Essay On Disaster Management In English

Essay On Disaster Management In English

Essay On Disaster Management In English - 800 in words

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Essay on Disaster Management (Disaster Management Essay in English) Introduction

Humans have damaged the environment due to industrialization. Man has progressed at a rapid pace but the balance of nature is deteriorating because of him. Every year natural disasters occur on the earth. Natural calamities like earthquake, tsunami, storm, drought wreak havoc on the earth. Due to floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, there is a huge loss of life and property. Natural disasters often occur on the earth. To avoid all this, necessary measures are taken by the Government of India. Special Forces are created by the Government of India. These forces help people trapped in disasters. This is called disaster management.

natural disasters

Due to natural calamities, pools break down and many people's homes are destroyed. Many people lose their lives. Man has made progress, but the amount of pollution is increasing on the earth. The amount of pollution is increasing in big cities. Despite several warnings, many people are not taking the problem of pollution seriously. Pollution has invited natural calamities. Animals are also harmed due to natural calamities.

catastrophic loss

All living beings have to face difficulties due to natural calamities. Natural disasters also have a bad effect on innocent animals. Trees, plants, flowers, etc. things in nature not only enhance the beauty of nature, but also help in maintaining the natural balance. Man made progress in every field and also brought good changes in many areas. But the fear of holocaust haunts him. The Holocaust ends everything in an instant. Every year many people's homes are destroyed due to natural calamities.

cause of natural disasters

Man himself is the cause of natural disasters. As harmful gases are being added to the atmosphere, the temperature of the earth is increasing. This can be called global warming. The gases responsible for global warming are carbon, helium, methane, etc. Climate change has also been observed due to global warming. Glacier ice is melting due to rise in temperature. Due to this the water level is rising. Due to rising water level, problems like flood are arising. No human can do anything before nature. Man himself cut the forests so that he could build big houses. Even the rivers and the air were polluted. Man will have to bear the brunt of this. Man is harming nature for his own benefit. Man himself corrupts nature. It is the responsibility of the government to curb all these activities.

earthquake events

Earthquake has wreaked havoc in many countries, states, villages. Homes, offices, roads are all destroyed due to earthquake. Many people lose their lives. Many cities are covered in dust due to earthquakes. Huge traumatic events are born, which cannot be forgotten over the years. Therefore, disaster management is very important. Sometimes there is a sudden fire in the forests, due to which not only the trees and plants are destroyed, but many animals are also killed. The government is trying to prevent natural calamities.

some unforeseen incidents

Some natural disasters are not controlled by humans. So far there is no such instrument, which can tell about the coming natural calamities. Some natural calamities occur suddenly, such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, etc. Such disasters are called accidental disasters. Some uncontrolled events that can be detected, so that there is no harm. Such events can be detected by the Meteorological Department, such as famine and some problems related to agriculture.

heavy losses from disasters

Countries and states have to bear economic losses due to natural calamities. When everything is destroyed, it takes time for people to emerge from that situation. Due to disasters, there are major damages like damage to roads, breaking of pools, collapse of houses and the life of human beings also ends.

disaster management

Many efforts are being made to prevent disasters and new measures are also being taken by the government. This is called disaster management. The Act was issued by the Government in the year 2005. Its main objective was to save people from the destruction caused by natural calamities. The government formed some forces to prevent disasters. Forces like NCC, NDRF help people in natural calamities. People should be aware about natural disasters. To make people aware about disasters, it is important to know about disaster management. The government should make necessary rules to control disasters.


Disaster management is very important. It is important to keep nature and the environment comfortable. Nature should not be polluted. One should not do such work, which affects the natural balance. The government is making efforts from its side and we should also contribute to the government in this matter. Disaster management is essential. The government is making continuous efforts. Hopefully the situation will improve in the coming days.

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Essay On Disaster Management In English