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Essay On Cricket In English

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Cricket Essay in English


Cricket is considered a popular sport in India, which originated in southern England. Earlier this game was played very rarely, but today it has ruled the hearts of the people. Today many national teams have been formed, in which India, South Africa, England, Sri Lanka, West Indies, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Ireland and many more teams play many matches every year. Earlier these teams used to play Test matches and ODIs, later in 2018 the ICC announced that from 1 January 2019, 120 members will play T20 International matches. Cricket is the favorite sport of all children and adults today. Today some children are found playing cricket matches in every street. Cricket match is a simple game in which there are few players who are divided into two teams. There are many players in these teams but there are only 11 players playing. There are also a few more players in every team, Those who are allowed to play when needed. The batsman, bowler and fielder all play their important roles in this game. Although it is a bit difficult to become a professional cricketer, but if a person plays cricket with his passion, then he definitely goes ahead. Today cricket in India has made a place in the hearts of many people.

cricket match

Cricket is a match between two teams consisting of 11 players, who play their important role on the field. There are different sizes of grounds inside the cricket. In which there is grass so that if the player falls while playing on the ground, he gets less injury. However, very few players get hurt while playing, because the ground there is slightly different. The ground is thoroughly checked and made good before the match is played. Inside the field where the batsman plays, there is also a pitch where the ball bounces. Cricket matches are different, some are in Tests, some are ODI matches and some are T20 matches. Test matches are the longest which last for several days, but ODI matches are of 50 overs which end within a single day. Similarly there are 20-20 matches which are of 20 overs and end on the same day.

field and pitch

The cricket match playing field is very big, inside which the grass is behind. The grounds are of different shapes, the size of which can be different. That is why very big cricket stadiums have been built in every country where cricket matches are played. There is a pitch inside the cricket ground where both the batsman and the bowler play. The batsman is the player who is sitting in his hand and the bowler throws the ball to him.

bat and speak

The most important tool for playing a cricket match is the bat and ball, along with some other material. Such as helmet, legguard, hand guard, helmet, globs, shoes, wicket stump etc. With all these, the match is played well, because the ball is somewhat hard, due to which there is a problem of injury. The bat is often made of wood and has a cylindrical stick behind it, which is held by the batsman.


The players playing in a cricket match are eleven. Apart from this, some players are kept, which are changed from time to time. It consists mostly of five players, out of which two or three players are all-rounders and four players are specially kept for bowling. The remaining players are kept for bowling and batting. If the team is batting in the match then the batsman plays the most important role and when the team is fielding then fielders and bowlers play their important role in that.


It is necessary to have 2 teams in the match, in the same way it is necessary for both the teams to play equally, for this overs are kept. Test matches in which there is no over limit are played on days. ODI cricket matches are of 50 overs, in which one team plays on the first day and plays 50 more on the second day. Similarly, T20 matches also have 20 overs. Both the teams play equal overs. In the middle of these overs, the team has to score good runs, if the team is already out, then the remaining over is of no use.


It is also important to bowl inside the match, as a good bowler also contributes to his team's win. There are two types of bowlers in the team, one is fast bowler and one is spin bowler. Often not everyone wants to play with a fast bowler, because the speed of the bowl is fast, which is not played easily and the spin bowler spins his bowl very easily. Due to which the word goes somewhere else and comes out from somewhere else, which confuses the player.


There are umpires to make decisions in the team who keep a good watch on the activities of the game. Often there are two umpires on the field inside the team who play an important role for their side. An umpire stands by the bowler's side. The second umpire stands on the batsman's side. When a batsman plays, one umpire keeps an eye on his movements, in the same way another umpire keeps an eye on the movements of the bowler. Apart from these umpires, a third umpire is kept in the field, who keeps an eye on the entire activity. It is the Empire Camera that keeps an eye on the entire field. Then later, in case of any confusion, the help of the third umpire is taken and the right decision is taken.


Where there is another bowler and fielder, there is another batsman. The batsman makes a good score with the help of his bat. It is not easy to bat as it is a bit difficult to see the ball coming fast and hitting it hard. Because it is not known when the words coming fast will come out from the front. There are two batsmen on the field, both strike each other and defend their wickets. This batsman scores as many runs as possible. If a batsman is out, he leaves the field and cannot come back. A good batsman hits short and strokes. The batsman looks at each ball very carefully and then plays. Because the shot played on every ball may not be perfect, it can get him out and at the same time the player in front has to be taken care of. Because while taking a run, special care has to be taken not to get out somewhere.


Just as bowlers and batsmen complete their matches in the field by playing and throwing bowls, in the same way the fielder plays his important role by stopping the ball. The more important runs are to be scored, the more important runs are to be stopped. For this, all 11 players play their important role on the field as fielders. Fielders are not kept separately, the players who are the same also work as fielders. There are fielders standing on all four sides of the field and one player throws the ball and one player is the keeper behind the player in play. The remaining no players, out of which five players are kept standing on the boundary. And four players are made to stand on the middle center border. Players are changed frequently. If the catch is caught in the hands of the fielder, the player is out.


