Essay On Child Labor In English

Essay On Child Labor In English

Essay On Child Labor In English - 1900 in words

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Essay on Child Labor Essay in English Introduction

There are as many problems as there are people of our country. There is no person who does not have problems, every form of the country has some kind of problem. In our country food problem, inflation problem, population problem, unemployment problem, dowry system problem, sati system problem, caste system problem, language problem, regionalism problem, communalism problem etc. Is. From which today we do not see that form and line of development which we had imagined after getting independence. Whatever be the case, like other problems in our country, the problem of child labor is increasing day by day, has become a major reason for our contemplation. It is our duty to solve this.

meaning of child labor

The word child labor is derived from the combination of child and labor. Child labor is to get young children to do child labor. India is a developing country, in India the right to vote is at the age of 18. Getting young children to do such work which should not be done by children of their age, or sending them to work instead of studying is called child labor.

types of child labor

(1) Childhood - Begging, stealing, etc., from very young children. (2) Adolescence – Begging, theft, work in factories, many works, terrorism etc. (3) Sheshvastha - Begging, accustomed work by taking very young children in the lap.

(1) Poverty due to child labor

Poverty is that social condition in which a section of the society is not able to fulfill even the basic necessities of its life and the reason for this is unemployment. There are two methods of measuring poverty, out of which the first is absolute poverty and the second is relative poverty. Various committees to measure poverty are Lakdawala Committee, Surendra Tendulkar Committee, Rangarajan Committee, Unemployment. Unemployment is a situation when there is more manpower to work in the country and they are willing to work or work, but they are not able to get work at the prevailing wage rate. There are also some types of unemployment, such as structural unemployment, frictional unemployment, educated unemployment, open unemployment, invisible unemployment or hidden unemployment, seasonal unemployment.

(2) illiterate

The main cause of child labor is illiteracy or illiteracy. The absence of parents and poor education of the social environment are important reasons for promoting child labour.

(3) more children

Having more and more children in many caste classes leads to a decline in their upbringing and in such a situation, their parents make them engage in many works. Like filling air in tyres, cooking hotel utensils, selling greens, vegetables, giving tea and water to hotels, working on chaat carts, selling toys etc., etc.

(4) Housing problem

Housing sector is more of a problem in big cities. Those who run away from villages to cities in search of work do not find homes to live in. So they start living in slums and on footpaths and this problem creates excess of child labor.

Where is child labor found? (1) household chores

Child labor can be seen in our homes. Sometimes small children are kept as servants in the house and they are made to do tasks like broom, mop, washing utensils and clothes.

(2) Child labor in industry and factories

We get to see child labor in industries and factories. Sometimes children are forcibly caught and let down to do child labor in the country outside and then they are made to work in factories.

(3) Drug addiction

Sometimes children start doing child labor by themselves. Children take drugs at a young age by seeing older people, for which they indulge in theft and wrongdoing. Sometimes even the children of a good family start doing child labor due to lack of money from home or due to non-fulfillment of their needs with that money.

(4) farming

We can see child labor happening many times in agriculture too, sometimes small boys and girls are engaged in farming. Sometimes the children have some compulsion, and sometimes the children are forcibly engaged in the work of agriculture.

Child labor problem in the country

It seems very necessary and appropriate to think about why there is a problem of child labor in our country and how it has arisen and remains a challenge for us today. Child labor in our country is the result of excess of poverty. Many parents are unable to raise their children due to poverty riding on their heads. They want to get some income from their children instead of maintaining them due to their sad and deprivation life. Therefore, they force them to do some work, business, wages. In this way, these children start living the life of labor in untimely.

