Essay On Doordarshan In English

Essay On Doordarshan In English

Essay On Doordarshan In English - 900 in words

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Doordarshan Essay in English Introduction

Today's era is the age of science. Science has made a lot of progress in this era. New inventions keep happening every day. One of the important inventions is that of Doordarshan. Man takes the help of television to overcome his physical and mental fatigue throughout the day. This also leads to his intellectual and character development. After working all day, we start feeling bored. To reduce that boredom, we resort to entertainment. Everyone watches Doordarshan with fervor. All the programs broadcast in this prove to be very useful for every age group. Through Doordarshan, farmers get detailed information about which seeds should be used for farming. Where students get information related to their education. In which corner of the world, when and when the incident happened, we get information about all these things only from Doordarshan.

Meaning and Expansion of Doordarshan

Television is known as Doordarshan in English. The word television is made up of two words. Tele and vision, which simply means to present the visuals of a distant event in front of the eyes. Doordarshan is an evolved form of the technology of radio. The first use of television was in 1925 by British scientist J. Ale. Baird did it. The credit for inventing it goes to J. Ale. Goes to Baird. He invented it in 1926. Wherein in India it was broadcast in 1959. Television is one of the most important inventions of entertainment. Television has greatly influenced the people of all sections of the society. In today's time television has become a part of almost every family. Television has become one of the cheapest and most easily available means of entertainment. You can get news from all over the world with the help of Doordarshan. You can continuously get information about every corner of the world sitting at home through Doordarshan. At the same time, there has been a lot of change in Doordarshan as well. In today's time people are entertaining themselves through the channel of Doordarshan through cable or dish in their homes.

Cutting edge changes in Doordarshan

Doordarshan has influenced today's young generation the most. In earlier times, only black and white Doordarshan used to be in people's house and they had only one channel available for entertainment from evening till late night. But with time it changed. In today's time color television has started coming with the channel. More than 500 channels have started coming for the entertainment of the audience, in which new programs are broadcast day and night.

Similarities between the principle of Doordarshan and Radio

The principle of television is very similar to the principle of radio. Radio broadcasts usually involve talks and the singer presents his vocals or talks in the studio itself. The waves that rise in the air due to its sound, the microphone is converted into electric waves. These waves are carried over underground wires to the transmitter, which converts those waves into radio waves. The same waves television catches in your homes. On Doordarshan, we can only see what the Doordarshan camera keeps on painting. The same radio is sending those pictures from the radio waves to a distant place. There is a special studio construction for Doordarshan, where both singers and dancers are presenting their programs.

Doordarshan's relationship with entertainment

Doordarshan is known as a popular medium for entertainment. Many types of effective programs are broadcast on Doordarshan. This gives a lot of information to the people. Watching and listening to Doordarshan increases the knowledge of people along with entertainment.

education as a means of promotion

Education is spread and promoted through Doordarshan. It is also a really meaningful teacher for the children. Through this, children are given their curricular knowledge through learned and expert teachers. The same variety of programs on adult education are also broadcast on Doordarshan.

effective in raising social consciousness

Doordarshan has always been behind bringing revolutionary changes in the society. Apart from social and educational, we also get advice on living a healthy lifestyle through Doordarshan. To remove various types of evils spread in the society, various programs are broadcast on Doordarshan, due to which awareness comes among the people.

ill effects of doordarshan on children

While Doordarshan brings many benefits to the people, it also has some disadvantages. If we do not use television for national interests under the right methods and policies, then the time is not far when our country will forget its ancient civilization and adopt western civilization. Doordarshan has also affected the education of children badly. Children need more and more Doordarshan for their entertainment. Children spend most of their time watching Doordarshan instead of studying. In today's time, more films are broadcast in Doordarshan than before. Watching these movies has a bad effect on children and at a young age, children get into bad habits like smoking and alcohol. Seeing non-violent beatings in films inculcates the tendency of non-violence in the minds of children.


The utility of Doordarshan cannot be denied. We get information about the country and abroad only through Doordarshan. Anything has both good and bad sides. If people use Doordarshan in the right way, then it leads to their all round development. The role of Doordarshan in the new construction of India is very important.

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Essay On Doordarshan In English