Essay On Books In English

Essay On Books In English

Essay On Books In English - 1100 in words

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Books Essay in English Introduction

Books are a storehouse of knowledge for children and everyone. The book shows the right path to all human beings. Nowadays many types of books are available in the market. Books are the basis of human life. Books are available in many subjects, such as English, Science, Mathematics, History, Geography, etc. Books are available in countless languages ​​in the world. Religious, Books on historical and spiritual etc. are available in the market. We can solve many problems of life by reading books. We can buy books according to the subject we are interested in. Books provide an opportunity to solve many problems of life. Today there is no subject on which books are not available. Book is very important for man. Written in books are very useful in our life. Books help man in every possible way. Reading books makes a person happy. Music and dance entertain man, but books are also the best means of entertainment. Books take people from the darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge. Books are like our true friends. But books are also a great source of entertainment. Books take people from the darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge. Books are like our true friends. But books are also a great source of entertainment. Books take people from the darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge. Books are like our true friends.

books source of knowledge

We get knowledge about every field from books. We do not need to depend on anyone else to acquire knowledge. Knowledge of books makes a person self-reliant. Books are an invaluable source of knowledge and an easy way to acquire knowledge. We get knowledge about any particular person from books. We get the knowledge of religious texts and every old historical tales from books. One gets peace of mind by reading religious texts like Gita and Ramayana. By reading religious texts, one gets an opportunity to understand the facts related to life. By this we get to know about right and wrong, religion and wrongdoing. If we have any kind of health related problems, then the home remedies present in the books benefit us. Books always show the right path to the people like a lamp of knowledge. Books are the means of progress and propagation.

types of books

There are many types of books, such as subject related books, poems, stories, texts, literary books, children's comics, comic jokes, books related to science and history, etc. Children are fond of reading comics and a person is fond of reading exciting stories. Many people cannot live without books. Such people build a small library at their homes.

knowledge of books never ends

Many writers and litterateurs have brought their ideologies and life experiences in their writings. Many such great writers like Tulsidas, Premchand, Mahadevi Verma, Ramdhari Singh Dinkar etc. have given us knowledge by writing great things. Most of the authors are not with us, but the books written by them are present in our lives. The Constitution of the country is also stored in books.

Difference between books before and today

In earlier times, books were not printed by the press. Such books are written by hand in Puranic times. At that time knowledge was distributed by writing on Bhojpatra. Handwritten books were available at that time. Now books are not limited to just a few languages. Books are available in countless languages. People can buy and read books in any language they want. We have got information about earlier generations because of books.

effects of books on personality

Reading books changes the thinking of man. They learn and understand a lot. Books have a good effect on human personality. One gets the solution of problems from books. While reading books, a person gets some parts matching the turn of his life, due to which he gets a solution to overcome his problems.

companion of loneliness

When man is alone, books always accompany him. There can be no better way to eradicate loneliness than books.

importance of book for students

Nothing is more important to the students than education. Books are needed to get education. By reading books, students not only acquire degrees but also acquire knowledge. Libraries are established in schools to develop the knowledge of the students. Books on various subjects are available in the libraries. Special types of books are available on History, Geography, Civics, Science etc. Students read books related to engineering and medicine to prepare for competitive exams. Without books he cannot pass the exam successfully. Books play an important role in the life of the students. Books are the foundation of student life.

Importance of books and role of author

The person who writes the book is called the author. If there is no author, then there will be no books. Writers share their knowledge through books to the people. Writers express their feelings and imaginations through books. People always remember the best work of writers. Many famous and best litterateurs are no longer with us, but the books written by them are alive in our midst and will always be. Books had spread awareness among the people during the country's independence movement.

online book era

In this world of internet people read books online. People use Google search for any kind of information and knowledge. Today these books are available, through which people can read books online. Some people today do not buy books because of the Internet. Take print out online. Yet even today the importance of books has not diminished. If a person is very fond of reading, but does not have much money to buy books, then he can go to the nearest library and read the book.


Every aspect and knowledge from the old times to the new age has been absorbed in the books. Without books man not only remains illiterate but his life also becomes meaningless. Books teach us to differentiate between right and wrong and good and bad in life. Reading books gives us inspiration to do and become something in life.

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Essay On Books In English