject you want to study. You can decide it according to you. Along with choosing the topic, you can discuss that topic with your teacher by selecting the topic.

Don't be afraid to make notes

In online education, you do not have to fear like a class room that you have to be alert and make notes with the teacher. In online education, you can pause your video and watch it again. Instead of making notes in this way, you can also memorize it.

online education convenient

Online education is very convenient. In this, the student can sit anywhere and take education. For this no one place is fixed and the student gets relief even in the weather like summer. Students do not have to go outside the house in this scorching heat and they get education while sitting at home.

Technology knowledge through online education

As we all know that online education of children is going on at this time. And because of this, many children have taught new technology like video chatting and are doing their studies. With such online classes continuously, children are learning a new way of reading from their teachers and are also taking interest in reading. The changing environment of studies has also made studies fun and exciting. While going to school and staying in touch with the teachers, they find this study boring and exhausting. Apart from finding it fun to know about technology, children are finding it more interesting and comfortable to teach while staying at home.

disadvantages of online education

While online education has many advantages, it also has its disadvantages. Which does not appear right from physical to mental form as well. Some of those disadvantages are as follows.

Internet abuse

The biggest disadvantage of online is that even if parents go against their financial condition, they should provide facilities like mobile, laptop, computer to the children. But whether the children are taking proper education from him, they remain unaware of these things. And children take the wrong advantage of this and start playing games in it. Or open the wrong things, which are not right for them.

Lack of harmony between teacher and student

Another disadvantage of online education is the lack of harmony between the teacher and the children. If this education was in the traditional form, then if the student does not understand, then he discusses that topic with the teacher in the class at the same time. But in online education, in this way teachers are not able to explain to the children and the student also cannot understand and remain compatible as both the subjects. The kind of environment that is not created in online education, the kind of environment that should be in a class room.

Physical harm of online education

Both teachers and students are facing physical problems due to the use of online education. When children take online education for 6-8 hours continuously, then the light of the screen of computer, laptop has a bad effect on their eyes. Due to which their skin and body are getting dull, which is physically very harmful.

Lack of focus in online education

When a student is not able to pay proper attention to his studies by going to school, then where will he be able to pay attention in online education. He does not have that fear which remains in the student while studying in school. In online education, the student leaves his lesson in the middle by making many excuses, which is wrong.

Difficult to make online education available to all

Online education may not be available to everyone. The person who unites day and night only for two times of bread, from where can he provide facilities like computer, mobile and laptop for his children. Due to which the education of the children of poor family is not able to progress further and they are forced to stay at home.


In this way, we have seen that due to the Corona period, there has been a lot of change in education. Where the person is getting acquainted with the new technology, its misuse is also visible. Online education has both advantages and disadvantages, but apart from all these things, the most important thing is to get education. Education should be in any form, but the student's education should not be missed, it is necessary to give important place to this point. Therefore online education is the biggest means of medium of education today.

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Essay On Importance Of Online Education In English