Essay On Elephant In English

Essay On Elephant In English

Essay On Elephant In English - 800 in words

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Elephant Essay in English Introduction

Elephant is considered the largest animal of the earth. Despite being such a huge elephant, you will be surprised to know that this animal is completely vegetarian. The huge size of the elephant and its amazing intelligence attracts people towards it. It is mainly found in Asia and Africa. Man has influenced the life of this animal, which roams freely in the forests, in many ways.

first choice of tourists

In earlier times, elephants were domesticated by humans as pets. During that time they were used to carry heavy goods and as a ride in case of war. The same elephant was later used in the circus. Talking about today's era, elephant is used in the tourism industry. Foreign tourists love to ride elephants. Even after the death of the elephant, the body of the elephant is very valuable. A variety of artistic objects are made from ivory tusks and body parts.

elephant's hearing power from afar

Elephant's skin is one inch thick, but it does not affect their sensitivity. Their hearing ability is very good. They are able to hear the voice of their other partner from a distance of about 5 miles.

anatomy and structure of elephant

The body of an elephant is very big. Its height is about 11 feet. The elephant has a long trunk. With the help of this, the elephant gets water and food easily. You can see its trunk, nose and upper lip of the mouth relative. Elephant legs are strong like thick pillars or pillars. An elephant has 4 nails in its front legs and 3 nails in its back legs. The feet are padded and with the help of this he is able to stand for a long time. Elephants are found in dark and light gray color. They have two big sized ears. With the help of this, he can hear even the slowest sound. The elephant has two small black shiny eyes. Elephant's skin is thick as well as it is very sensitive. This is the reason why the elephant has to bathe daily. The elephant has a small tail in comparison to the huge body of the elephant.

Elephant habitat and food

Elephants generally like to live in wooded areas. But whenever they move in the forest, they always stay with their herd. Most of the elephant's time is spent in eating food. In the form of food, the elephant eats green grass, bushes, sugarcane, fruits, vegetables etc.

presence of elephant

The elephant completes its sleep only by standing. Its age is more than 100 years. But due to pollution and indiscriminate deforestation of forests, now its life is getting shorter than before. Elephants are mainly found in India, Africa, Burma, besides Sri Lanka and Thailand.

Elephant's amazing memory power

Perhaps one thing you will not know about elephants is that their trunk keeps on increasing throughout their life. They do most of their work from the trunk itself. Be it eating food or drinking water and taking bath. Apart from breathing, an elephant also needs a trunk for smelling and lifting weights. Along with being an elephant driver, in any event, he keeps it sitting in his mind for a long time. They are skilled in talking to each other in a very low voice.

the nature of the elephant

Its nature is playful and calm compared to other animals. But they also get very angry. Once angry, it is very difficult to control them.

baby elephant birth

The female elephant conceives once in 4 years and is capable of giving birth to one child at a time. The gestation period of a female elephant is about 22 months.

giant elephant species

There are mainly two species of giant animal like elephant. In which an Asian species is considered. The other species is the African elephant. Its scientific name is Loxodonta africana. African elephants are much heavier and larger than Asian elephants.


Along with strength, you also get to see discretion in the elephant. Its usefulness is also much more than other animals. Keeping an elephant is not a matter of everyone's bus. In earlier times only the king used to ride it. This is the reason that it is also considered a very magnificent animal. Elephant is also a revered animal. In today's time, we are taking away their house and their family somewhere by cutting the forests. Therefore it is our duty to stop the felling of trees as soon as possible. So that he can live freely in the forests.

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Essay On Elephant In English