Ped Ki Atmakatha - Autobiography of a Tree In English

Ped Ki Atmakatha - Autobiography of a Tree In English

Ped Ki Atmakatha - Autobiography of a Tree In English - 1400 in words

Today we will write an essay on the autobiography of the tree (Essay On Ped Ki Atmakatha in English) . This essay on autobiography of tree is written for kids and class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and college students. You can use this Essay On Ped Ki Atmakatha in English written on the autobiography of the tree for your school or college project. You will find essays in English on many other topics on this website of ours, which you can read.

Essay on Autobiography of Tree (Ped Ki Atmakatha Essay in English) Introduction

There is no existence of environment and animals without trees. I am a priceless gift given by nature. When I was a seed, I wondered when I would grow up. When I grew up and I was a little plant, I was always afraid that someone might take me off the ground. Now I have become a big and strong tree and my branches have become strong. Earlier when I was young, some people would deliberately pluck my leaves and my branches. This hurt me. It is no longer easy to break my larger and stronger branches. I am sad that we trees bring so much benefit to the people, yet they are cutting us. Man has reached the pinnacle of progress, But by cutting down trees like me, he himself is disturbing the balance of nature. Human beings get a lot of beneficial material from us trees. Population growth is a major reason. Humans are cutting down forests and trees to build big buildings and schools. I am a tree I feel very sad when I see my friends cutting down trees. I do not understand what has happened to humans, they are putting their own settled nature in trouble.

benefits from trees

I feel very happy when children and elders sit under my shadow. When a rahi gets tired of traveling, he sits under my shadow. Children enjoy eating my fruits. Adults also sit and talk under my shadow. People also pluck my flowers so that they can be offered at the feet of God. Human beings get medicine from me, which cures many of their diseases. We get materials like sandalwood etc. from trees.

swing swing

My branches are so strong that children swing and eat my fruits. I feel very happy when children are so happy. I consider myself lucky that I am able to help everyone.

fear of animals in childhood

When I was a small plant, I was always afraid that an animal might come and crush me. Don't separate me from my roots. Then I was afraid of storms too. May I not be shattered.


I can make my own food. I don't need to depend on others. This process requires sunlight, water and carbon dioxide. After that I cook my own food. Leaves actually make food and after that this food goes to all parts of the body.

production of oxygen

I create oxygen by the process of photosynthesis. If I am, then there is oxygen in the atmosphere. Humans and animals and birds cannot survive without oxygen. By cutting down trees like us, they are reducing the amount of oxygen in the environment.

side effects of cutting trees

Humans, even after considering everything, we are cutting trees. The day is not far when all the trees will be cut down and the earth will perish in a terrible way. Due to excessive felling of trees, man is inviting natural calamities. Similarly, if trees are cut, there will be no oxygen in the air and disasters like floods, droughts will have to be faced. Every year many cities and states are destroyed due to natural calamities. We trees have always wanted the good of nature and man. Would animals and birds be able to survive if trees like us were cut down? How can man survive if animals are not birds? Oxygen is needed to breathe, how will we live without trees? Man still has time, otherwise nature will be consumed on sight.

feel proud of yourself

I feel proud of myself. This is because I can be of use to people. When the bird sits on my twigs early in the morning and chirps, my heart rejoices. Children play around and pluck my fruits, it gives me immense happiness. I can work for everyone. God has made me a part of nature to serve everyone.

located near the temple

I am the tree located near the temple. As I grew older, the temple authorities put up a one-feet wall around my trunk. This was done to save me from being destroyed by the mob. Because I am near a temple, I got the support of many people. I am situated in front of the temple and near the forest. Sitting under me, devotees speak their mind.

logo things

My life is full of adventure and people sit under my shade and discuss their things. To make my life pleasant, people gossip with their family and friends and I can listen to them. This makes me very happy.

face difficulties

I have faced all kinds of odd situations. I have endured the rays of the scorching sun. I am battling the bitter cold of winter. Even the wind of storms and strong storms have not been able to separate me from my mother earth. Earlier, when I was a plant, I was afraid of these situations. Now I am not afraid of anything. I am not afraid of difficulties.

balance of nature

I help maintain the balance of nature. Humans are harming themselves by cutting down trees like us. Due to trees, moisture remains in the atmosphere. Trees cause rain. The way and the speed with which trees are being cut nowadays, the day is not far when natural calamities will wreak havoc and the whole world will be in its grip. I feel very sad when my friends around me are taken away by humans and they sell trees for their selfish fulfillment. The balance between nature and the environment is achieved through natural resources. We trees play an important role in this. It hurts a lot when the trees are cut off from the root.

pollution control

Due to continuous cutting of trees, the problem of pollution is increasing. Due to the increase in population, traffic jams remain on the roads. The gas emitted from vehicles, cars, etc. pollutes the air. Many diseases are happening due to air pollution. People have trouble breathing. Trees absorb these poisonous gases. If we cut down the trees, then the problem of pollution will go on increasing.

global warming problem

Due to continuous cutting of trees, we are getting excessive heat on the earth. In summer, the temperature is going up to fifty in some places. The snow in the Himalayas is melting. The water level of rivers is rising due to melting of snow. Flood-like problems are arising due to the rise in the water level of rivers. Every year flood-like situation is arising in many countries. Due to this, lakhs of people lose their homes. Many states and towns also get ruined due to the storm. We are trying to preserve this environment. I wish man understands this soon or else there will be nothing left to regret later.

the grief of being bitten by humans

With the passage of time now I am old. I have been able to fulfill the needs of animals and birds and humans throughout my life. Now some of my branches are being cut by humans to fulfill their needs. Now that day is not far away, humans will cut me off and use my twigs, body parts. This is what is happening with most trees. I have laid down my life in maintaining the earth and have provided protection to the whole world from toxic, polluted environment. It is a pity that even after knowing everything, man is doing this plight to the trees. This is a request to human beings to understand our importance and not to bite us.


Even after understanding all this, human beings are intoxicated with success, we are not considering trees as a part of nature. We have to cut trees and make them big buildings and also convert villages and forests into cities. Where pollution has reached its peak. Now the time has come for human beings to understand the importance of trees and do not cut us to build their homes.

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Ped Ki Atmakatha - Autobiography of a Tree In English