Essay On Baisakhi Festival In English

Essay On Baisakhi Festival In English

Essay On Baisakhi Festival In English - 1400 in words

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Essay on Baisakhi Festival Introduction

Baisakhi is a unique festival which is celebrated as the joy of harvesting of crops. It is a popular festival of the Sikh community. It falls every year around 14 April. In this time, people of many communities celebrate their new year. This festival is celebrated with joy and gaiety all over the country. Baisakhi festival is mainly celebrated in the states of Punjab and Haryana. This is actually an agricultural festival, which is celebrated with great pomp in these states. On this day people wear new clothes and many types of dishes are prepared at home. A big fair is organized in many places on the occasion of Baisakhi. People happily go here with their families. Most of the fairs are held on the banks of the river. There seems to be a large gathering of people here. The day of Baisakhi is celebrated by the people of the Sikh community as a new year. A big fair is organized in every city on the day of Baisakhi festival. Melo has chaat, sweets, fruits, There are stalls of different types of dishes. People come here and enjoy everything. People buy many things in such fairs. On this day many people of Hindu community start the new year. They bathe in the waters of holy rivers and worship with reverence. On this day people of Sikh community visit Gurdwara and Hindu people visit temple. People worship God and recite religious texts on this day. Khalsa Panth was established in the year 1699.

Main festival of Sikhs: Baisakhi

This festival was incorporated by Guru Amardas as a major festival. Since then till today, people of the entire Sikh community celebrate it with enthusiasm. Guru Gobind Singh also laid the foundation of Khalsa Panth in 1699. This is the reason why the people of the Sikh community celebrate this day in a special way. On this day all the Gurdwaras of Punjab and Haryana are decorated in a grand manner. Puja is performed on this day on a very large scale. On this day devotional songs and kirtans are performed in Gurudwaras. People are seen dancing and singing all over the state. Everyone celebrates this festival with their family and friends.

Celebrations at the Golden Temple

The festival of Baisakhi is celebrated with great enthusiasm in the Golden Temple. The Golden Temple is decorated in a grand manner. People from the Sikh community from all corners of the country come here to participate. The Golden Temple is a holy place. Devotees come here to take part in the grand festivities here. People of the Sikh community celebrate this festival with great joy.

Different names of Baisakhi festival in other states

This day is celebrated to mark the arrival of the new year. People wish everyone a happy new year on this day. The harvest is completed at the time of Baisakhi. All the farmers celebrate this harvest festival as Baisakhi. People celebrate different festivals at this time in all different states of the country. Like in West Bengal, Poila celebrates Boishakh i.e. New Year. Rongali celebrates Bihu in Assam. People celebrate Ugadi festival in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, Bikhu in Uttarakhand, Puthandu in Tamil Nadu and Vishu festival in Kerala with great joy. Some of these festivals are celebrated on the day of Baisakhi. Some festivals are celebrated a day or two after Baisakhi. Big processions take place on this day. People light firecrackers with friends and enjoy many types of dishes with people.

Importance of Baisakhi festival for Sikh people

Like other religions and festivals, it is a day to celebrate the New Year for the Sikh community. Rabi crops are grown in states like Punjab and Haryana. On this festival of harvesting crops, all the farmers thank God. He prays to God that next year the crop yield will be better. This is a special day for the Sikh community, because on this day after the ninth Sikh Guru left the post, The Sikh order had begun. The tenth Guru was anointed and the Khalsa Panth was established. People unite and celebrate Baisakhi. Many people of the Hindu community celebrate their special festivals on this day. The beautiful decoration of the gurudwaras captivates the mind. Gurdwaras are decorated with flowers and lights. The people of the Sikh community have special respect for this festival. Guru Tegh Bahadur died on this day after persecution. The reason for this was that he had refused the wrong order of Aurangzeb. That order was to accept Islam, which he forbade.

Baisakhi celebration

On this day people take bath in rivers like Ganga, Kaveri and Jhelum etc. People immerse themselves in the holy river here. This day is the new day of the new year for all religions and communities. On this festival, people sing religious holy songs. On this day people offer prayers and distribute sweets. People entertain this festival through processions. Most of the people go to Amritsar to visit the Golden Temple. There is a gathering of people in the gurudwaras in the morning and evening. People are fond of eating good food. People used to swing in this festival. Different types of shops are set up on Baisakhi fair. From children to elders, they sit on the swing. Everyone enjoys sitting on the swing.

dance on the festival of baisakhi

Folk dances are organized in Maila on the occasion of Baisakhi. Countless people stand in a circle. People from nearby villages come here and sing Baisakhi songs. Drums - drums are played. Some people dance with sticks in their hands. He catches the stick by tossing it in the air. All the people who see this dance, they also start dancing with joy. Everyone drowns in joy in the atmosphere of celebration. Everyone congratulates each other. On the day of Baisakhi, many adults do the work of religious propaganda. People sing hymns in front of God. Religious discourses are held at many places. Many people leave all their worldly attachments and get absorbed in the devotion of God.

celebration around the world

This festival of Sikhs is celebrated by the people of the Sikh community living in Pakistan. There is a religious place of Guru Nanak Dev here. Where the people of the Sikh community come. Till the late 1970s, people in Pakistan used to celebrate Baisakhi with enthusiasm. But after this decade this celebration stopped. But in some areas, Baisakhi fairs are still held. People of Sikh community live more in countries like Canada. There the celebration of Baisakhi is organized on a huge scale. Millions of people from all cities across Canada congregate in the province of British Columbia. The number of people participating in Baisakhi is increasing each year in Canada. On this day, people of the Sikh community in Canada celebrate Baisakhi festival. People of the Sikh community living in the United States especially celebrate the day of Baisakhi. In Manhattan, Sikhs feed the needy. Many people do good and good deeds on this day. Baisakhi Kirtan takes place in Los Angeles. In the United Kingdom too, the people of the Sikh community celebrate this festival with equal joy. apart of the United Kingdom People from different places come to South Hall to participate in Kirtan. Kirtans in cities first start from the Gurudwaras. Baisakhi fair is organized at Handsworth Park.


Baisakhi is celebrated with joy and gaiety not only in India but in many countries of the world. In this festival people forget their enmity and celebrate happiness. People in foreign countries also celebrate this festival with equal enthusiasm. People get attracted by seeing such a grand celebration of Baisakhi. New Year's festival is celebrated on this day by different names in every state. Every festival has its own nature, Baisakhi festival still has its own unique style. Like every festival, this festival brings all the happiness.

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Essay On Baisakhi Festival In English