Essay On Globalization In English

Essay On Globalization In English

Essay On Globalization In English - 900 in words

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Essay on Globalization (Globalization Essay in English) Introduction

Globalization or globalization means to spread a business to the whole world. But in the last few decades, globalization or globalization has not only meant that much. Now globalization or globalization also applies to products, business, technology, philosophy, business, business, company etc. between international boundaries. Globalization or globalization is a very important process. It connects the whole world. This shows economic strength. The country builds a successful internal link to the world's markets. In today's time, we will be very well acquainted with McDonald's. This is an example of globalization or globalization. Today McDonald's is famous all over the world and McDonald's does its business in many countries. Globalization or globalization has happened very rapidly in the last decades all over the world. around the world economic, social,

Globalization or Effects of Globalization

The last few spectators have given a completely new direction to international trade. Globalization or globalization has positively affected not only the international market but also the national market. However, in many ways, globalization or globalization has not proved beneficial for nature. For which we are facing negative consequences. We have noticed over the years that, The trend of online shopping has increased among us. Now we can easily order anything for ourselves from abroad. It is a symbol of globalization. Earlier it used to take a lot of effort to do this. Often trade across international borders was considered to be the work of the prime minister and ministers only. But now there has been a lot of relaxation in the field of international trade. This is the reason why international trade is growing rapidly. However, in the process of globalization and globalization, nature has suffered a lot. To compensate for these losses, international companies are taking many big steps towards the environment and efforts are being made to spread environmental awareness on a large scale. Due to globalization or globalization, the companies of developed countries have been successful in spreading their business all over the world. Globalization has strengthened the economic condition of many countries. everyone more and more Try to be productive in quantity. This is leading us to a competitive world. This creates a market where there is a lot of competition and the customer's attention is put first.

Advantages of Globalization or Globalization

We have benefited from a lot of services due to globalization. The biggest example of this can also be seen in the education sector. Indian students got acquainted with the Internet only due to globalization or globalization. A new revolution has come in India due to the Internet. Indian students are getting success in connecting with international university only through internet. Indian students have benefited a lot from this. Not only this, due to globalization or globalization, we also get to see growth in the field of health. Due to globalization in globalization, many machines are made available to us in our country. Due to globalization or globalization, electrical machines etc., which regulate health, are delivered to us. We all know that our country is an agricultural country. Globalization and globalization have also played an important role in the agriculture sector. Due to globalization, various changes in the agriculture sector By introducing variety of seeds, the production has been affected in a big way. Similarly, globalization and globalization have played an important role in the field of employment.

Effects of Globalization or Globalization on the Environment

Like two sides of a coin, we get to see two effects of globalization or globalization. One is its positive effect and the other is its negative effect. We can feel the positivity of globalization or globalization in many areas. But it is not hidden from anyone that globalization or globalization has badly affected the environment. National and international companies are harming the environment to increase their internal profits. Pollution is not under control around the world. Many industrial capitals around the world are facing the problem of pollution. There has also been an increase in diseases caused by pollution. Even small children are falling prey to diseases caused by common pollution. There has also been an increase in the general temperature around the world. The temperature of the earth is continuously getting warmer. Along with the air, water is also getting polluted. Although many global companies have tried their best to minimize its side effects. Companies are making different efforts to deal with its negative impact. Companies should try to keep greenery safe and use such technology, so that there is no harm to the environment.


It is absolutely true that due to globalization or globalization, we have become aware of a new kind of world. In today's time everything has become very easy. Everything in the world is present with us today. All this has been possible only due to globalization or globalization. Globalization or globalization has proved beneficial for us in many ways. But its side effects cannot be ignored. We should try our best to minimize its side effects. Large scale environmental awareness programs are organized from time to time. But even then there is a need to develop such a technology, so that both globalization and the environment are safe. So this was Essay on Globalization, I hope Essay on Globalization in English (Hindi Essay On Globalization) You would have liked If you liked this article, then share this article with everyone.

Essay On Globalization In English