Essay On If I Were A Scientist In English

Essay On If I Were A Scientist In English

Essay On If I Were A Scientist In English - 1100 in words

Today, if I were a scientist, we would write an essay on (Essay On If I Were A Scientist in English) . If I were a scientist this essay written for kids and for class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and college students. If I were a scientist, you can use this essay written on the topic (Essay On If I Was A Scientist in English) for your school or college project. You will find essays in English on many other topics on this website of ours, which you can read.

Essay on If I Were A Scientist Essay in English Introduction

In today's time, doing any work is not easy. Here many difficulties have to be faced and new dangers have to be taken every day. Many times it happens that we do not understand whether the work we are doing is made for us or not? Because of this, there is always some upheaval in life. In such a situation, many types of thoughts also come in my mind. It is very difficult to express these thoughts in words. But I have a desire in my heart to become a successful scientist.

focus on your interest

Sometimes we do a lot of things that someone else tells us to do and we feel that the things said by others will be right for us. In such a situation, we should always think about our own interests. We should do such things or things which we like and not others. If there is any ups and downs in life, then we should not feel any kind of sorrow, why did we do it? In such a situation, if the decision is ours, then it will be pleasant to sleep. We cannot put many obstacles in life on anyone and this is possible only when we work according to our interest. I want to be a good scientist and that's why I started paying attention to it since childhood and also acquired good knowledge on science.

my step towards becoming a scientist

As soon as I went to school, I started thinking that I want to become a scientist. I talked about this in my house. Initially, my words were blown in the air. As my age progressed, the people of the house also became convinced that I did not make any jokes but told my attitude towards life in front of people. My family was the first companion in my race to become a scientist. who always supported me. I started getting to know a lot of scientists as well as studied the books written about them. Internet helped me in all this. When I picked up the science book and saw the telescope built in it, I thought that how it must have been built? Since then a phenomenal scientist was born in me. Who unknowingly started discovering many things and from here it was considered my first step towards becoming a scientist.

if i were a scientist

A scientist is a person who puts his thinking in his work. Of course, there is a lot of hard work in this work, but if I were a scientist, then with my victory and hard work, I would have created some such things, through which people would have been able to do their work more easily. If I were a scientist, I would have made such a machine, in which a person could sit and decide between right and wrong. Wherever someone was confused about his decisions, this machine would help him to take the right decision. If I were a scientist, I would have made a machine that would stop the tears of a human being. Because in today's time tears have no value, Only we know the value of our tears. The person in front just makes fun of you. If I were a scientist, I would have invented such machines for the farmers, using which they would get rid of many problems in farming. If I were a scientist, I would have made such weapons for the soldiers of the country, so that they would always keep the country safe from the enemies and get rid of the sixes of the enemies. If I were a scientist, I would have cherished the wealth of knowledge that I have learned and learned for the coming generations of the country. So that they also learn new things and make new inventions.

my fantasies

From the day we are born on this earth, from that day many types of imaginations are included in our mind. Through which we can bring out the scientist inside us. If I were a scientist, then many fantasies would have been born in me too. Becoming a scientist is a big deal, where it seems like a difficult task to bring out and prove the talent inside you in front of people. In such a situation, through true hard work and imagination, we can fulfill our dream of becoming a scientist.

Scientist be my role model

There are many such ideals behind my becoming a scientist, whose work impressed me. Talking about ancient times, today we have many such machines, which we could never imagine. The main of these are machines like mobile, laptop, computer, washing machine, refrigerator, television, microwave, cooler, AC. Without whom it is difficult to imagine life today. In such a situation, every scientist is my idol, who has helped all of us a lot and worked with integrity in pursuing the aspects of life in the right way.


In this way today I have presented the expression of my heart to you. In which I told that what is the basis of my becoming a scientist? I think there is nothing wrong in working for the things that you think about with both your heart and your mind. I want to get acquainted with the scientific life and give something new to my future generation. I hope that I will be able to work in the interest of the country and will not look back to prove myself. Scientists are the backbone of our nation and I would feel proud to be a part of that foundation. I hope you too will be able to give flight to your dreams like me.

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Essay On If I Were A Scientist In English