In today's time every child likes to play cricket. Nowadays every child goes out to play cricket in the street with a bat and ball in hand. In the real cricket field, the player works hard with his life and plays for the country. When the cricket team plays, the whole country is playing watching them. The national sport of the country is not even hockey as popular as the cricket match. Nowadays every child wants to play cricket. Cricket team nowadays plays at different levels. Many cricketers play at national level and some cricketers play at international level.

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Essay on Cricket (Short Essay On Cricket in English)

Cricket is an international sport. Cricket originated from southern England. There are also many international teams in cricket, such as India, Australia, South Africa, England, Sri Lanka, West Indies, New Zealand, Pakistan. There are many rules of the game of cricket and according to the same rules this game is played. This game of cricket is known in many different formats in the world. Like Under 19, T20, IPL, World Cup and Test match. In -19 Cricket: - This cricket is the shortest game of international cricket. In this too, the same rules are followed like regular cricket. T20 cricket: - This cricket is of 20 -20 overs, that is why this cricket is called T20. Almost all the rules of this cricket are also the same. IPL Cricket :- IPL matches are held once in a year in India. This game is played for 20 overs and in this game all the players who have played well in international games including India are invited to play. These games are a very popular game in the world of cricket. The players and teams of this game are bought by big business people or celebrities and they play in IPL with those teams. World Cup Cricket: - In this game players from all the countries of India are involved and all the countries have their own team. This match is played for 50 overs. These matches are very interesting and if you win in this match, your country's name gets illuminated. Players give their lives to win the World Cup, because it is a matter of honor for the country. Test cricket :- This game is played for about five days, it is the longest and played game in the history of cricket. In the game of cricket, 11 players play for a team, but 15 players are selected. 4 players are kept as extra players. When an injury occurs to any of the 11 players, an additional player is played. Cricket players definitely have some special skills. Some players perform well in bowling, some batting and there are some players who are in the form of all rounders. Those who do bowling and batting and fielding all well. Cricket is played in a big field, In this game, there are three wickets on both sides and there is a gulli on the wicket on both the sides. There is a player in front of both the wickets. Those who are present on the pitch with the bat. A player throws the ball from one end of the pitch and another player hits the ball with the bat. After hitting the bat, he has to run and complete the run. Meanwhile, the players who are engaged in guarding the field, they try to get out before the end of the race between the two players. Due to this players are out and they are out of the field.

Ways to get out in cricket

Bold Out: - In cricket, when a player throws the ball and the ball leaves the batsman's bat and hits the wicket directly, then it is called bowled out. Catch Out: - In cricket, when a player catches the ball after hitting the player's bat without dropping it on the ground, then the player is out and it is called a catch out. LV Dwlu: - When the ball is bowled by the bowler and hits any body part from the front of the wicket, then it is called L V Dwu out. Run out: - When the batter runs after hitting the ball and completes the run, if any player in the ground at that time hits the ball in the wicket before the completion of his run, then at that time he is run out. it is said. Hit wicket :- When a player accidentally hits the wicket behind him while playing, then it is called a hit wicket. Stump out :- While batting, when the batsman goes ahead to hit the ball and he is not able to hit the ball. And while avoiding the wicket, the ball goes to the player standing behind the wicket, then the wicketkeeper hits the ball on the wicket before the batsman turns around, then it gets the batsman out and it is called stump out. Players present in cricket with a bat for their safety and to avoid injury, trees, helmets, Gloves use all these things for their protection. In cricket, the game is played by overs. The ball is thrown 6 times in an over. In the cricket team, all the players agree to the captain and vice-captain. The captain understands and explains all the members of the team and accordingly all the players in the field support the team. Umpires play a vital role in the game of cricket. All out and correct balls are pointed and ordered by the umpire. In this game, the value of the decision given by the umpire is universal. The ball is also of many types in cricket, its decision is also taken by the umpire. No Ball :- When any rule is violated by the bowler, at that time the umpire calls this ball as No Ball. Wide Wall :- When a ball moves away from the reach of a batsman, it is called a wide wall. The result of cricket depends on his runs and there are many ways to score runs. Just as a run is scored, a boundary is set in the cricket field. Where the ball crosses the boundary without touching the ground, the player is awarded six runs and if the ball hits the ground in the middle of the boundary. If it touches the cross, then four runs are given. International cricket is administered by the ICC (International Cricket Council). Women's cricket team and men's cricket team are made separately. Cricket is the most popular sport in India today which is played everywhere in India. So this was the essay on cricket, I hope that the essay written in English on cricket (Hindi Essay On Cricket) You would have liked If you liked this article, then share this article with everyone.

Essay On Cricket In English