Essay On Cleanliness In English

Essay On Cleanliness In English

Essay On Cleanliness In English - 900 in words

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Cleanliness Essay in English Introduction

Cleanliness has been given special importance in our religious texts. According to the things written in religious texts, where there is cleanliness, Lakshmi resides there. Cleanliness is related to our good health. You never get sick by keeping the house and outside clean. Most diseases are caused by dirt. Therefore, from childhood, emphasis is given to children to live cleanly. Because children will become responsible citizens in the future, in this way they should have the quality of living with cleanliness. Cleanliness is not limited to the cleanliness of the house and outside, but the cleanliness of the body is included in it. The more cleanliness you live, the more your physical and intellectual development will be. Your small effort purifies the whole environment. The problem of pollution that we are facing in today's time, Somewhere behind it our negligence is responsible. We should put the garbage in the right place i.e. in the dustbin. Due to lack of cleanliness, our body becomes a home of diseases. Our environment is polluted a lot by our daily activities.

cleanliness awareness

We should remove the bad habits from our life in time. Otherwise, its consequences are dire later on. This affects you as well as our environment. Many times it has been seen that people go to the hospital due to illness. Ever since Kovid 19 has spread its feet all over the world, there has been a lot of awareness among the people. Now people have come to know the importance of washing hands with soap.

relation to our culture

Cleanliness is also related to our culture. In ancient times, washing hands before and after eating was considered a habit. In our culture, greetings with folded hands were encouraged. During the conversation, people were warmly welcomed by shaking hands, but in today's time people greet from afar and take goodbye. Because they are worried about getting infected. Today those old habits of our culture are working for us.

increase in self confidence

If your daily routine includes the habit of keeping your house and your body clean, then it boosts your confidence and other people also get inspired by your habits. You get a high status in the society. Increasing self-confidence brings development in your personality.

Government participation

Good cleaning habits benefit you in many ways. Many people like those who give great importance to cleanliness. His name is discussed far and wide. As a result, you are known as the famous person of your field. In today's time, our government has also taken a huge share in it. For this, many such cleanliness programs and social laws have been passed, so that cleanliness can be promoted. Your cleanliness habit is helpful in eliminating the bad thoughts and desires inside you.

our responsibility for cleanliness

As a responsible citizen, you should mainly take care of the cleanliness of your surroundings. Your small measures will not only keep you healthy, but you will also be able to contribute in saving the environment. The responsibility of cleanliness lies on the shoulders of every citizen. One citizen does not clean the whole environment. In time, we should become aware of cleanliness and keep making others aware as well. Only then will you be able to free the environment from dirt.

physical hygiene lesson

Young children should be motivated about physical hygiene from a very young class. They should be instructed to wear clean clothes to keep the hair short and comb it. Not only this, proper punishment should also be given to them for not maintaining cleanliness, so that good habits can be developed in them.

Importance of wet and dry dustbins

Wet and dry litter should be included in the curriculum of children right from the school days. So that they can get information about throwing garbage. Garbage also has its utility. All this should be told to the children from the very beginning.

Citizen benefits from cleanliness

Cleanliness is related to our good health. Dirt gives rise to many diseases of our body, due to which various diseases develop in the body and you keep spending money like water to cure health. Diseases caused by dirty water and food include serious diseases like jaundice, typhoid, cholera. If you do not maintain cleanliness, you become a victim of these diseases.

cleanliness campaign

A Swachh Bharat Abhiyan has been launched by the Government of India for cleanliness. Which was started on 2 October 2014 on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti. But no campaign can be run with the help of the government alone. For this the citizens of the country are also needed.


Cleanliness has a special importance in our life. Everyone should cooperate to maintain cleanliness. In today's time we are facing the problem of various types of pollution. In which other pollution like water, air, land are included. The citizens of the country are responsible for the increase in pollution, so we should plant more and more trees to prevent air pollution. Similarly, to prevent water pollution, we should not leave the sewage water in the rivers. We should take measures to prevent all kinds of pollution and adopt cleanliness in life.

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Essay On Cleanliness In English