Essay On Flood In English

Essay On Flood In English

Essay On Flood In English - 1500 in words

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Essay on Flood (Flood Essay in English) Introduction

Our earth is the only planet in the solar system in which life is possible. Our earth is also called the blue planet. From the geographical point of view, all the facilities are available here for life. Earth's atmosphere is such that all kinds of animals can flourish. About 70% of the earth is water and 30% is land. If we see, the earth has the highest amount of water. Earth is a unique planet in itself, every day some incidents happen in a natural way. Like volcanoes, earthquakes, floods etc. But there are some such incidents for which human beings are responsible. For example, a dam is built on any river and due to the accumulation of excess rain water in it, floods also occur, which proves to be disastrous for the general public. Flood is such a problem due to which people, There is also loss of money and animals. When there is excessive rainfall in a short time and the water level rises in the river or ponds due to which the surrounding area gets submerged in water, this situation is called flood. It is said that water is life, without water nothing is possible in the earth. But if water is used in a proper way, if water is used in a proper way, it sustains life. But if its quantity increases, then it takes the form of a devastating flood. Flood is a natural and artificial disaster. When there is a sudden increase in the water of rivers and ponds due to excessive rainfall. Due to which they are not able to handle their water area, then the surrounding areas get flooded. This filled area is called flood prone area, and the phenomenon caused by water is called flood. There is so much speed in a flood that whatever comes in its way like house, building, bus, man, It destroys all living beings etc. Due to this, man has to bear many losses. Floods can come in many ways, such as due to dam break, due to cloud burst and excessive deforestation, increasing pollution etc. are the factors of flood. Because of these, floods keep on coming.

because of the flood

By the way, floods come due to man and nature. Due to the activities of these, there is a possibility of flooding. Following are the causes of flood –

more rain

This is the most important reason. Whenever there is excessive rainfall, the problem of water logging arises. The water fills up beyond the water holding capacity of the river and the surrounding areas are submerged in water. Similarly, if water fills more than the water holding capacity of the dam, then that dam breaks. Due to which the surrounding villages and cities are submerged. This situation is possible only in the rainy season, but it occurs more often in areas where there are more mountains and mountains.

Cloud Burst

This is an example of an incident that happened in Kedarnath, Uttarakhand in 2007. When there was a cloudburst in Uttarakhand and it rained heavily in no time. Due to which the soil of the hilly areas started flowing towards the plains with the rains and started gathering at one place by bringing debris, trees and other stones with them. Due to this the river was in spate and the surrounding area was engulfed by it, affecting about 1 lakh people. Cloudburst mostly occurs in mountainous areas, that is why it should be kept in mind that whenever you build a house in a hilly area, build it with a little attention and do not exploit the mountains beyond the limit.

sea ​​flood

In a way, we can also call a sea flood as a tsunami. The reason for tsunami is that suddenly high waves rise in the sea due to a cyclone storm in the sea or a strong earthquake inside the sea. Due to which the area around the sea starts getting submerged in water and this water starts going towards the villages and cities. Due to which problems like floods arise. This problem often occurs in areas where the number of trees is less and cities or villages are closer to the sea shore. In India, this problem has been seen most often in the states of Kerala, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, etc., which are on the banks of the sea.

dam break

The rupture of the dam also creates problems like floods. Whenever dams are built, they are made keeping in mind that it is surrounded by hilly terrain on three sides and man-made boundary is made from one side, which keeps the water part. But due to heavy rains, the water level of the dam starts rising. According to its water holding capacity, more water starts collecting and its man-made boundary is not as efficient and the dam breaks. This is also the reason why dams are built using corruption and bad construction materials. Whose boundary is weak and it is able to hold less than the water holding capacity and breaks in that water only. In which the surrounding areas are completely submerged. But it is less effective than sea floods.

Climate change

Climate change is also one of the biggest problems in the world. Due to this, not only humans have problems, but animals have also been affected by it. Farmers are the most affected due to climate change, because there is unseasonal rain and there is drought in the Bay season itself. Due to which there is a lot of rainfall in many places and there is drought in some areas. Flood-like problems arise in areas where there is more rainfall, in recent times this phenomenon has been seen in the areas of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

plastic pollution

Not only India but the whole world is struggling with this pollution. This is such a big problem that even the ocean is not untouched by it. The problem of plastic is also arising in the living beings in the sea. Humans throw all the plastic into the depths of the ocean, due to which it starts getting trapped in the sea creatures, due to which they die. This is also a one-time reason, because the amount of plastic in the rivers starts increasing and they are not able to remove the same amount of water and suddenly the water level rises. Due to which the surrounding areas get submerged in water and floods occur.

Effects of Flood Water Pollution

The biggest problem that arises after a flood is due to the deterioration of the water quality. Whenever there is a flood, the clean water gets mixed with the dirty drain water and chemicals and other harmful substances get mixed in that water, which is harmful to humans and animals and drinking it leads to death.

crop failure

Farmers also suffer due to floods, in the areas where there is flood, the same crop starts getting spoiled. This happens because due to excess water, the crops planted in that area get spoiled due to excess water, causing a lot of financial loss to the farmers.

human and animal harm

Many human beings get washed away in it due to floods and drown in them and die. In the same way it happens to animals, there is water around them, because animals cannot stay for long, that is why they die there. Due to stagnant water for a long time, diseases start arising due to dirty water and its direct effect starts on animals and humans. Due to which their health is affected and even death occurs.

destruction of vegetation

Floods also cause a lot of damage to the flora and fauna. It occurs most in mountainous areas, where floods cause landslides and destroy valuable vegetation by filling them with water.

flood protection measures

  • Whenever there is a flood, go to high places, do not drink contaminated water, boil the water so that the harmful bacteria mixed in it die. During floods some warnings are given by the administration, discharge those warnings regularly. After getting trapped in the flood, come out on the roof of your house and take advantage of the services provided by the administration and tell them that we are stuck at this place. Give them a signal that way you can escape from the outside.


Flood is a natural phenomenon which cannot be handled by man. But if we use water properly and are alert in advance to avoid disasters like floods, then we can save ourselves from the ill effects of floods. We should look into all those things and try to rectify them, due to which the problem of flood arises. Due to floods, the flood affected people suffer a lot of financial and physical damage, in such a situation, we should help them in every possible way that we can.

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Essay On Flood In English