Essay On Good Manners In English

Essay On Good Manners In English

Essay On Good Manners In English - 900 in words

Today we will write Essay On Good Manners in English . This essay on etiquette is written for kids and class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and college students. This Essay on Etiquette (Essay On Shishtachar in English) you can use for your school or college project. You will find essays in English on many other topics on this website of ours, which you can read.

Essay on Etiquette (Good Manners Essay in English) Introduction

The virtue of manners is counted above all virtues. Everyone should know the meaning of etiquette. But only knowing the meaning does nothing, we should adopt manners in our life also. We should become a person of polite conduct. The conduct of polite or decent men is called etiquette. Many people understand that respect is etiquette. But it is not true. Etiquette means more than respect. To have good behavior towards others, to have good behavior towards the people who come to the house and the people living at home, and to respect them, Respect for each other without selfishness is called etiquette. Manners make a person's life great. The point to be noted in etiquette is that not only life but also a person becomes great with manners. It is through etiquette that we move from tamas to light. We move from our sorrows to happiness. We move from hate to love and we move from negativity to positivity. The seed of manners should be sown in children from childhood, so that when they grow up, they grow up with the heart of an ideal person. With the development of the child, the field of etiquette also goes on increasing and therefore when he grows up to become a citizen of the country, So it proves to be very fruitful for the country. A person with courtesy makes his enemies friends with a sense of courtesy. On the other hand, on the other hand, people with rude conduct make their friends their enemies by their actions. Those who know manners always go on the path of progress. Those who do not follow the etiquette choose the path of their own misfortune.

manners in children

If we want to live in a civilized society, we must start with our children. The first teachers of children are their parents. Therefore, the first thing parents should do is to teach etiquette. The seeds of manners are sown in children from childhood. Then after growing up, he becomes a decent person. We should try to make the conduct of children pure. After parents comes the second place of teachers and gurus, A guru should teach his disciples the art of etiquette. Children should be taught the importance of manners in school. Children spend most of their time in school. So etiquette should be started in school. It should be taught in school how to respect elders and their teachers. Selflessly we should teach to respect elders and never use vulgar language. Children younger than us also study in school. So we should set an example for them and should never behave gracefully in front of small children.

importance of etiquette

Etiquette is very important in our daily life, if we do not have etiquette in our life, then our life has no value. Good manners give us a different identity. Interacting with friends or any relatives in a good manner shows our manners and also leaves its mark on a public platform. It helps us a lot to stay positive throughout the day. That is why parents should inculcate good manners in their habits to their children. Good manners always give an opportunity to a new conversation with people, it helps to get to know and relate with them. Etiquette is very important in the ultimate success of life. If someone talks badly to you, then you should never talk to him in the same way. Always talk positively with good manners to give her a chance to change. So that he too can make some changes in himself. With the changing times, people are also changing. People have started being cruel towards each other, violating the respect of others has become very common today. It has become quite common for people to behave rudely and abusively in public libraries, cyber cafes, food shops etc. Today people have started becoming very selfish and mean. But a good manners would never instruct these people to be like that at all. People must take care of the inconvenience of others. Elderly, women, sick and handicapped should always be taken care of and seat should be donated to such people while traveling in bus or train. The old man should help him cross the road. No person with disability should be treated unfairly. Always cover your mouth with a napkin while sneezing. Have good and courteous behavior with people, Because good behavior increases your values ​​and makes you a valuable human being. Good manners help you to be a good person in the society.


Good manners only help in becoming a good person in the society. It definitely helps us immensely in gaining popularity and success in life. Nobody likes a person who abuses. Talking politely with people, building a good relationship with them is the hallmark of a good person and one can become a good person only because of good manners. Good manners act as a medicine for the people living in the society. People with a humble and gentle nature are always popular and respected in large numbers. Obviously such people exert an attractive and magnetic effect on others. Similarly, we should always keep good and humble nature in our life, so that people like you.

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Essay On Good Manners In English