Essay On Books Our Best Friends In English

Essay On Books Our Best Friends In English

Essay On Books Our Best Friends In English - 1400 in words

Today we will write Essay On Books Our Best Friends in English on our true friend . This essay written on books our true friend has been written for kids and class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and college students. This Essay on Books Our Best Friends in English can be used for your school or college project. You will find essays in English on many other topics on this website of ours, which you can read.

Books Our Best Friends Essay in English Introduction

Books are our true friends. One of your friends may leave you once, but books never leave us. Laughter in happiness in sorrow, in happiness, in all, books play along with us as a true friend. Books impart knowledge, always teach good things. Books guide us. Whenever we stray from our path, it shows us the way. Old temples, old history all perish but books live forever. Books hold a lot of importance in our life. It not only makes us a good person, but also provides good values. With this knowledge we know how to distinguish between good and bad. That's why books are our true friends.

form of books

From the very beginning of creation, the form of books was seen in the form of pictures and pictures on big rocks. The form of those books can still be seen on the rocks or in the caves. After that, the palm leaves and Bhoj Patras started again, which you can see in the museum. After some time, paper was invented and it is believed that this paper was first started in China. The communication of knowledge in books can be done by any writer, poet, historian, story writer, novelist, playwright, essayist and solo writer. That writer writes his thoughts and feelings on the paper by writing. The same stylus is called a manuscript and those manuscript forms are handed over to the compositor, who binds these books as typos. After this the form which emerges to us is called book. But the words and thoughts that are in those books, if they captivate our mind,

Books are our true friends

Many great people of the world have expressed their views on books. Some of these priceless statements show that books play an important role in human life and every progress. Books are not only a storehouse of information and knowledge, but also provide a great contribution in our thinking and mental expansion and in making us a civilized and cultured human being. By the way, many great people have expressed their very good thoughts on the book. Some of these thoughts are as follows. (1) "There is no friend as faithful as a book." - Ernest Hemingway (2) "Books make a man realize that what he considers to be his original idea is nothing new." – Abraham Lincoln (3) “Good books are living images of gods. His worship gives instant light and gaiety.” - Pandit Shriram Sharma 'Acharya (4) "Whenever you read a good book, So somewhere in the world a new door opens and a little more light comes in." – Vera Nazarian (5) “Whoever says that there is only one life to live, must not know how to read a book.” - Unknown (6) "A room without books is like a body without soul." – Cicero (7) “There are many small ways in which you can expand your child’s world. The best among them is to develop an affinity for books." – Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (8) "You can't buy happiness, but you can buy a book that will make you happy." – Unknown (9) “There is hardly a day in our childhood that has not been spent with books.” – Marcel Proust (10) “Remember: One book, one pen, one child and one teacher can change the world.” These statements written on the book Malala Yousafzai teach us that the book is our true friend who always supports us. We should never leave the book Because she will always teach something good and wish us well. Therefore, keep his hand tight in every situation. Because a precious gem should never be lost, it is our good to always keep it safe.

Books help in building character like a true friend

Books are the only medium to convey the thoughts of great people to us. In ancient times, when there was no such means by which our sages could keep their high thoughts together. Then a palm leaf was chosen for this, on which he used to keep his thoughts by writing. As the civilization developed, the technological era started, then the printing press was invented. Since then, various books have been created and the thoughts of the same sages are preserved with us till today. That's why we know our old customs and rites very well. Which today the people of western civilization are also accepting by coming to our country India. Because there is any knowledge and no matter where it is, books have always been helpful for showing the right path to a person and building character. Books are the only ones which are very helpful in building our character. The most helpful in this are our religious texts, Like Bible, Ramayana, Gita, Quran, Guru Granth Sahib etc. Nowadays motivational speaker gives us the knowledge to stay away from negative feelings. Where the scriptures show the right path of action, the stories of Panchatantra, Hitopadesh etc. teach us the lesson of morality.

types of books

There are many types of books and each book has its own specialty. Everyone only shares some or the other knowledge. We can see these books from our childhood till growing up and we spend our childhood with true friends like these books. Education from nursery class to class XII is available with these books. This is our true friend who has only given us the bus, did not ask for anything from us in return. Career start is not possible without these books. The doctors, lawyers, engineers who have become today, is it possible without the knowledge of books? No not at all. When there is no Guru without knowledge, how can that knowledge be possible without a book. Life cannot begin without a book, so the book itself is the key to all knowledge. The best types of books of our life are as follows.

  • Text books that are used in schools, which are usually printed. Scientific Books Entertainment Books Consulting Books Literary Books in Various Languages ​​Books of Poetry and Stories Books of Technical Knowledge Religious Books Disclosure Books Novel Books Artistic Knowledge Books Food Books Medical Aid Books

By looking at these books, you can guess that the book has made an important place in our life. It is needed from education to religion and from religion to our karma. There are books of every level, which are very important in our life and are also close friends of our life. The one who has supported us in all kinds of situations like happiness and sorrow, where we do not play with us, the same books play with us in every situation without saying anything. This is what is called a true friend. The one who has made these books his friend, he can never understand himself alone in life.


Books are our good friends, because they inspire us to do good and right actions by giving us knowledge like a good friend in our bad times. One good book is equal to 100 friends. The book is like a tonic. Just as we do physical exercises to make the body strong, similarly a book should be read to make the mind strong. There is no best and true friend on this earth like a book. If a person wants to get some knowledge about a particular person, country, culture, tourism etc., then he has to go there after traveling a long distance. Instead he can get complete knowledge of any place in the world by reading the book. A book is like a storehouse of knowledge, beyond which all the treasures of the world are small. Because accumulated treasures such as gold reserves, It is very difficult to get after the stock of money etc. is gone. But no one can steal the knowledge obtained from books, nor can it be called knowledge. The more you read books, the more your knowledge base increases. Books are the greatest boon to man on this earth.

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Essay On Books Our Best Friends In English