Child labor age and statistics

According to the information received in 1983, the child laborers or child laborers of our country, their age ranges from about 5 years to 12 years. Children of this age are both illiterate and educated. There are about 6 crore children of this age in our country. Of these, there are around three crore boys, and a little more than two crore girls. These children not only belong to one territory, but they belong to the whole country. In other words we can say that child labor of our country is sporadically in all parts. Which remains a great cause to create a national problem. According to the data received, the number of child laborers is different under different states of our country. 25 lakh 40 thousand in Andhra Pradesh, 15 lakh 28 thousand in Maharashtra, 11 lakh 25 thousand in Karnataka, 12 lakh 13 thousand in Gujarat, 24 lakh 40 thousand in Rajasthan, There are 2 lakh 57 thousand in West Bengal and 1 lakh 29 thousand in the Union Territory of Delhi. It is to be noted that these numbers are related to the school education of these states. If we pay attention to the problem of child labor of the whole country, then we will be able to say that the problem of child labor in our country is not equally. This child labor is there in the whole country, but somewhere it is more and somewhere it is very less. It is understood that the number of child labor in the northern part of our country is much higher than in the whole country. Child labor is also high in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Bengal, Madhya Pradesh and Orissa. The increasing number of child labor or child labor has become a widespread problem of our nation, its solution is necessary. Now is a good opportunity for us to take immediate steps to get rid of this problem and put an end to this problem. This problem needs to end before it gets bigger. Its diagnosis is necessary. Now is a good opportunity for us to take immediate steps to get rid of this problem and put an end to this problem. This problem needs to end before it gets bigger.

Measures to improve the condition of child labor

To remove child labor completely, the Government of India has made a provision of strict rules, sections, punishments.

  • Education according to the religion - In the Constitution of India, provision has been made for the Universal Education Act, Article 28. Right to Education and Free Education - Right to Education Article 21 states that Article 21 has been added to the Constitution by 86 constitutional amendment in the year 2002. Elementary education has been made a fundamental right of the citizens. It has been said in the article that there will be a system of free and compulsory education for all the children of 6 to 14 years of all the states. Under Article 45, the responsibility of free education and compulsory education was entrusted to the state government. It has been said in this section that within 10 years of the coming into force of the Constitution, efforts will be made to provide free and compulsory education to all the children of the state in its area till they attain the age of 14 years. education of minorities Article 15 is 345 for the education of women, children and backward classes. The poverty of the poor should end and poverty should be removed. The poor should be helped for this by the upper class of our country in their own ability and in their favour. End hunger and achieve food security and improve nutrition, as well as promote sustainable agriculture. Due to which the problem of hunger will end from our country and no person of our country should sleep hungry. Through Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, free and qualitative primary education should be made available to all the children of 6-14 years of age up to class VIII. Beti Bachao Beti Padhao should be promoted. Because when a man is educated then his whole family is educated, but if a woman is educated then her family, society and the whole country is educated.

other measures

To perform the duty of being a citizen of India, especially to pay attention to the children, stop the anti-social work around the school, stop drug abuse, remove the shops like Maas Hathi from the place where they study and write. Rich and wealthy class people should come forward to support this work. And to take out the child labor out of the country, he should help as much as possible from his side, So that the future of the children can ride. To improve the condition of child laborers in our country, we must first understand and see their plight. We should find out why children are made or become laborers or laborers. In this regard, it can be said that many parents due to their poverty are not able to give their children complete education or make their life better in any other way. They want to make a living by their help. That's why children are taken from villages to cities with this compulsion. While maintaining themselves in the factories, hotels, shops etc. places of the cities, they help their family members financially. Here, without paying even the slightest attention to the pathetic condition of the children, their masters exploit them excessively. Not only this, there are some people of such social and harsh nature, Those who dodge children, kidnap them and sell them. After that they sell them at a place where they are made to work for 16 to 18 hours. Or they are made to beg or they are employed in some other business.


Thus we see that the child laborers of our country are suffering a very customary condition. To improve their standard of living and to solve the problem of child labor, the government should implement the strictest instructions. We must give its cooperation, only then this work will be worthwhile. To improve the condition of child laborers in our country, we have to first understand and see their plight. We have to find out why children come as a child labor and these workers do not grow from any other place but from their own home. For this, first of all, we have to remove poverty from our country, so that the problem of child labor can be eradicated from our country.

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Essay On Child Labor In English