Essay On Dog In English

Essay On Dog In English

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Dog Essay in English Introduction

Dog is a pet. Man's most helpful and faithful servant. The dog is considered the truest and best friend of man. It is such an animal that, when given love, it dissolves quickly. The dog protects all the members of the family. He does not care about his life and can do everything for his loved ones, That's why it is called a loyal animal. Dog is very fast and intelligent animal and is alert round the clock. He does not allow unknown people to come near the family members. There are many types of dogs. People keep dogs at their homes as per their choice. Everyone considers a dog a part of their family. For some people, dogs are their life. When dogs are in trouble, people take them to the vet for treatment. Nowadays most of the people keep dogs in their homes. Dogs can run fast. When they see an unknown person near their area, they bark more loudly and sometimes attack. The dog loves its owner very much and protects him from all troubles. Some breeds of dogs are taken to police stations, airports for security purposes. These dogs are well trained. Such dog thieves, Find out robbers and criminals by sniffing their things. This is of great help to the security personnel. Dogs have excellent sense of smell. Their mind is very sharp, so people keep such a pet at their home with great love.

dog scientific name

The dog is the favorite animal of man. The scientific name of the dog is "Canis lupus familiaris". Young children born of a dog are called puppies.

dog's sense of smell and hearing

Dogs have excellent sense of smell. The hearing power of dogs is much more than that of humans.

dog fertility

Dogs can give birth to seven to eight babies at a time. Young dogs are as fast and intelligent as their females.

Dog training in terms of love and protection from the owner

As soon as the owners return from their work at home, their dogs are recognized by their sound. He does not get puffed up when the owner comes and starts playing with him. Animals are speechless but they understand people's feelings. Dogs are trained in areas like swimming in water, etc. The dog is trained in such a way that it can jump even from heights. Military security forces also conduct training of dogs seriously. The dogs are well trained to keep track and learn about bombs etc. They are trained in such a way that they can help the security forces in these security related operations in case of emergency.

dog body build

Dog is found in many colors like brown, black, white etc. There are many breeds of dog. It has two eyes. Dogs have sharp teeth. He fights with enemies for the safety of himself and his master and takes thorns in his defence. Dogs have nails on their feet, which are very sharp. dog is omnivorous, That is, he can eat both vegetables and meat. Dogs have four legs and a tail. The dog has two ears and can hear even the faintest sounds from a distance. In many places, dogs are used to carry loads, mostly in snowy places. Even if the dog sleeps at night, he becomes alert at the slightest sound. Dogs have hair all over their body. There is less and more hair on the body, it depends on its breed. Dogs have only one nose and their sense of smell is higher than that of other animals. The dog's neck is short and thin. Older dogs have 42 teeth in their mouths. Dogs whose age is small means that those who are children, they have 28 teeth in their mouth. A dog has a tail. They have 28 teeth in their mouth. A dog has a tail. They have 28 teeth in their mouth. A dog has a tail.

dog age

Dogs don't have a very long life. The life of a dog depends on its size. Dogs are mammals and the female feeds her little one with milk. Dogs can live up to sixteen years at most.

types of dogs and their diet

There are many types of dogs. Such as Bloodhound, Greyhound, Blue Lacy, Boxer, Bulldog, German Shepherd, Labrador, Rottweiler, Bulldog Poodle etc. Dogs generally eat fish, meat, milk, rice, bread etc. They are both non-vegetarian and vegetarian. There are many species of dogs found all over the world. The body of the dog is large in some species and small in some species. Dogs are found in different colors. The anatomy of dogs is very similar to that of wolves and foxes. Ever since humans have kept dogs as pets, they also eat vegetarian food like roti, vegetables, fruits etc.

faithful animal

Dogs are sometimes referred to as man's best friend. They are generally loyal and love to be around humans. They keep humans away from stress, anxiety and depression. They take away our loneliness. They are interested in exercising with us and playing different types of sports. This makes the dogs very happy. He likes to be around his master.

closest to the owner

Whenever dogs see their master coming home from work, they run to him and jump on him to show their love. Dogs are honest friends of man. He can even give his life to save his friend. For the safety of their owner, they can guard day and night. They all know what their owner likes, when they leave the house and when they come back. He has the ability to sense the troubles that have come upon the owner and always protects them.

Assistance from police and many security personnel

The dog's sense of smell is so strong that it helps the police administration and military etc. in many missions. He catches the thief and traces the bomb blaster etc. Many breeds of dogs are trained day and night. He makes many missions successful.

most emotional animal

Dog is the most emotional animal. He understands the feelings of his master and the people around him. He explains his feelings by wagging his tail. The dog adapts itself to every kind of environment. Dog is such an animal that understands human emotions very quickly. Dogs are so emotional that they rejoice in the happiness of the owner and are sad in the sorrow of the owner. He always cares about the owner. He always stays with his master in the most difficult situation and he does not leave his side no matter how much difficulty comes. Humans are equally fond of dogs.

dog use

In earlier times, dogs were used by humans to carry goods. Today most people keep dogs at home for safety. To protect the house from thieves and robbers, people keep dogs and for hobbies also people keep dogs. Dogs protect their owners from strangers and other animals. Police, railway security and army, etc. use dogs for security. Where there is a lot of snow, in such places, sledge carts are driven with the help of dogs. It transports passengers from one place to another.

Bad behavior with dogs in many places

Unfortunately some people behave badly with dogs in many places like roads. They throw stones etc. at them and make them run away by scolding them. Do not give little food to eat. In the winter, they do not give him little shelter in the courtyard of the house. Such inhuman behavior should not be done with innocent and speechless animals. They should not be disturbed and should sympathize with them. Love and food must be given to the dogs around you.


Dogs sincerely believe in humans. Like a true friend, he loves his master. We should never ignore him. Those poor people cannot speak, but understand and understand everything. No human being should hurt or hurt him. It is a human's responsibility to treat dogs well. Without animals not only this environment but also human life is incomplete. We should treat pets well, only then they also mix with us in a few moments.

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