Essay On Environment Protection In English

Essay On Environment Protection In English

Essay On Environment Protection In English - 1000 in words

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Essay on Environmental Protection (Environment Protection Essay in English) Introduction

In general, the environment is called the covering around us. Which is made up of two words. Which is connected through these two words Pari and Cover. Which means the environment around us has been said. Many types of animals, trees, plants, all living things come in the atmosphere of our earth. They have the ability to develop themselves. In today's time it is seen that our environment is being badly affected. Which is affecting all of us.

The real importance of environmental protection

Many times we have heard and read about environmental protection. But we do not understand its real importance till date. Actually the environment is directly related to our earth, where we all live independently. In such a situation, it is the responsibility of all of us to protect our environment from any harm and try to overcome the problems that occur in the environment. As long as our environment is completely clean, then our life will also be safe. That is why taking measures to protect the environment through various efforts shows the importance of real environmental protection.

Earth Summit held

In order to always give a safe and right direction to the environment, in 1992, 172 countries of the world organized the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro city of Brazil. After that in 2002 the Earth Summit was also organized in Johann Square of South Africa. In which many types of research were presented by different countries to preserve the earth. Including the well-being and protection of the earth.

Main problems of environmental protection

Whenever we talk about environmental protection, many types of problems start appearing in front of us. Through which we are not able to keep the environment safe. These main problems include increasing the temperature of the atmosphere, loss of ozone layer, radioactivity, genetic effects, water pollution, use of more and more plastics, destruction of vegetation, waste material coming out of big factories, etc. If we look at it, we see that water and air are the main contributors in not being able to protect the environment. In which many times the dirty water from factories, domestic waste water or sewage flowing in the drains is thrown into the river or pond, which pollutes the environment. If chemical substances found in factories are thrown into rivers, ponds, So it becomes the main problem for the environment and human health has to suffer from it in many ways. If vegetables and fruits are grown in such water, then it will certainly not be good for humans and animals. Due to this many types of physical problems arise, which is definitely not good for the future.

environmental protection measures

Keeping the environment safe is in our hands and it is our responsibility to keep our environment safe. Some of the ways to protect the environment are as follows.

  • It is advisable to plant more and more trees in the environment, so that the right amount of oxygen and pure air can be obtained. It would be advisable to use a minimum of plastic, because it is believed that more plastic is a hindrance to the protection of the environment. Whenever you go somewhere around, walk instead of any vehicle. This can also save the environment to a great extent. Whenever you do any work, use water at the same time when water is needed. Do not waste water by running the tap unnecessarily. At least use plates, cups made of plastic. Because plastic is harmful to our environment. Whenever you use manure for your plants, use only cow dung manure or organic manure. Put the water left over from any work in the plants, that is to say, do not waste water.

Many species of animal birds are becoming extinct

In today's time, it is generally seen that due to the cutting of forests and trees plants, animals and birds are not able to find their home and they start wandering towards the city. Because of this many animals and birds have come on the verge of extinction. In such a situation, it is very important that special measures should be taken to save those animals and birds, so that we can save many types of species from extinction.

Make the future generation aware

Children are the future generations of the country. In such a situation, it is very important that we make children aware of the environment from childhood and make them understand about the importance of environment. In such a situation, children will always be able to move forward understanding your point and they will also be able to become environmentally conscious. If they are making any kind of mistake, which can cause damage to the environment, then explain them with love and ask them not to do so. Children's hearts are very soft. If you will explain something to them with love, then surely they will understand your point and will also contribute fully.


In this way today we know that environment is very important and important for us. Because without environment we will not be able to carry forward our life properly. In such a situation, it is our responsibility that we work continuously keeping in mind the environment and do not allow any kind of problem. People can also be made aware to protect the environment. Also, explain the importance of environmental protection to your family members yourself. With our efforts, we hope that we will be able to protect our environment.

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Essay On Environment Protection In English