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Essay On Computer In English

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Hindi Essay on Computer (Computer Essay in English Language) Introduction

Computer is an electronic device. It is used to add the largest numbers in the world. Apart from this, many works in the world are done very fast. Tasks such as mailing, conveying a message to someone, writing words quickly, gathering a lot of data in one place, etc. Nowadays computers are being used a lot by humans. There is a computer in almost every school, college, office. Many people use it to collect data, keep pictures, voices, numbers, pictures and important and important files. This is an electronic device which we call computer. It has become very important in our world today. Nowadays everyone has a mobile, so that they are not able to do big things. But computers add hundreds of millions of numbers together very quickly. Computers are also used in large training centers in the world, such as ISRO. Nowadays, computers are used for teaching school children, for graphic design, for games, for learning other technical things. Computer is useful for doing research for college students. Nowadays, computers have been installed in big offices too. Where earlier all records were kept in old files. Those files are no longer needed today.

What is computer?

Computer is a kind of machine which performs the instructions given by the person. Such as doing calculations, keeping photos, creating files, making report cards. It mainly has 3 functions. First taking the data then processing the second data and showing the third process data when we need it. The computer was invented by Charles Babbage. It was named the Analytical Engine. It is an advanced electronic device, which takes row data from users. Processes the data as per the instructions, then displays it as output to the person when they check it later. Numerical and non-numerical calculations are processed in this.

functions of computer

There are mainly three functions in a computer, input, process, output etc. Input :- It is one of the main function of computer. It takes any kind of raw information in the computer, such as a picture, photo, file, song etc. Process :- Process is one of the main functions of computer. This work is done after the input. When we input any data, then the computer takes that data and processes it according to the instructions given by the person, so that it can be entered in the computer. Output: - We definitely see any kind of information put in the computer later. It shows us the data stored inside the computer as an output. We can save any kind of memory in it and see it later.

Important parts of computer

Computer is made by mixing many things, such as motherboard, CPU, RAM, hard drive, power supply, expansion card etc. Without these things the computer would be of no use. To save any information, a hard driver is installed in it, so that we can see our data later. Motherboard :- Motherboard is the main part of the computer in which all the things are connected. A computer cannot function without a motherboard. Things to be added to this are such as CPU, memory, card connector, hard disk, optical drive, expansion card, etc. Apart from this, the connection is made directly indirectly to the mother board to connect other things. CPU :- Where does the CPU go to the Central Processing Unit? It is connected to the motherboard. It is also called the brain of the computer, inside which all kinds of activities keep happening. It keeps an eye on all the activities happening inside the computer. If the computer process is good then the computer will work well. RAM :- Its full name is Random Access Memory. This is the short term memory of the system, whenever any kind of calculation is done, it temporarily saves its result in RAM. If suddenly the computer is turned off, then our data gets deleted. Therefore, we should save any kind of document in the computer in between. So that the data is saved in the hard drive and remains safe with us for a long time. Hard Drive :- Without hard drive, we cannot save any kind of software, document file in computer. We need to install hard disks in the computer to store any kind of data or to keep any data with us for a long time. With which we can keep any file, audio, video, calculation data etc. with us for a long time and can watch it again and again when needed.

type of computer

Computers are now available in the market in every size, they are of different types.


Many people use desktop computers. This type of computer is mostly used in homes, schools and for personal work. These are designed in such a way that it can be kept in one place. Many different parts are needed to run them. Like Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, CPU etc.


This laptop is completely different from the desktop computer. Where the keyboard, mouse, CPU, power supply, etc. are needed separately to run the desktop computer, the laptop is the opposite. In this we get all the things in one place. There is no need to add any separate equipment to it. It is a small device that we can carry from one place to another. It is also easy to handle. We do not need frequent power supply. It has a battery which gives us power supply to work for many hours.


