Essay On Corruption In English

Essay On Corruption In English

Essay On Corruption In English - 1500 in words

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Essay on Corruption a Stigma (Corruption Essay in English)

The literal meaning of corruption is corrupt + conduct = corruption, that is, corrupt means bad or spoiled and conduct means conduct. By the meaning of corruption it is clear that any conduct which is unfair and immoral in any way. The meaning of corruption can be defined in a simple way – bad conduct i.e. dishonest. Corruption is one such crime. All of whom have been victimized at some point or the other. Corruption has become a kind of business today. Even today, bribes are taken for small works. Corruption is a crime, but this crime happens again and again in some form or other among us, but we allow this crime to happen knowingly or unknowingly. Or even knowing that, by keeping silent, they become a part of that crime, Because a greater offender is the one who bears the crime than the one who commits the crime. Corruption has spread in every field of work in today's era. Various areas of corruption like in government/public sector, political corruption, corruption by police, judicial corruption, corruption in education system, corruption of trade unions, corruption in religion, corruption in philosophy, corruption in industry.

What is corruption?

Corruption means to behave badly, that is, if any work is done for one's own benefit or by going against the rules or in a wrong way, then it is called corruption. Often people do wrong things for greed, which is corruption. A person who commits corruption is called a corrupt person.

ways to spread corruption

Corruption is increasing in this way in the country. In particular, the methods given below, you get to hear around you or in one way or the other.

  • Bribe. Election fraud. sex favoritism. extortion. Forced donation. Forced money laundering and intimidation. abuse of discretion. Nepotism to suppress his opponents. Misuse of government machinery. Making corrupt legislation. Incorrect or biased decisions by judges. Do black marketing business network. Chartered Accountants not writing a correct opinion on the financial statements of a business or concealing their wrongdoings. Blackmailing, tax evasion, perjury, false prosecution, cheating in examination.

How does corruption spread?

In the fate of independent India, the tarnish of corruption has been felt in such a way that today there is no area of ​​life, society and government left where corruption is not spread. What does the 2G scam of Rs 1 lakh 76 and the black money of the National Board Games scam of Rs 1 lakh 2300 crore prove.

  • The contractor cheats in the name of government contract. The judge robs in the name of wrong justice. Journalists get rich by suppressing news and taking bribe in the name of false propaganda. Teachers are eager to sell education. Doctors sell human organs and judges sell their faith. All of them sell their faith and their humanity just for a few bribes and money. Due to these few main reasons, corruption is increasing in the country even today.

effects of corruption

Due to corruption in the country, the country's plight has become worse, the poor are becoming poorer and the rich are getting richer. Let us know that there are many side effects of corruption.

  • The economic development of the country has come to a halt due to corruption. Due to corruption, anarchy was born in the society. Black money increased. Discrimination between rich and poor was encouraged. Further discrimination between casteism and linguism was encouraged. Humility of moral values.

measures to eliminate corruption

  • Country Lokpal is necessary to implement the law. The country should have a concise and effective law. Maintain transparency in administrative matters in the country and make the public a participant. The matter should be settled promptly in the court of the country. In order to make the administrative work of the country useful, it is necessary that the Lokpal should continue to function independently. There is a need to change the mindset of the people on the law and the government.

politics of corruption

Corruption is closely related to politics. It means that even big leaders in the political field are corrupt and dishonest. Big leaders also rob the public by making false promises and showing big dreams to the people and make them fool. Misuse of official powers such as harassing/ humiliating one's political opposition party, Police dishonesty etc. are not counted in political corruption. These corrupt leaders could not do this loot of government money without the help of bureaucracy. The special thing is that the role of private sector and corporate capital is also involved in this corruption. Without a bargain between market processes and decisions taken at top politico-administrative positions, this corruption could not have taken such a great form. This incident of political and administrative corruption has grown rapidly in India after independence. On one hand it is suspected that black money of big politicians is deposited in the intelligence accounts of Swiss banks. On the other hand, properties worth crores and crores have been recovered from the raids on the houses of clerks to IAS officers. To properly understand political and administrative corruption, it is divided into two categories. Properties worth crores of rupees have been recovered from the raids. To properly understand political and administrative corruption, it is divided into two categories. Properties worth crores of rupees have been recovered from the raids. To properly understand political and administrative corruption, it is divided into two categories.

1st Class

In the first category, commissions received in exchange for contracts and licenses awarded to the private sector, commissions for the sale and purchase of arms, funds collected through forgery and other economic offences, tax-evasion aid and incentives. Things like money earned by using political status, black money collected by increased bureaucrats and politicians in return for profit and extortion money for a company by using government position, and profit making appointments come in the first category.

second tier

In the second category, money earned in the name of party-funds for contesting elections, actions to buy voters, money spent on buying MLAs and MPs to get votes, parliament-courts, government institutions, municipal society Prejudice in the allocation of government resources and resources spent to make decisions in their favor or to get their support from organizations and the media. Corruption is more visible in the days of electoral systems. Where votes are bought and sold, somewhere votes are manipulated. Votes of poor people are bought in exchange for money. It can be said that corruption has become a complete business, which is being victimized by both the rich and the poor. Nowadays, bribe has to be paid to get every work done, which is the biggest dimension of corruption.

How To Stop Corruption

Corruption is the biggest problem of our country. Because of this our country is not progressing towards progress. Corruption is like a light which is making the country poor and helpless. Many films were made to show this scene of corruption. And even when there is an election environment in the country, many slogans are raised loudly for the prevention of corruption. Prevention of corruption is also essential for leading a vital public life. Corruption can be stopped in the following ways.

get better salary in government job

Officers doing government jobs should be given better salaries, so that they can be satisfied with their income and do not earn money through dishonesty, unfair means and bribery.

growth of workers in offices

The number of working officers in government offices should be increased, because due to the shortage of workers, the workload increases, due to which people get their work done by paying bribe to get their work done earlier. Due to which corruption gets more encouragement.

sacked from job for being found corrupt

If anyone is found doing corruption/taking bribe in the office, then the law should be implemented to sack the officer from the job. This can prove to be a better option to stop corruption.

Cameras should be installed in government offices

Cameras should be installed in all government offices, due to which bribe will not be taken for fear of being caught taking bribe. If a leader is found to be corrupt, a law should be implemented to sack him from his post.

Steps taken for corruption

Anti-Corruption Day: 'International Anti-Corruption Day' is celebrated on 9th December to spread awareness among the people against corruption all over the world. The United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution on 31 October 2003, declaring it to be 'International Anti-Corruption Day'. Joining the entire nation and the world in this war against corruption can be said to be an auspicious event, because today corruption is not a problem of any one country, but of the whole world.

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Essay On Corruption In English