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Essay On Apple In English

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Apple Essay in English


It is believed that fruits have an important contribution to our health, due to which we can keep ourselves fit. At the same time, many types of nutrients are found in each fruit, which strengthens us mentally and physically. Apple is a fruit that is found on a tree that is 6 to 15 feet tall. These are green and red colored fruits, whose leaves are oval and it is seen located on the underside. It matures in the summer season, in which many types of cultivation are done. It has a big flower, which first blooms and then gradually the fruit starts developing in it. Apples are orange, yellow and red in color, which can have a sweet, juicy and astringent taste. Scientific name of apple The scientific name of apple is "Malus Domestica". origin of apple The origin of the apple is believed to be many thousands of years ago, which was first obtained in the wooded hills of Kazakhstan in Central Asia. When Alexander first came to Central Asia, he acquired the apple and gradually it became popular in Asia as well as Europe. The nutrients found in apples are very beneficial for our health. If you consume an apple every day, then you get plenty of vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, calcium, potassium and antioxidants. Which are considered helpful to fight many types of diseases. Apple is considered to be one of the favorite fruits of people all over the world, but Turkey, China, Poland, Italy, United States produce the most. Interesting facts about apples

  • There is 25% air inside the apple and this is the reason why it can float easily in water. If you keep an apple out of the fridge, it is able to ripen 10 times faster. Apple is the third most popular fruit in the world, which most people like to eat and are aware of its nutritional properties. It is believed that apples are very effective in getting rid of sleep. The world's largest apple was found in Japan, weighing 1.849 kg. There are about 7500 types of apples found in the world. An apple tree begins to bear fruit at the age of four to five years, which can live for about 100 years. At least 10 to 12 seeds are found in an apple.

Interesting facts about apple tree Till now we have known some interesting facts about apple, but now we will know some interesting facts about apple tree as well.

  • The apple tree takes a long time to produce its first fruit, which takes at least four to five years. But once that tree starts bearing fruit, then it can bear fruit for about 100 years. Apple trees bear flowers in the summer season, which gradually take the form of fruits. Apple flowers are very beautiful, which are found in white, pink and yellow colors. Despite the wide variety of species, apple trees can grow to different heights. Their length depends on the species of tree, which can be as low as five to 30 feet. The apple tree needs to store the energy of at least 50 to 70 leaves to produce one fruit.

Benefits / Benefits of eating apples By consuming an apple daily, you get many benefits, some of which are as follows –

  • If you are troubled by increasing weight, then definitely consume apple daily for this. It helps in controlling your weight. By consuming apple, the teeth can be made healthy, due to which the teeth will be least affected by any problem. It is also considered appropriate to consume apples to avoid heart disease. If you consume apple in the afternoon, then the digestion process remains correct and you do not have problems like indigestion. By eating apples, bones become strong and calcium deficiency also starts getting fulfilled. Apple can also reduce the increasing cholesterol level in the body to a great extent. If your eyesight is decreasing, then apple should be consumed more in such a situation. Because vitamin A is found in apples.

The apple fruit is diploid, contains at least 17 chromosomes and the size of the gene is about 650 Mb (mil-lion base pairs). Later studies, the genome assembly was estimated to contain approximately 57,000 genes. Main species of apple There are many species of apple found all over the world, but it is difficult to get complete information about all these species. Because some species are also found in dense forests. In such a situation, we are presenting the description of some species in front of you.

1) Aia Llu Apple

The size of this apple is quite large, which is about 250 to 300 grams. In many places it is cultivated indoors. It was first developed in 1946 by Alexander Simon. Although it is not available mostly in the market and most people are unaware of this apple species.

2) Admiral

This is a rare variety of apple. It was brought from Japan by Watson in 1921. Its color is green and it is also very sweet in taste. Once its plant is planted, it gives fruit only after about 1 year, but till then one has to wait.

3) Akero Apple

The aroma of this apple is very good. This apple is named after Okro Manor, located south of Stockholm, Sweden. It is mainly found in the summer season, which is quite large in size. It is pink and yellow in colour.

4) Allington Pippin

The shape of this apple is conical. It is red colored and bright colored on the outer surface. It can be easily stored for 3 months. Various types of dishes are made through this. It was also named Allington because of the village named Allington. It is developed through breeding.

5) Ambrosia

This apple is called Amrit in English. It was bred in Colombia in the 1990s and was also grown in the same gardens. Its weight is about 215 grams and its color is yellow as well as red. It is quite sweet in taste. This apple is produced everywhere in Colombia, which is also sent to other countries.

6) Arkansas Black

This apple was developed in the 19th century. Its shape is slightly flattened. As it starts to ripen, its color becomes very dark red. If they are kept safe for a few days, then the upper surface turns black. It is mostly cultivated in the United States of America and exported from there to other countries as well.

7) Antonovka

This apple is grown in the winter season, which is found in Poland and Belarus. Its fragrance is very pleasant. It is also found in some regions of Eastern Europe and Russia.

8) Envy

The color of this apple is yellow and its peel is found to be very thick. Less acid is found in this apple. This apple can be grown under license mainly inside New Zealand, Australia, Washington.

9) Flower of Kent

For this apple, it is believed that it is the same apple, which was seen by Sir Isaac Newton falling on the ground and only after that he rendered the law of gravitation. It was first cultivated inside England and at present it is not cultivated much.

10) Fuji

It was launched in the market between 1930 and 1965. Which was made by crossing two varieties. It is grown in America, where its shape is round and quite large. People like this apple to a great extent and it is 75 cm in diameter. According to a research, this apple can be kept fresh for 1 year and it is also grown the most in Japan. Where are black apples found Till today you must have eaten green and red apples, but there is also a place in the world where black apple is cultivated. The black apple is grown in the hills of Tibet, where it is known as "hua nu". It is cultivated at an altitude of about 3200 meters and is also known as "Black Diamond". The temperature of the place where this apple is grown, there is different in day and night. It looks very attractive in appearance. Black Apple has been cultivated since 2015. It is not necessary that every tree has this apple, but sometimes many black apples appear on the same tree. best variety of apple

  • Sweet Red Royal Gala Red Fuji Satai Gold Tight Man Star King Delicious Skyline

apple dishes

  • Jam Juice Salad Vegetable Raita Apple Pudding Apple Kheer Apple Sweet


In this way today we have learned that apple is very beneficial for us. Which has many qualities. If you consume apples daily, then you will not be able to touch any disease and you will always be healthy. We have tried to give you interesting information about apple, so that you can also know its benefits.

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