Essay On Gharelu Hinsa - Domestic Violence In English

Essay On Gharelu Hinsa - Domestic Violence In English

Essay On Gharelu Hinsa - Domestic Violence In English - 1500 in words

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Essay on Domestic Violence (Gharelu Hinsa Essay in English) Introduction

Domestic violence means any violence that occurs to a woman or any child. Those who are below 18 years of age come under the purview of domestic violence. The health, safety and mental suffering that someone suffers in domestic violence is domestic violence. That is, this type of violence which is visible from the name itself. The fights that take place inside the four walls of the house are domestic violence. This type of domestic violence mostly occurs with women, mothers, daughters and children of the household at a high level. This violence is not only done by men but also by women. The point is to say that any attack on the weak, whether it is by speaking or causing physical harm, whether by a woman or by a man, comes under the category of domestic violence.

definition of domestic violence

The definition of domestic violence has been given by many social reformers, State Commission for Women and Police Department in their own way.

Definition of domestic violence as per State Commission for Women

If any woman is suffering from beating or other harassment by the male of the family, then she will be called a victim of domestic violence. The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005 provides protection against domestic violence and the right to assistance.

cornerstone n. G.O. According to the definition of domestic violence

Threatening, threatening and harassing the woman and any person other than her in the family comes under the category of domestic violence. Apart from this, verbal and emotional violence and economic violence also come under the category of offense under the Protection of Domestic Violence Act 2005.

Definition of domestic violence according to police department

Any kind of violence against women, elderly or children comes under the category of crime. Dowry harassment and unprovoked beatings are prominent in most cases of domestic violence against women.

due to domestic violence

There can be many reasons for domestic violence. But this is the mentality of our country that whatever is patriarchy, what is the male society, it always keeps the woman of our society as a weak status. That's why the girl is considered weak and the boy is considered courageous. The girl's personality of independence is crushed early in life. That's why girls always consider themselves weak and boys strong and hence they are not able to raise their voice in homes. Therefore, she is a victim of domestic violence and it is the mindset of the women of our country that they can never match the male class. This is the reason why she is a victim of domestic violence. According to this, before ending domestic violence, it is necessary to change the thinking of the section of women of our country. (1) The girl who brings dowry to many people, Lack of satisfaction with it is one of the important causes of domestic violence. (2) Food not being tasty or not knowing how to cook is also a reason for domestic violence. (3) Not being able to join a new relationship after marriage. (4) Not taking care of the in-laws. (5) Atrocities on women by in-laws due to infertility. (6) Excessive alcohol consumption is the cause of domestic violence. (7) Not helping men in the work of their wives. (8) Causes of domestic violence against children include disobeying parental advice and orders, poor performance in studies or not being on par with neighborhood children. (9) Discussion with parents and other family members can lead to domestic violence. (10) Not allowing children to go to school in rural areas, forcing them to do farm work, harassment for not following family traditions, Forcing them to stay at home is domestic violence. (11) In today's environment people cannot see their aged parents at home. Arguing over their expenses. It causes emotional and even physical pain to the parents. Want to get rid of them in a way and do domestic violence. (12) The reason for a very common domestic violence is to harass the parents or elders of their household in whose name the property is on the day to day to grab property. (13) The reason for a common domestic violence can be the desire of others to see and live a life of ease. (14) Unemployment, poverty also comes in domestic violence, one of the reasons for which is not being able to run the house.

The laws of domestic violence in India are as follows

Domestic violence in India is unfortunately a reality of Indian society. Domestic violence is a social evil that pervades all around us. This is the time when we stop ignoring it and start preparing ourselves to deal with it. There can be many reasons behind domestic violence. There are three such important laws in India, which have been made to deal with domestic violence.

  1. The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005

effects of domestic violence

We all know that if there is any kind of violence, then the mental and physical side effects to the person are excessive. Its effect is as follows. (1) If a person is a victim of domestic violence, it is extremely difficult to get out of his mind. Because there is a negative thought in his mind, it becomes difficult for him to get out of it. (2) A victim of domestic violence is strongly influenced by the fact that the person we trust is doing violence to us. Due to this, he loses faith in his relationships and he even commits crimes like suicide. Because he starts feeling himself alone in life. (3) A person who is a victim of domestic violence sometimes loses his mental balance. (4) The most widespread effect of domestic violence is on children. City scan reveals that children who have lived their lives watching this domestic violence, The corpus callosum and the hippocampus on his brain shrink. Due to which their ability to learn, cognitive ability, emotional and understanding decreases. (5) This type of domestic violence has such an effect on the mind of the victims that the boys become angry, they do not talk properly and do not respect anyone. On the contrary, the girl victim of this domestic violence appears to be submissive, timid and weak with confidence.

Domestic Violence Act 2005

(1) This Act may be called the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005. (2) It applies to the whole country except Jammu and Kashmir. (3) In order to take full advantage of all the provisions contained in this law, it is necessary to understand who the victim is. If you are a woman and someone in your relatives misbehaves towards you, then you are a victim under this act. (4) Since the purpose of this law is to protect women from the abuse of relatives. Therefore, it is also necessary to understand what is domestic brevity or relationship. Domestic kinship refers to the relation between any two persons by which they either live together in a shared household or have lived in the past.

Provision of intoxication to a woman who is a victim of domestic violence

Any woman who has been a victim of domestic violence can take a defense order for her safety before a judge in court either on her own or with the help of a lawyer or a Protection Officer. Apart from the aggrieved woman, any neighbor, family member, institutions or with the consent of the woman herself can obtain a defense order by filing a complaint in the court of the Judicial Magistrate of her area. If there is any violation of this law, then in such a situation the violator can be punished with imprisonment as well as fine.

Decision on domestic violence law in 60 days

It is a common belief among the people that when any crime in law is committed in the court, it is carried forward very slowly. In some cases, it takes years and cases remain pending for months. But now many new laws have been made. Under which any matter should be dealt with as soon as possible and a time limit has also been fixed for this. Now the magistrate will have to decide the matter within sixty days. This law also applies to domestic violence.


We all know that violence of any kind is not right. The house where every person along with his people wants to live a life of peace in every situation, due to greed, he indulges in domestic violence with his elders today. If you want to live in peace and comfort and peace in life, then first of all, remove the wrong things like greed, anger, arrogance and pride from yourself. Because sometime good moments pass and then we regret later. Therefore, make yourself laugh in life and keep laughing yourself, so that there is no need for a law like domestic violence and it ends.

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Essay On Gharelu Hinsa - Domestic Violence In English