Essay On Chandragupta Maurya In English

Essay On Chandragupta Maurya In English

Essay On Chandragupta Maurya In English - 1800 in words

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Essay on Chandragupta Maurya (Chandragupta Maurya Essay in English)

The great emperor Chandragupta Maurya was the founder of the Maurya Samaj. Chandragupta Maurya was born in 340 BC. He was born at a place called Pataliputra. He was the youngest son of the Maurya family. He was an excellent hunter since childhood. At that time most of the kingdom of northern India was under the control of Nando. According to the scriptures, Chandragupta was born to a Shudra wife of Nanda king. Some people believe that he was a descendant of Nanda. His mother's name was Mura, while others believe that he belonged to the Moria tribe of Mayur Tomars. Emperor Chandragupta Maurya was the most important warrior in the ancient history of India. The name of their capital was Pataliputra. Which is known today as Patna. Chandragupta Maurya was seated on the throne of Magadha in 322 BC. The story of his amazing courage has been written in the pages of Indian history. Even after passing so many centuries, people do not get tired without praising his might. One of the powerful and great kings of India is Chandragupta Maurya. He and Chanakya made a name for themselves not only in India but also in countless nearby countries due to their efficient and fast strategy. Chandragupta expanded his empire from Kashmir to the south and from Assam to Afghanistan. At that time the Maurya Empire was said to be the largest and the largest empire. Chandragupta Maurya was a great ruler, who contributed in uniting the different states of the country. Threaded the whole country in one thread and gave the message of unity. Chandragupta ruled some kingdoms like Satyaputra, Kalinga, Tamil areas like Chera were not included. Chanakya was also impressed by Chandragupta Maurya's strength and courage. Chandragupta started the Maurya Empire at the young age of twenty. The history of Chandragupta Maurya was also quite risky. There was a time when Prince Nanda was ruling Magadha. Nanda considered himself powerful, but Maurya was Nanda's distant brother. Nanda felt threatened by them. Nanda tried to kill Maurya and his sons. Nanda met Maurya and Nanda called Maurya and his sons on the pretext of hunting in the forest. The innocent Mauryas came in his words. After hunting, Nanda brought Maurya to the palace located in the forest. Nanda said that due to paucity of space, Maurya and his sons would have to go to the inner chamber. Maurya agreed to his point without any doubt. As soon as he went in, Nanda locked the room from outside. The entire Mauryan army remained inside and was imprisoned for many days hungry and thirsty. After a few days, the Maurya army and his sons died. Maurya said that whoever survives, he will definitely take revenge on Nanda. Only one Maurya son was alive and that was Chandragupta Maurya. Nanda had taken Chandragupta out of there and put him in jail, then Chandragupta's age was very young. King Parvataka assigned the task to the detective Kamalapida and asked to find out, Whether all the Mauryas have survived or not. Kamalapida reached Magadha and placed a challenge before the public. Kamalpeeda asked to take out the caged lion without breaking the door without breaking the cage. This matter reached Nanda. Nanda said that whoever does this work will honor Magadha and Nanda will also reward that man. Then Chandragupta Maurya was taken out of the prison and he saw that the lion was made of wax. Chandragupta proved this by setting fire to the cage. Chandragupta was released from jail and sent to the guest house. Chandragupta met Chanakya there and he told all his things to Chanakya. Chanakya had assured him that he would help Chandragupta to avenge the death of his father and brothers. Due to the strategy of Chanakya and Chandragupta, Nanda and his brothers were destroyed. From the very beginning, Chanakya and Chandragupta had only one purpose, Completely destroy the Nanda dynasty. Chandragupta's father and brothers were killed by Nanda and Chanakya was badly insulted by Nanda. Therefore both of them had resolved to eliminate Nanda, which both of them took to their end. As soon as Chandragupta met Chanakya, his whole life changed. Chandragupta made the journey to become a great warrior, with the strategy taught by Chanakya. As a courageous warrior, Chandragupta ji had more qualities than he should have. Chandragupta was of sharp intellect since childhood. He was an ideal, true and honest ruler. Chanakya was Chandragupta's guru, who helped him to build a vast empire of Chandragupta. Chandragupta was a ruler who ruled India for many years. Who united the whole country. Before him, there used to be rulers of every small province all over India. But he annexed all the provinces to his empire. Chandragupta was a wise ruler. Chanakya had already sensed this. He received education at the political and social level under the shelter of advisor Chanakya. Impressed by Chandragupta's leadership skills, Chanakya thought of training him at different levels. Thereafter Chanakya brought Chandragupta to Taxila University. During this period in about 324 BCE, Chandragupta and Chanakya formed an alliance with the local rulers and started defeating the armies of the Greek rulers. This led to the expansion of their territory till the establishment of the Maurya Empire. It is said that Chandragupta's empire was spread more than the