Ek Ghayal Sainik Ki Atmakatha - Autobiography Of An Injured Soldier In English

Ek Ghayal Sainik Ki Atmakatha - Autobiography Of An Injured Soldier In English

Ek Ghayal Sainik Ki Atmakatha - Autobiography Of An Injured Soldier In English - 1400 in words

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Autobiography Of An Injured Soldier Essay in English Introduction

A soldier always fights fearlessly for the country. He doesn't even think once before risking his life. Posted on the border, he always protects his motherland. The duty of a soldier is to protect the country and the countrymen. A soldier fights for his motherland till his last breath. The martyr's wife and her family are proud of him. It is his ultimate duty to protect the country and the countrymen. Soldiers go through tough military training. He takes an oath that there is nothing in front of the country and for him more than the country. My name is Gurinder Singh, today I am going to tell my autobiography. I am from a small village in Punjab. My father and my uncle were also in the army. All types of drills are taught in military training. Guns, machine guns, cannon, all the training I learned. How to face the enemies fearlessly and get rid of their sixes, all things are taught at the time of training.

Had a dream of becoming a soldier since childhood

Today I am suddenly injured while fighting a war. But I don't care about my country. I don't care about myself at all. I have dedicated my life for the country. I have no regrets about it. As a child, he used to listen to his friends saying that he wants to become a doctor, engineer, lawyer and a big officer etc. But earning money was not important to me. My father was also a senior officer in the army. He also sacrificed his life for his country. I am very sorry for my father's passing, but I am proud of my father. I always wanted to become a soldier following the footsteps of my father. I just want my country to be safe and secure.

dad wanted me to be a soldier

Father also wanted me to serve the country like him. I came to my country's work today, fulfilling his dream. It is my good fortune that I became a soldier to protect the country. My father was also in the army. He was posted in Kashmir. Suddenly battling the onslaught of terrorists, he got shot and died. I had the passion to become a soldier since childhood. I used to always talk about becoming a soldier with my friends. I am inspired by the feelings of patriotism since childhood.

national security, duty

The most basic thing in the life of a soldier is the security of the country. There are many army departments in the country. Everyone is doing their duty in their own place. I do not sleep in peace because I am working to guard my country. I consider myself lucky that I have got a golden opportunity to protect Mother India.

The family supported becoming a soldier

When I had to go for training to become a soldier, my family members supported me immensely. They were very happy and proud of my decision. I used to remember my family members when I went for training. But in the training she was not allowed to meet him. Without the blessings of the family, I would not have been able to become a soldier. My family wanted me to dedicate my life in defending the country. My father taught me to be courageous and responsible right from my childhood. When I returned home as a soldier, my mother had tears of joy in her eyes.

happy moments with family

While performing my duty in the army, when I used to get leave. Then I used to go home and meet my family members. My mother, wife and children were very happy to see me. The kids loved me a lot and I used to play with them. Before going to sleep at night, I used to tell tales of border battles to my children. He used to talk about love for the country. As soon as the holidays were over, I used to get depressed. But my duty towards the country is paramount. My family's eyes used to get moist. My family members knew that no one is more important to me than service to the country.

Made the enemies one and a half, kept his word

Today I have fulfilled the promise I had taken before becoming a soldier. I am also posted on Kashmir border like my father. Like every time, I fought with my enemies. The terrorists were riddled with bullets. Many of my fellow soldiers were martyred in front of me in this encounter. I can understand the pain of his family members when they come to know that he is no more. It is for this reason that we are made that one day we can fulfill our duty for the motherland and while protecting it. In this battle I am wounded, but not broken. If I stay alive, I will soon be present in the defense of the country again as a gift to the motherland.

worked for the country

I love my country very much. I consider the entire countrymen as my family. I will always stand by to protect my family. Suddenly the fight was going on for a few days. I and my military comrades together have reduced the terrorists to one and a half. But two bullets from terrorists have injured me. Whether I live or not, my country should be safe from the evil intentions of neighboring countries. I am glad that I was able to work for the country. I have saved the country from great trouble. I can fight for my motherland till my last breath.

face the enemies fearlessly

When my family is told that I am injured, they will be very sad. They will be upset for me. My son will also be terrified to hear this but he knows that family is nothing in front of the motherland for me and any patriotic soldier. I am happy that I have saved the country from dangerous terrorists by getting injured. I did not intimidate nor bow down in front of the enemies, but defeated them. I faced the enemies and managed to half them.

the family would be proud of me

If I am not alive today, my wife and family will be very sad. I also know that they will be proud of me. Whatever happens to me, still I would like my family to leave me happy. I will always remember them. I will carry the memories of him and my country in my heart and go away from the world.

struggle in hospital

Just as I faced my enemies fearlessly, in the same way I did not give up after being shot two times. I was in very bad shape. The doctor at the medical center performed my surgery. But I fought with life there too. After several months of treatment, today I am healthy. After a few days I will join duty again and protect Mother Earth with more zeal than ever before. The Defense Minister of the country has congratulated me for the success of this mission. My military friends always respected and supported me. The memory of those who died in this mission will always be in my heart.


Being a soldier is not easy, but it is not difficult either. If you have that passion, passion and patriotism, then you can become a patriotic soldier. The government has honored me for my bravery. I consider myself lucky that I was able to serve in the defense of the country. It is expected that many youths of the country became army officers, showing patriotism. Join the army and protect the motherland. Jai Hind Jai Bharat.

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Ek Ghayal Sainik Ki Atmakatha - Autobiography Of An Injured Soldier In English