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Drought Essay in English Introduction

Called famine or drought, it arises in the state of scarcity. Normally when there is a shortage of food and drink items for humans. And if there is a shortage of fodder and water for the animals too, then it is called famine. There are mainly two reasons for drought. One artificial and the other natural. The artificial type of drought is mainly produced by the producers and traders. On the contrary, when there is shortage of food grains, water and fodder etc., it is called natural drought.

dry type

Well, there are three types of drought. But Parodiki Vido has divided it into four parts, which are as follows. (1) Climatological Drought – which means, climate is dry. (2) Hydrological Drought – which means drought by hydrology. (3) Agriculture Drought – which means drought by agriculture. (4) Economic Drought – which means social and economic drought.

definition of drought

Drought is a situation when there is little rainfall for a long time and due to excessive evaporation, there is a shortage due to excessive use of water from reservoirs and ground water which is obtained from the land. Drought is a complex phenomenon. In which many types of meteorological and other elements such as rain, evaporation, transpiration, ground water, soil moisture, water storage and filling, methods of agriculture, specially grown crops, socio-economic activities and conditions also dry has been included in the same.

There are two important causes of drought

(1) artificial drought (2) natural drought

The artificial drought of the British regime

The British government had once created a famine in Bengal during its reign. To teach a lesson to Indians, he had created an artificial shortage of food items by mixing Indian grain producers and traders with him. As a result, thousands of people in Bengal died of hunger and suffering. At that time, mothers had sold their children for a handful of grains. At that time, many animals were killed unnecessarily due to lack of fodder and water. In order to create artificial drought, profiteering traders create artificial scarcity by hiding their goods in godowns. Their aim is to earn more profit by selling the goods in the black market. It is another thing that this type of drought does not produce such dire consequences, but the normal clearance has to face the constraints.

natural dry

The second and most important reason is the naturally occurring drought, or famine. For example, such a long period of rain - being untimely that the seed sown gets rotten due to excess water. Or the solid grain becomes discolored and becomes unfit to eat. Similarly, due to drought i.e. very little or no rainfall, agriculture cannot be done. Even at that time, the problem of food, fodder and water arises for humans and animals. Which is called natural drought. In such a situation, the sources of quenching man's thirst, wells etc. dry up. The johads and ponds, which quench the thirst of animals, dry up. Yes - there is a ruckus all around. Lack of rain makes the earth barren by drying up even the grass and leaves. The earth starts flying like dust. Here - there the carnivorous animals start scavenging the dead animals and the corpses of humans. People with disabilities are not able to perform the last rites of any of their relatives. As a result, their lances start rotting lying in the houses. Due to this our environment also starts getting polluted. In such a situation, if there is no government assistance, then think what will happen. But we humans have to be prepared in advance to fight such a situation. For this, the environment will have to be protected from contamination, so that severe drought conditions do not arise.

most dry form

It was the month of June in 1987 and people were expecting that the monsoon was just about to arrive. Mother Earth's thirst is now about to be quenched. We are going to get relief from the heat. And the crops will flourish in the fields. And at the same time rains had started in West Bengal, Assam and Bihar and major rivers there were flooded. As well as Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Gujarat, The people of Uttar Pradesh were still waiting for the clouds facing towards the sky. The songs of Sawan had started on the radio. But in the condition of severe heat and drought, it was not possible to know whether the month is of Sawan or of Jeth. The swings hanging in the branches of dry trees above the dry land were heard listening to the demands of a widowed woman. July was the month of August, but all the assumptions of the meteorologists and all the hopes of the farmers were dashed. Sometimes clouds came in the sky and assured them like modern politicians. But it seemed that even the clouds have come to know that assurances are only for assurances. They are not required to be fulfilled. Due to lack of rain, severe drought engulfed the whole country. There had not been such a severe drought in the last hundreds of years. And the deadly drought of the century covered more than two-thirds of the country.

due to drought

(1) Deforestation (2) Lack of rain (3) Excessive use of ground water (4) Not harvesting rain water (5) Rapid population (6) Consumers (7) Inability to control desert


The most important cause of drought is deforestation. While we know very well that forests are the source of characteristics. It helps in bringing rain. It blocks the dry and cool air. It purifies the environment. But despite knowing all this, forests are cut indiscriminately. As a result of which serious problems like drought arise. Everyone has to bear the brunt of it. So first of all deforestation has to be stopped.

lack of rain

Now you all know this thing that if there is deforestation, there will be no rain and then the chances of drought increase. Rainfall is below average and not at the right time is also the reason for drought.

excessive use of ground water

Underground water is defined as that which is generally present between the particles of rocks below the surface of the earth and is obtained mainly by digging wells or hand pumps. Ground water is used extensively. Intensive cultivation of new seeds is being done for increasing population and food requirements. And it is used again and again and due to so much use the surface of ground water is getting lower. At the same time, the ground water is also getting polluted, due to which the situation of drought is arising.

no rain water harvesting

One of the biggest problems of our country is that more water is wasted. We can take an example of this with rain water. It is not stored at all. Tamil Nadu is the only state where it is stored. So when a drought-like situation arises in our country, we are unable to save it. Because we would not have stored water. So storing water can be a very good way to avoid drought.

rapid population

One reason for the drought can also be the increase in population. When the population is more, the need for food, water and place to live will be more. So what will it depend on? All these things will depend on forests, agriculture and our environment. We need a house to live in, wood for the house, grain to eat, which is dependent on water. But when forests will be cut for wood and there will be lack of rain. Then there will be neither rain nor will there be enough water for agriculture. Therefore, to prevent drought, it is necessary to stop the movement of population.


First of all we have to know what is a consumer. A consumer is a person who consumes various goods and services. These items are like wheat, flour, pulses, rice, salt etc. All this comes from the agricultural land and this land only needs water to thrive. But in our country with a population of crores, the problem of drought arises only because of following the rules without any rules. Therefore, the first duty of every consumer is to contribute with his understanding and understanding in the production of the things he will consume. So that our country does not have to face drought-like situation.

inability to control the desert

There is a lack of proper projects to control deserts in our country India. Which is totally wrong. And to deal with this, a new project should be made, which can stop the drought.


Drought is a devastating and terrible natural calamity. This is the cause of great damage to us humans and our environment and vegetation. To fight this drought, we all have to fight unitedly amongst ourselves, so that we human beings fight with this serious problem like drought and also win.

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