Essay On If Mobile Was Not There In English

Essay On If Mobile Was Not There In English

Essay On If Mobile Was Not There In English - 1600 in words

Today, if there was no mobile, we would write an essay on (Essay On If Mobile Was Not There in English) . If there was no mobile then this essay written for kids and class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and college students has been written. If there was no mobile then this essay written on (Essay On If Mobile Was Not There in English) you can use for your school or college project. You will find essays in English on many other topics on this website of ours, which you can read.

Essay on If Mobile Was Not There Essay in English Introduction

Mobile is a unique gift of science. Mobile has made our life very easy. We have become very dependent on mobile. Man forgets to drink water, but does not forget to take mobile phone in pocket or bag. Mobile can do many things for us. Whenever we want, we can talk to anyone, we can send messages to them. If there was no mobile then many difficulties would have to be faced. Many types of work are easily done with mobile. Thousands of apps are available to get any facility on mobile. This is a unique invention. Mobile madness can be seen everywhere from youth to adults. Many tasks that were previously done only on computers, Now they can be done easily on mobile phone. Smartphones are seen in everyone's hands today. If there was no smart phone, then the pace of life's activities would have stopped. People are not able to talk to anyone easily and it becomes difficult to make contact when needed. The tasks for which we had to stand in queues, that work is completed with a single click of the mobile.

If there was no mobile phone then the following facilities would not have been there. Eg: Many facilities have to be fought for

It cannot be expressed as simple as it is easy to communicate with loved ones due to mobile phone. Smartphones are very beneficial to advance your business. Sending messages through all mediums like Gmail, Yahoo etc. has become simple. We can do many important office messages, phone calls whenever we want from mobile. If there was no mobile then all these things would have taken many days. Earlier people used to write letters, but it used to take a long time to reach the destination. Writing a letter has its own special importance, but it is also important to get information immediately at the right time. All this work can be done by mobile phone.

If there is no mobile then there is a problem in making the payment.

There are many reliable payment apps available online these days. With this, we can pay electricity bill, phone bill etc. sitting at home. For this we do not need to stand in big lines. It is a simple and safe medium. This also saves time.

Difficult to archive photos

Everyone has a smart phone now. Camera is present in all phones and comes with many technologies and good picture quality. People capture every happy moment in their mobile phone. Wherever we go for a walk, we click pictures and share them on social media. On festivals, we send images to people from our mobiles. On festivals, we do chat and video calls through WhatsApp, Facebook. All this would have been impossible if there was no mobile. Because of mobile, we do not have to buy the camera separately. This makes videography easy.

social media

Nowadays everyone is active on social media. Whatever happens in someone's life, sorrow, problem, happiness, we can share it on social media. You can put your thoughts on social media. People watch various types of entertaining and informative videos on social media. Some people are earning millions of rupees by making videos on YouTube. Business is being encouraged through social media. If there was no mobile then it would have been difficult to do all this on social media.

source of income

In this time of lockdown, it is a means of earning well for many people. Young people are earning a lot of money by creating applications and videos. If there was no mobile then there would not have been good earning every day. People are earning very well from YouTube sitting at home.

had trouble using the internet

Internet can be connected on laptops and computers. A person can do many things with it. When internet is connected with mobile, then we can use it anywhere. If there was no mobile then we would not be able to connect anywhere through internet. Booking, payment, office work, business related work can be done anywhere with the help of internet. It would not be wrong to say that all this work has become simple and easy because of the smartphone.

Getting information is not easy

Mobile is a small device which fits easily in your pocket and bag. If you want to know about any unknown place from mobile or ask for the address, then it can be easily obtained through mobile. Shopping for any item has become easy with a single click of the mobile. Booking any type of ticket, or sending or receiving money, all can be done with the help of mobile.

It is not easy to calculate, know the time

You can calculate by making a list of any things on mobile. You can easily write important things on notepad. There is no shortage of watch due to mobile. There is a facility of alarm etc. on the mobile, which reminds us of the important things.

can't hear the song anywhere

Mobile has applications like radio, media player etc. With the help of which one can listen to songs anywhere. One can listen to songs to relieve fatigue while coming from office. There is no need to take a separate radio for this.

no accidents

If there was no mobile then many accidents would not have happened. Mobile has as many benefits as it has side effects. If there was no mobile, people would not talk on the phone while driving and there would have been no road accidents. If there was no mobile, people would not have been busy on mobile while crossing the road and would not have been a victim of road accident.

time for family relationships

Often a person spends more time on the mobile phone after his busy time. He is not aware that he is interacting less with his family members and is more engaged on social media chats. This increases the tension and distance in the relationship.

do not harm children

If there was no mobile then children would spend less time on mobile and more time in books. Nowadays his mind is less in studies and more in mobile. Children take less part in sports etc and are found playing games on mobile most of the time. This affects their concentration and adversely affects their health. The harmful radiation emitted by mobile is not good for children. This also affects their eyes. If there was no mobile, the children would not have deteriorated.

There is no distance in relationships

Nowadays people have made a deep relationship with mobile itself. Not everyone gives their happiness and festivals greetings together with each other. Nowadays people get their work done only by congratulating them on WhatsApp. There is a lack of intimacy and belongingness in the people. People preferred to talk more on mobile than sitting face to face. Family members do not talk with each other while sitting in the same room, but prefer to chat on mobile etc. If there was no mobile, then so many distances would not increase in relationships.

Headache and irritability do not increase

Every person has got addicted to mobile. Continuous use of mobile leads to headache and less sleep. The person repeatedly checks the notifications on his mobile and his attention is more towards the mobile. Sometimes if there is no network, then the person becomes angry and irritable. Excessive use of phone leads to wastage of time.

memory power was not weak

If there was no mobile, we would have remembered everything. Due to mobile we are not able to remember any phone number. If the mobile is lost, then the difficulties in life increase. The numbers of friends and relatives are not remembered. When there was no mobile, people used to remember the number.

hearing was not weak

Nowadays youth constantly listen to songs on mobile. In earlier times people used to listen to songs on radio and music system. It was not a problem. Due to continuous listening to songs on headphones, the hearing power becomes weak. If there was no mobile then people would not be a victim of deafness.

suffering from depression

People read something like this on mobile phones and it affects their mind. Friendship made with unknown friends can put a person in trouble without knowing it. If there was no mobile then people would not suffer from depression.


If there was no mobile then some bad would have happened and some good also. The use of mobile should be limited to a person. Mobiles could not control our lives. That's right, mobile has innumerable advantages. But there is another side to it as well. People do not need to queue at the phone booth when the mobile comes. If there was no mobile, then people would not have been able to sleep peacefully and problems like insomnia would not have arisen. Mobile addiction is a disease. Only controlled and balanced use of mobile can keep a person happy.

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Essay On If Mobile Was Not There In English