Essay On Desh Prem - The Patriotism In English

Essay On Desh Prem - The Patriotism In English

Essay On Desh Prem - The Patriotism In English - 1000 in words

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Essay on Desh Prem Essay in English Introduction

We all have different types of emotions. Which is directly related to the activities going on inside us. These feelings also include things like love, dedication, honesty, deceit. Sometimes we just don't have control over our emotions and we don't understand the right thing. In such a situation, there is also such a feeling, which is present in all of us and which we keep following from time to time. This feeling is the feeling of patriotism.

what is patriotism

Patriotism is such a feeling, which expresses the love and affection in us towards our country. The feeling of patriotism is visible to us at that time, when some good thing has been said for our country, or there has been a crisis in the country. At such a time, a voice comes out from our hearts that this country is ours and we are the residents of this country. Whenever there is any crisis in our country, then all the countrymen unite and start working for the country and this love of patriotism is visible in every countryman. Which shows our passion for our country.

Great men showed the true path of patriotism

When our country was the slave of the British, from that time there was a feeling of love and dedication towards their country among the countrymen. In such times, great men also playing their important role, instilled the feeling of patriotism among the people and made them aware of their country. In these great men, mainly the names of great leaders and great men like Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad, Subhash Chandra Bose are taken first. He always kept the spirit of patriotism alive in his heart and also spread the message among the people that this country is ours and we are the real citizens of this country. People kept this spirit alive in their hearts and because of which the British had to leave India.

Elements of patriotism

If you call yourself a true patriot, then for this you need to have some elements in you. Only after that you can be called a country lover. Which is something like this.

  • love for the country dedication devotion true faith honesty

Feeling of patriotism is necessary

It is very important in the heart of every Indian to have true faith and attachment for his country India. At the same time, the feeling of patriotism is very important in every heart. That's why it is called so. Because it is very important to have loyalty to the country in which we live. With the help of this patriotic spirit, we can take our country to the heights and can also set a good example in front of the whole world. The feeling of patriotism is also important because it develops our own personality and we can easily do the work of making people aware in the family too.

There is also a feeling of patriotism in the players

You must have noticed that there is any sport, be it cricket, badminton, hockey or any other sport. At such times, a unique patriotic spirit can be seen in the players. In which all the players unite and talk about taking forward their country and at the same time prove it. At such a time, the feeling of patriotism takes hold and the players reach victory even after losing. Players also get a lot of love from the people of the country, so that they get a new strength and also get inspiration to move forward.

There is a feeling of patriotism inside the student

It is considered necessary to have this feeling in our students for the future of the country. Due to which the country will be able to move ahead in future and will be able to reach its destination easily. In such a situation, there is an important role of parents and teachers of the students, that they go ahead and make the children aware of the country and keep motivating them to become a good citizen. The development of the country is not only possible due to the students becoming good citizens, as well as a new enthusiasm is generated in them. They are compelled to do something. In such a situation, our country will progress continuously and we will go on moving forward.

Disadvantages of lack of feeling of patriotism

If you do not have a true sense of patriotism, then it can also cause some damage to you. like -

  • Due to this proper development of personality will not be possible. The way to your destination will be closed or difficult to find. You will not be able to feel the change inside yourself nor will you be able to make any kind of change. Various discrepancies will arise.

There is no compulsion in the feeling of patriotism

Having a feeling of patriotism is a matter of pride in itself. But one thing is also to be noted that you cannot force this feeling inside anyone. Rather it is a process by itself. As one gets older, so does this feeling. which is considered necessary.


It is seen in this way that it is very important to have a feeling of patriotism. Because without any emotion, no change can be seen in you nor can any change be made in it. We also get many types of books about this, from which we can get knowledge and move towards the right direction. In such a situation, always keep doing good work for your country and keep moving forward in the path of continuous progress.

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Essay On Desh Prem - The Patriotism In English