Mughal emperor Akbar. Chandragupta was very much interested in literature and also had great affection for nature. After defeating Alexander's generals, he expanded his empire from Afghanistan to Burma and south to Hyderabad. He included Iran, Karajistan and Tajikistan in his empire. Alexander was preparing for his invasion of India. Then the king of Taxila and Gandhara had accepted defeat before Alexander. Chanakya sought help from different kings. King Parvteshwar of Punjab also had to face defeat in front of Alexander. Chanakya pleaded for help before different rulers, But to no avail. Chanakya prepared his new empire, for which he selected Chandragupta. Chandragupta defeated Alexander with Chanakya policy. Chandragupta made an alliance with King Parvataka, the ruler of the Himalayan region of ancient India, as per the advice of Chanakya. Together with the army of Chandragupta and Parvataka, the Nanda Empire ended in about 322 BC. Sources revealed that Chandragupta Maurya's army consisted of more than 500,000 soldiers, 9000 war elephants and 30,000 horsemen. The entire army was well trained and ran as per Chanakya's advice. Chandragupta and Chanakya worked together for weapons manufacturing facilities. But he used his power only to intimidate his opponents and enemies. Instead of fighting more wars, Chandragupta had extended his empire even using diplomacy. Grandson of Chandragupta Maurya, Emperor Ashoka had hoisted the flag of his victory over Kalinga in about 260 BC. Many people were killed there. Ashoka realized his cruelty and he had adopted philanthropy in his life, leaving ruthlessness. In the end Ashoka had become a kind man. Chandragupta's first wife was Durdhara and his second wife's name was Helna. From the first wife he had a son named Bindusara and from the second wife he had a son named Justin. Chanakya always wanted to protect Chandragupta. Therefore, Chandragupta was given some poison in his food every day. But his motive behind this was to develop Chandragupta's immunity, So that never any enemy can harm them by giving them poison. Once unfortunately his enemy mixed more poison in the food than by deceit. That meal was also eaten by his first wife. Because of this his wife had died. Chandragupta had already captured many parts of East Asia. He waged war against Seleucus, a Greek ruler. In the end Seleucus thought it better to compromise with Chandragupta. Chandragupta further expanded his empire. Seleucus thought it better to give his daughter's hand and enter into an alliance with her. With the help of Seleucus, Chandragupta began to assert his authority over many areas and expanded his empire to South Asia. The Maurya Empire was known for its engineering qualities such as temples, irrigation, reservoirs and roads. Chandragupta Maurya did not consider the waterway so convenient, Therefore their main mode of transport was the road. He had inspired his empire to build bigger roads. He also built a highway that connected Pataliputra to Taxila and stretched for thousands of miles. Other highways built by him connected his capital with states like Nepal, Dehradun, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. He carried forward India's trade with the western countries. When Chandragupta was only fifty years old, he was inclined towards Jainism. Chandragupta left his entire empire to his son Bindusara. Leaving this kingdom, he went to Karnataka and focused his attention on spiritual things. After making Bindusara the new emperor, Chandragupta requested Chanakya to continue his services as the chief advisor of the Maurya dynasty. Chandragupta left Pataliputra forever. Chandragupta renounced all worldly pleasures and became a monk as per the tradition of Jainism. Here he meditated hungry and thirsty for many days and because of this he died. Chandragupta Maurya died at a place called Shravanabela Gola in Karnataka. Bindusara gave birth to a son, Ashoka, who became one of the most powerful kings in Indian history. Even under the leadership of Emperor Ashoka, the Maurya Empire saw its full glory and the Maurya Empire had become the largest in the whole world. The Maurya Empire flourished over generations for over 130 years. Emperor Ashoka was popular for his fearlessness and tenacity. Today in the background of history, Chandragupta Maurya, Considered one of the most important and influential emperors of ancient India. Bindusara is known in history as a great father and a great ideal son.


After the death of Chandragupta, Bindusara handled the Maurya Empire with his own thinking and managed to keep the Maurya Empire powerful. Even during Bindusara's time, Chanakya remained the Prime Minister of his empire and continued to contribute his lot. The Maurya Empire achieved its position due to Chanakya's skillful and efficient strategy. After the demise of Chandragupta, his son Bindusara carried forward his vast empire. Chanakya and Chandragupta together built a huge empire. It was not easy for Chandragupta to build such a huge empire without Chanakya. This empire of Chandragupta was further extended by his grandson Emperor Ashoka. Chandragupta is seen as a great warrior. A TV series has also been produced on Chandragupta's epic story. Chandragupta was an inspirational ruler, whose discussions are still held in people today. So this was the essay on Chandragupta Maurya, You must have liked the essay written in English on Chandragupta Maurya . If you liked this article, then share this article with everyone.

Essay On Chandragupta Maurya In English