Essay On Dahej Pratha - Dowry System In English

Essay On Dahej Pratha - Dowry System In English

Essay On Dahej Pratha - Dowry System In English - 1200 in words

Today we will write an essay on dowry system a curse (Essay On Dahej Pratha Ek Abhishap in English) . This essay written on dowry system has been written for kids and class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and college students. This essay written on dowry system (Essay On Dahej Pratha in English) you can use for your school or college project. You will find essays in English on many other topics on this website of ours, which you can read.

Essay on Dowry System a Curse and Social Stigma (Dahej Pratha Essay in English) Introduction

Dowry system is a bad practice which has been going on for centuries. This evil practice is nothing less than a curse. Not knowing how many new brides and women have lost their lives due to the dowry system. Dowry means precious gifts given by the girl child at the time of marriage or before and expensive things like cash, car etc. Dowry system is common for many people. But due to the dowry system, how many innocent women have to face violent incidents. The government has made strict rules against the dowry system. But still today in many places there is a practice of dowry which is absolutely wrong. Taking and giving dowry is both wrong. Nowadays in many homes, since the birth of daughters, parents are worried that how much dowry will be given at the time of marriage? That's why people get sad on the birth of girls and girls have to listen to taunts. Parents start adding money not for girls' education but for dowry from many years ago. Dowry system is becoming a hindrance in the progress of the country. This evil practice is insulting and mentally harassing women. Dowry system is a stigma on the progress of the country, which has become very important to eradicate.

Dowry system is a serious problem

Out of many problems of the country, dowry system is a serious problem, which has become necessary to uproot it. For how long will the girl and the girl child lead a humiliated life due to the dowry system. It has spread in the country like an epidemic, it is extremely important to stop it.

crimes like female feticide

The dowry system has become prevalent in the society in such a way that people do not want a daughter to be born at their home. When a daughter is born, they have to add money for dowry, so parents kill their child in the mother's womb before the girl is born. This is a condemnable crime and shows the wrong mindset of the people towards girls.

The introduction of dowry system and the illegitimate demand

According to mythological beliefs, earlier the girl's parents used to give some gifts at the time of the daughter's farewell. There was no demand for boys in this. Marriage is considered an auspicious bond. At that time, the boys used to be selfish and did not demand valuable things. As time passed, the dowry system took a different form in Hindu religions. Today, before the marriage of the boy, millions of rupees in cash, jewelry, car, etc., demand expensive things from the girl people. In many places, girls are threatened that if the demand is not met, the marriage will not take place.

atrocities on girls

When the demand for dowry is not met according to the boys, they exploit women after marriage. Women are mentally harassed for dowry every day, so that they can bring more dowry to them from their homes. Some boys leave the woman at the wedding pavilion if the dowry is not received immediately. This is a legal offence.

Bad consequences of dowry system

If the girls are not able to give dowry as asked on the occasion of marriage, then after marriage, it becomes difficult for the girls to live in the in-laws' house. The life of girls becomes hell. Girls are abused. Sometimes the condition becomes so serious that due to the fear of society, she does not go back to her home and commits suicide. The lives of many new brides have been ruined due to the dowry system. In some hell like in-laws, girls are burnt to death for not getting enough dowry. We strongly condemn such crimes. But the government has to take concrete steps against it.

Conservative thinking and old customs

Some people follow evil practices like dowry system as a custom. Such people pressurize the girl child to give dowry at the time of marriage. In the name of tradition, there is mental abuse of girl and girl child. In the old custom, earlier people used to give dowry according to their own accord. But nowadays taking dowry for boys has become a business. The more jewels and money that such people get in dowry, the more they feel proud.

Today's dowry system

The dowry system is making the society like a pond dirty like a dirty fish. The taker of dowry should be ashamed, he commits such a crime and makes him wear the cloth of tradition. Nowadays, boys refuse to get married if they do not get dowry. In today's marriages, the higher the income of the boy, the more dowry he gets. The dowry system has become prevalent among the poor, middle class and all classes.

lack of education

Many people in this country are not able to understand this horrific form of dowry system due to being uneducated. They understand that giving dowry is their traditional duty. Due to being uneducated, such people do not understand the mind of criminal and greedy people.

advantage of weaknesses

Now-a-days every family needs a beautiful, capable and well-rounded girl. If a girl has any shortcomings like dark complexion or any kind of problem, then her marriage is not possible soon. In such a situation, the girls try to give dowry, so that the girl gets married. This encourages the dowry system. The dowry system is spreading its strong roots and branches, the time has come to uproot these roots.

lack of employment

Many youths are unemployed in our country. Such unemployed youths ask for dowry from the girls in marriage. They ask for the help of lakhs of rupees in dowry, so that one can invest in business or after marriage can live with that money happily and comfortably. These irresponsible youths need to be taught a lesson and not given money. Such people never do job or business. Want to spend whole life on girl's money.


Women are being oppressed due to dowry system. Women are being murdered for dowry in the news every day. The culprits should be punished severely for such criminal conspiracy in the family. Together we all have to end this evil practice called dowry system, which is responsible for the destruction of many women. When a woman will get her due respect, then the country will also be called an advanced country. The country is making more progress in the twenty-first century, so there is a need to end such malpractices. So this was Dowry System Essay on a social stigma, I hope you would have liked the essay written in English (Hindi Essay On Dahej Pratha Ek Samajik Kalank) on dowry system a social stigma . If you liked this article, then share this article with everyone.

Essay On Dahej Pratha - Dowry System In English