Essay On Education In English

Essay On Education In English

Essay On Education In English - 1100 in words

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Essay On Education in English Introduction

To get education is the birthright of all human beings. Education is an invaluable knowledge. Education has an impact on the personality of man, which makes him a decent, responsible and educated citizen. Education is the most powerful weapon, with the help of which man can bring change in the world. Everyone has the right to get education. An educated person can eradicate the evil practices present in the society. An educated person handles the home and office in an orderly manner. In the shadow of an educated person, everyone gets knowledge. There is no power greater than knowledge. That's why parents also educate their children at home and in school from the very beginning. He is well aware that for the formation of a civilized society, it is necessary for the children to be educated. Education improves the lifestyle of the people.

origin of the word education

The word education is derived from the Sanskrit root Shiksha. It means learning and teaching. Education is called education in the English language.

definition of education by great men

It is said in the Bhagavad Gita that education is that which frees man from his shackles and expands at every turn of life. According to Gandhiji, education is the complete development of man. Education develops the child spiritually, intellectually and physically. Tagore ji had said, education is done by people only to fulfill their selfishness. He gets education with the desire to get a job. From childhood, children adopt rote method to pass the exam. According to the National Education Commission 1964, education is a powerful means of economic and social progress of the country.

early childhood education

The early education of the children takes place at his home. Parents teach their children discipline and timely work from the very beginning. Provides all kinds of education to the children from childhood. Children are taught about family relationships. The qualities of patriotism and the qualities of morality are developed in the children. Children are taught from birth to respect elders and talk with courtesy. The children get the rest of their education by going to school.

higher education and jobs

After completing school education, students go to other educational institutions such as colleges and universities for higher education. After attaining higher education one gets a formal degree. After getting a formal degree, a person makes an offer for a job. After getting proper education and degree, one can become a doctor, lawyer, teacher etc. Good and accurate education is not just by going to college, but also by their noble and right thinking. Nowadays people consider themselves fully educated after getting degree, but education is obtained from every field. A person receives education at every stage of life. Knowledge related to every subject is called education, such as science, mathematics, Sanskrit, music, dance, yoga, painting etc.

employment opportunity

After getting education, a person can do a job. After getting the job, he does the job. After doing employment, he can meet his daily needs. Men and women stand on their own feet by doing employment. A person lives life with self-respect and self-respect. Society always values ​​and respects an educated and self-reliant person.

fundamental right of all on education

It is the effort of the government to enable everyone to fulfill their dreams by taking education. According to Article 21A of the Indian Constitution, there is a rule to provide free education to children from the age of six to fourteen years. Boy or girl, everyone is getting equal opportunities to study. The right to education has been made compulsory in more than a hundred countries of the world. Due to many problems in life, the people who could not get education, the government is trying to get them basic education. Even now people are getting educated in the village. The children who are good in studies are being given scholarships by the government and educational institutions for higher education.

education and human development

Education teaches us how we can improve the quality of life. Proper education teaches a person to differentiate between right and wrong and take right decisions. Education brings about social, economic and personal development of a person. Education makes everyone from children to elders responsible and conscientious human beings. Education is more than a certificate. The progress of life depends on right, right and proper education.

Importance of education behind making life successful

Education is provided by the teacher or teacher. Education is very important to achieve success in any field in life. Education in life brings a change in the attitude of the people and teaches to move with the modern era. Education increases the knowledge of man and develops reasoning power in him. By getting education, a person keeps positive thinking in adversity and gets out of difficult situation. An educated person knows how to solve problems. He does not lose his patience in difficult situations. An educated person faces every challenge boldly.

different forms of education

  • Formal Education Informal Education Formal Education

formal education

This education is provided by educational institutions such as schools, universities and colleges. In this, teachers provide education with systematic and teaching methods. In such education, teachers teach in a systematic manner. Money is invested in it.

Informal education

There is no set goal of this type of education. It is a kind of irregular education. It is not taught systematically. In this, children also learn many things from the neighborhood while playing. The main mediums of non-formal education are family, society, radio, television. The first education of children is done through non-formal education.

formal education

This education system has been made with the view of education of the neglected and helpless people. This education is simple and flexible. People of any age can take advantage of this in life. Under this education, adult education, distance and open education i.e. open education come. The time, system and place are determined by the type of education a person wants.


Everyone has a right to education. Today the situation in the country is better than before. Most of the people today are educated and living with self-respect. Be it poor or rich, everyone is getting educated. In this modern era, everyone knows the importance of education. The capital of the country today is educated people. When all the people are educated, then surely the country will progress and will continue to do so.

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Essay On Education In English