Essay On Cow In English

Essay On Cow In English

Essay On Cow In English - 1600 in words

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Essay on Cow (Cow Essay in English Language) Introduction

Cow, which is revered in Hinduism as 'Gau Mata', is a very useful pet animal. Cows are found all over the world. It is believed in Hinduism that 322 crore gods and goddesses reside in the cow, so the people of India worship the cow as their mother. Cow was dear to Lord Shri Krishna ji and he used to go to cow grazing every day. According to a 2012 report of the nation's Dairy Development Board, there are about 190 million cows found in India. Most of the cows in the whole world are found in our country of India. Today we are going to tell you about the importance and characteristics of cows. With which you will get astonishing information about our cow mother. Cow is given more importance than other domestic animals from time immemorial. Even today many people make the first roti for the cow while cooking every day. At present, the practice of rearing cows has reduced. But their religious importance has not diminished, for some time now people are also raising the demand to make cow the national animal in India. It is written in the religious texts “Gavo Vishwasya Matarah” which means that the cow is the mother of the world. Cow has always been beneficial for mankind in every way, that is why it has been said that every household is worshipped. The peg on which it is tied, brings happiness and prosperity to all. That is, the cow is the mother of the world. Cow has always been beneficial for mankind in every way, that is why it has been said that every household is worshipped. The peg on which it is tied, brings happiness and prosperity to all. That is, the cow is the mother of the world. Cow has always been beneficial for mankind in every way, that is why it has been said that every household is worshipped. The peg on which it is tied, brings happiness and prosperity to all.

body structure of mother cow

Generally, cows are the same in all countries, but their breed and stature may be slightly different. The size of the body of the cow is very large and their weight is more than 720 kg. Many cows are more milk-producing and some give less milk. She gives milk to make us healthy and strong. Milk keeps us away from diseases and infections by increasing our immunity power. Cow has four legs and all four legs have hooves. With the help of which she is able to walk on any kind of rocky place. The shape of their mouth is wide from above and thin from below. Cow has a long tail from which it drives away flies and mosquitoes from its body. The cow has two big sized ears through which she is able to hear all kinds of sounds. He has two big beautiful eyes. Cow mother has four udders and a long neck. They keep on chewing the food after chewing for a long time. They have one nose and two large horns.

Mythological and Religious Significance of Cow Mata

The festival of Gopashtami is also celebrated in our India to worship the cow. By serving cows one gets the grace of God. According to the Puranas, it is believed that the deities reside in every part of the cow. If you are unable to go to the pilgrimage due to any reason, then serve the cow, you will get the virtue of all the pilgrimages. It is also believed that along with the service of the cow, take care of its cleanliness, feed them on time, keep the surroundings clean and protect them from flies and mosquitoes, then that person's Kapila. One gets merit equal to that of a cow.

usefulness of cow mother

The cow is reared and its milk is extracted and sold. Cow's milk has a lot of power. Cow gives up to 5 to 10 liters of milk at a time, yet different breeds of cows give different amounts of milk. Paneer, butter, ghee, buttermilk and sweets are made from their milk. Cow dung is dried, Then use it as fuel. Farmers also use its dung as manure in the fields. In ancient times, cows were also used for plowing the fields. Cow benefits human beings for life and after death, many things are made from its skin by using it as leather. Along with this, special works are also made from their bones. Their cow urine is considered very sacred. Cow urine is also used in Ayurvedic medicines. Due to which many types of diseases are eradicated from the root. The role of cow is important in enriching the standard of living of human beings.

Scientific importance of cow mother

Cow is not only important economically and religiously, there are many scientific facts which show the importance of cow. Nowadays milk, curd and ghee are taken more of buffalo, because it is slightly cheaper than cow's milk. But if we talk about the properties, then cow's milk is better. Not only does it get more strength than cow's milk and at the same time it is also less fat. Whereas buffalo milk is high in fat. Everything made from cow's milk is very nutritious. There is also a belief that the cow takes in oxygen and gives off oxygen. There are many such elements in cow urine, which benefit heart patients. In cow urine, sodium, uric acid, nitrogen, phosphate, urea, potassium and lactose are high in cow urine while giving milk. Which is beneficial in the field of medicine, dung manure makes the land fertile.

different types of cows

There are many types of cows. Many cows have the ability to give more milk, while many are useful in the fields due to being powerful. Many types of cow breeds are found in our country of India. Such as Sahiwal species, Gir species, Red Sindhi species, Rathi breed, Kankrej, Tharparkar species, Dajjal and Dhanni species, Mewati, Hasi-Hisar species etc. Of these, Sahiwal and Gir are very good and high yielding breeds.

Cows need to be protected

Cow is our mother and it is our duty to protect them. Nowadays many people keep roti for the cow in their house. In many places, many organizations are doing virtuous work by making cowsheds, which is worthy of praise. Apart from this, there is a strong opposition to the movement of closure of mechanical slaughterhouses, meat export policy. Socio-religious organizations and Gau Sevaks are making continuous efforts to increase cow protection and rearing. For many years this situation has persisted that the farmers living in the village themselves leave their cow-ancestry in the cowshed and go away. Such are the conditions in gaushalas that it has become difficult to take care of them due to lack of space and presence of too many cows. If we really want to protect cows, then some such measures should be taken, Ideas to encourage farmers to take up cow rearing. For this, cow farmers should be given some donation for the cow every month. If a farmer is dependent on oxen instead of mechanical farming, then such farmers should be provided with donations or free seeds and fertilizers.

ban on cow slaughter

Cow is considered sacred in Hinduism, hence cow-slaughter is said to be taboo. This issue is also raised from time to time by many religious causes and organizations making efforts for animal protection. Strict laws have been made in many places to stop the killing of cows. Beef was banned in Maharashtra in 2015. Since then, the message of creating an atmosphere of violence in the name of meat-eating and cow-killing was also given in the country. Those who kill cows in Gujarat will no longer be spared. If convicted, he will be sentenced to life imprisonment. Along with this, there is a provision of imprisonment of 10 years for those who smuggle cows.


The glory of the cow cannot be summed up in words. If a person learns to give importance to Gaumata, then Gaumata removes their sorrows. Don't do mischief with the cows even with your mind, bring them happiness always, treat them with your heart and keep worshiping them with salutations etc. The person who follows these things, he is the part of happiness and prosperity in life. Nowadays the life of cows is in danger. We throw the polythene bags in the garbage after use, this waste is eaten by these silent cows. Because they do not know how harmful polythene is. They have to lose their lives by eating it. Cow's milk contains all such elements, which are necessary for the life of human beings. We drink milk, its nectar, the cow raised us. There should be one cow in every house and village-village gaushala… It is our responsibility to save the cows, we all have to be determined to protect them.

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