Tablet where we talk about laptop and desktop computer. So they are a little big in size, which is a bit difficult to handle. But some computers are built in such a way that you can take it with you wherever you go. Their size is not very big, it is like a notebook which we can carry easily. It has neither mouse nor keyboard, touch screen is given in it. With the help of which we can type and open any file like iPad etc.

use of computer

Nowadays computers are being used in all fields whether it is the field of education, the field of health or the field of business. Computers are being used everywhere, nowadays computers are available in every small office.

use of computer in education

Today computer has a great contribution in the field of education. Today many things are taught to the student through the Internet. Nowadays a lot of information students take from the computer. Online education is done in many schools. In which a big contribution of computer is that today we talk to each other through video calling from anyone sitting far away. This has been possible only due to the presence of all computers. Today students do different types of courses. In which Science, Mathematics are very difficult subjects. Somewhere outside, when the student gets stuck in his studies, he finds solutions to the problems through the computer.

computer use in medical field

Nowadays computers are installed in every hospital. With the advent of the computer, the ease and speed of doing the work of the hospital has increased. Today the computer has proved to be a boon for performing any kind of operation. We can see any kind of movement inside the body through the computer outside.

use of computers in science

Today in our country a lot of trainings, searches are all made possible through computers. Although computer science is a gift. We have done a lot of research through this. Many searches have been completed through this. Today computer has a great contribution in the field of science.

computer use in business

Computer has played its important role in the field of business. Nowadays computers are installed in any marketing, retailing, banking, stock market, small shops. A computer is used to deduct any kind of bill. By saving every little big data in it, we can keep all the information of our business in it. Today the computer has made a big contribution in the big market. Today in the field of banking too, computers are used to keep many accounts. A person uses a computer while doing the stock market.

computer use in entertainment

Today everyone uses a computer to watch movies, listen to songs, play games. It has also become a medium of entertainment. Along with working, many people also entertain themselves by playing games on it.

use of computers in the military

Apart from education, medicine, business, entertainment, computers have also greatly influenced the field of military. Today, with its help, our country's army gets a lot of help.

Advantages of Computer

Computer is a machine made by man, which has many benefits.

  • With the advent of computers, many tasks could be done quickly. Counting of crores can be done in a matter of seconds. Where many people work together to do something. There, with its help, the work can be done quickly. This does not waste a lot of time. It saves time in doing a lot of work in all the areas like hospital, school etc. like depositing fees, creating files etc. Today files are used to store any kind of data. Multiple data can be stored in the computer at the same time. Today people in every field save their data in the computer. Computer is also a means of entertainment. This can be done for chatting, gaming, watching movies, listening to songs, etc. The computer sends a new file to a distant country within a few minutes. Today, the computer comes in handy to talk to friends and relatives sitting far away.

Disadvantages of Computer

Where the computer has many advantages, on the contrary, there are many disadvantages as well.

  • If there is no work of any kind then a person wastes a lot of time on it. Working for many hours affects a person's health. It is also harmful for our brain, because the radiation emitted from it is harmful for us. With the advent of computers, people are able to talk to each other very little. He spends his time on the computer, due to which there is a distance in the relationship.

History of Computer

In today's coming era, there are many things which will be advanced. Nowadays computers are used in almost all fields. Every day new processes are available in the computer. With the help of which many things become easy. Previously only computers were generally built to perform calculations, as well as to hold small data in it. There have been many changes in the computer till now. We all know that computer is talked about what will be the history of computer in the coming time. So we all know that it will be available with very good and best features for many years to come. Where the computer will start being used in every small area. We have all become too dependent on science. Today we have started using mobile, computer, calculator etc. to add the smallest number. Although computers have brought a lot of improvement in our lives, But it can also cause many disadvantages, it has proved to be very effective in technical fields. But it has also had a good effect on children, but it has also had a bad effect. In the coming time, computers will start being used in all areas.


Many works have been done all over the world with this technological device made by science. Computers have improved in every sphere of life ranging from social, economic, cultural, political. Computers are used for professional and personal purposes. By using this man will go a very long way in life.

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Essay On Computer In English