Essay On Air Pollution In English

Essay On Air Pollution In English

Essay On Air Pollution In English - 1500 in words

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The biggest threat to human civilization today is from pollution. The entire environment around man, the entire water reservoir used by him, the air for him to breathe, the earth that produces food, and even the whole expanse of space has also been contaminated by man himself. Man wants to fully exploit the natural resources for his pleasure and gaiety. This is the reason that the problem of pollution has come up in a formidable form. Therefore, it seems necessary to throw light on the various problems and factors of pollution. Which is as follows:- Our environment and air pollution No nation in the world wants to be left behind in this blind race of industrialization. The production of luxury goods is also being increased tremendously. All the wealth of the earth is being brought out of her womb. The day will also come, when we will have washed our hands of all the natural resources of the universe. This day will certainly be very wretched for mankind. But even more harm will be that all the minerals, oil, coal and all the metals inside the earth enter the atmosphere in the form of gases, It will make life difficult for the living beings on the earth. Rivers and seas are full of harmful substances. Crores-billions of gallons of dirty water from factories running day and night is going into rivers and seas. We can survive without food for some time. But without air we cannot survive even for a few moments. This simple fact tells us how important clean air is to us. You know that mixture of air gases, according to estimates, about 78% of this mixture is nitrogen, and about 21% is oxygen and carbon dioxide, argon, methane, and water vapor is also present in small quantities in the air. What is air pollution called? There is a difference in the amount of smoke in the atmosphere. Can you tell where this smoke comes from? Due to the mixing of these types of substances such as smoke from industrial and automatic vehicles, the nature and composition of the atmosphere of different places change. When the air gets contaminated by some unwanted substances which are harmful to both living and non-living, it is called air pollution. The truth is that air pollution is the biggest and most dangerous pollution. Its effect is first and lasts the longest. Both land pollution and water pollution continue to spread in the air. As a result it is not impossible to get pure and fresh air. So it definitely gets difficult. One of the reasons for air pollution is also the rapid increase in population. According to a research, carbon dioxide is increasing at the rate of about five billion tonnes per year. Along with humans, animals, birds and other creatures are also clamoring for pure air due to air pollution. It is the discovery of scientists that the coastal areas are getting affected by air pollution. Even a calm area like Antarctica has now come under the grip of storms. cfc The gas continues to rise. Today the ozone layer is getting thinner due to its side effects. Due to this, ultraviolet rays come directly to the earth, which is becoming the cause of terrible diseases like cancer. Industrial units are the main cause of air pollution. There is also a nuclear power based power plant and factory. These affect the radioactive waves in the atmosphere. The gases coming out of them keep polluting the atmosphere. Along with this, the terrible arc of air-pollution, nuclear-test-explosion, nuclear-powered space mission is also a major cause. In these, the atmosphere is now becoming more polluted and agitated. How does air get polluted? The substances which contaminate the air are called air pollutants. Sometimes these pollutants can come from natural sources such as volcanic eruptions, smoke from forest fires or dust. Pollutants are also found in the air through human activities. The sources of these air pollutants can be factories, electrical machines, automatic vehicles, vacuums, firewood and smoke from the burning of pylons. Many respiratory problems are also caused by air pollution. air pollutants You already know how many dangerous elements are contained in the air. How fast is the number of vehicles increasing in cities? Vehicles generate large amounts of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and smoke. Incomplete combustion of fuels such as petrol and diesel produces carbon monoxide. It is a toxic gas. It decreases the oxygen carrying capacity in the blood. Smoke Fog Cause of Air Pollution You must remember the thick layer of fog seen in the atmosphere, you probably do not know that this smog which is made up of smoke and fog. Nitrogen oxides may be present in this smoke. Which combine with other air pollutants and fog to form smog. Due to this, asthma, cough, and hoarseness arise with breathing in children. industrial pollution Many industries are also responsible for air pollution. Petroleum is a major source of gaseous pollutants such as petroleum, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide. Sulfur dioxide is produced by the combustion of fuels such as coal in power plants. Which can permanently damage the lungs as well as cause respiratory problems. other types of pollution Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) are used in refrigerators, air conditioners and spray with aero. The ozone layer of the atmosphere is getting thinner due to CFCs. Which protects us from harmful ultraviolet rays coming from the sun. But now less harmful chemicals are being used in place of CFCs, which is a good thing. In addition to these gases, very small particles are also generated by the automatic vehicles run by the combustion of diesel and petrol. Those who stay in the air for a long time and they can cling to anything and reduce its beauty. When inhaled, they reach inside the body and cause disease. These particles are also generated by industrial activities such as steel making and mining. The tiny particles of ash emanating from power plants also pollute the atmosphere. an example of this, The Taj Mahal in the city of Agra, India, which has been the most attractive tourist attraction for more than two decades, remains a matter of concern. Experts have warned that air pollution is discoloring its white marble. Therefore, not only living things but also non-living things are being affected by air pollution. Measures to stop pollution In order to prevent the formidable side effects of pollution, it is absolutely necessary that the causes of pollution should be strangled. In other words, for the prevention of land pollution, it is necessary that there should be limited and expected use of chemical fertilizers, continuous construction of dams, excessive deforestation and chemical fertilizers. For the prevention of water pollution, it is necessary to save the polluted water of the industry with clean water. The prevention of air pollution is possible only when the polluted air of industries is not allowed to spread in the atmosphere. For this, suitable filters should be installed on the chimneys of the industries. Apart from this, the rules of the International Energy Union should be strictly followed for the prevention of air pollution arising from nuclear energy. Environmental pollution can be stopped only by curbing population growth. Measures being taken by the government to check air pollution (1) National ambient air quality standards and sector specific emission and effluent standards for industries have been notified. (2) Guidelines have been issued under the Air Pollution Prevention and Control Act 1981. (3) Online tools have been set up to monitor highly polluting industrial areas. (4) Monitoring network has been set up to assess the ambient air quality. (5) Promotion of clean gas fuels like CNG, LPG etc. and increasing the amount of ethanol in petrol. (6) National Air Quality Index was launched, Under which it has been made mandatory for all vehicles to adopt BS-4 standard. (7) Ban on burning of biomass. (8) Ban on bursting of crackers. (9) Pollution control certificate has been made mandatory for all engine driven vehicles. (10) Public transport networks are being promoted. Promotion of public transport network. (11) A graded response action scheme is being implemented for Delhi and NCR. It is very important for us to follow the rules of the measures taken by the government strictly and being cautious about our self.


Air pollution is life threatening for us. This is sheer injustice and misery towards the creation and nature. Therefore, if we do not take any serious steps towards this in time. Then it will not be under our control after some time. Then showing our most difficult efforts, it will end our life at the sight of it. Also read:-

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Essay On Air Pollution In English