Essay On Goswami Tulsidas In English

Essay On Goswami Tulsidas In English

Essay On Goswami Tulsidas In English - 1100 in words

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Essay on Goswami Tulsidas (Goswami Tulsidas Essay in English) Introduction

One of the great poets of Hindi literature is Goswami Tulsidas. He is known for his popular poems and mesmerizing couplets. He is known for the most famous Ramcharit Manas. He was born in Rajpur, Madhya Pradesh. It is said that he was taking the name of Rama only after his birth. Because of this he was named Rambola. Tulsidas's father's name was Atmaram Dubey. His mother's name was Hulsi. Tulsidas ji was of sharp intellect. He used to remember everything in words, which he used to listen to once.

mother's womb

Srishti is a witness that the child stays in the mother's womb for nine months. But Tulsidas ji stayed in his mother's womb for ten months. When he was born, his teeth were already there. He was saying Ram Ram. It was a very strange and wonderful thing.

mother's passing

After the birth of Tulsidas ji, his mother passed away. Tulsidas ji's father used to be very worried about his son after the death of his wife. His father handed over Tulsidas ji to a maid to take care of him and left. His father then retired.

Tulsidas ji's life was difficult from an early age.

When Tulsidas ji was just five years old, the maid who took care of him also passed away. It is said that he had to survive by begging in his childhood. Tulsidas ji had become lonely since childhood. Then Narahari Das met him and he became his guru teacher. His Guruji brought him to Uttar Pradesh. His Guruji changed his name to Tulsidas.

Tulsidas ji's marriage

Tulsidas ji was married at the age of 29. They were married across the Yamuna near Rajapur. He was married to Ratnavali, but Gauna was not born.

anxious for wife

When Tulsidas ji did not become cowherd, he went to Kashi and got busy in the study of Vedas. He read the Vedas deeply. After some time he became restless in the concern of his wife. He asked his Guruji about going to Rajapur. As soon as Guruji ordered, he returned to Rajapur.

Tulsidas became a monk

When he crossed the Yamuna river and went to his wife, fearing society and shame, his wife asked him to go back. Earlier he was not listening to his wife. His wife got upset and asked him to leave. Tulsidas ji left his wife and returned to the village. He became a monk in the village.

Ramcharit Manas

Tulsidas ji started writing Ramcharit Manas in 1582. After two years Ramcharit Manas was completed. Ramcharit Manas is still famous in our country. When it comes to religious texts, Ramcharit Manas is counted first.

Hanuman ji's darshan

Many people say that Tulsidas ji had a vision of Hanuman ji. Hanuman ji told him important things related to Ramcharit Manas. Tulsidas ji started living in the ashram located at Ramghat in Chitrakoot. There some people used to circumambulate a mountain, so that they could get the darshan of Lord Shri Ram. It is said that Tulsidas ji had received the darshan of Lord Shri Ram. Nothing could have been more fortunate for him than this. Tulsidas ji wrote many books, Tulsidas ji wrote many books during his lifetime. His last work was Vinay Patrika. His books were inspirational and even today researchers do research on his books.

Writer and social reformer

Tulsidas ji is considered as a famous and great saint of Hindu religion. Apart from being a good writer, he was also a social reformer. At that time many evils and evils were spread in the society. At that time there was a need for a person who would eradicate these evils. To eradicate the evils prevalent in the society at that time, there was a need for a great litterateur like Tulsidas ji. He did commendable work in this field.

Tulsidas ji's death

Tulsidas ji died at Asighat in Varanasi in 1623. Before his death he was chanting the name of Rama.

bring about a change in the attitude of the society

Tulsidas ji wrote such compositions, which curbed religious ostentation. He removed the hypocrisy present in Hinduism. He emphasized on virtues like non-violence, benevolence and gave good message to the society through his creations. He did a good job as the savior of Hinduism. Tulsidas ji supported idol worship and taught people to believe in it. Tulsidas ji opposed the religious fanaticism prevailing in the society and emphasized on qualities like patience, stamina and generosity in the society.

respect for all religions

Tulsidas ji respected and respected all religions. He never expressed anger towards any religion. He tried to unite Hindus and Muslims. He was a true defender of Hindu religion in true sense. There is no trace of communalism in his works.

trying to save society

Tulsidas ji wrote such inspirational compositions, which led to the salvation of the society. Ramcharit Manas gave a new look to our culture. Positive thoughts written in Ramcharit Manas destroyed social evil and thinking. He played an important role in building a good family and a good society. Tulsidas ji taught the ideals of Maryada Purushottam to the entire society. Teach him what are the duties of a good brother and husband in every family. In Ramcharit Manas, Tulsidas ji called Sita as a good wife, Kaushalya as ideal mother and Shri Ram's brother Bharat as ideal brother.


Tulsidas ji made a lot of effort in creating Indian culture and ideal values. He was the protector of the country's culture, who denounced the evils and gave importance to the good qualities. Tulsidas ji spent his life in the devotion of Lord Shri Ram with a true heart and always emphasized on virtues like tolerance and humanity in the society. Tulsidas ji tried to connect all the countrymen together under religion and culture. Tulsidas ji made people believe in the culture of the country. He did his duty in every way. Apart from being a great human being, he was also a great poet, devotee and social reformer. This is the reason why we still remember him today.

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Essay On Goswami Tulsidas In English