Autobiography Of Umbrella In English

Autobiography Of Umbrella In English

Autobiography Of Umbrella In English - 1100 in words

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Autobiography Of Umbrella Essay in English Introduction

The need of an umbrella or umbrella is more for humans in two seasons. Umbrella protects us from scorching sun and rain. It became popular in India in the nineteenth century. From kids to adults, everyone uses umbrellas. People do not leave their homes without an umbrella. Umbrella is most commonly used in summer and rainy season. If we had not had an umbrella, we could have fallen ill due to the scorching heat and getting wet in the rain. When children go to school, mother often puts an umbrella in their bag. Every person keeps an umbrella while going to the office, because do not know when the weather is bad and heavy rain comes. People in Rome use me to protect themselves from the sun. John Harvey was the first to use mine in England.

i am an umbrella

I am an umbrella. I am available in many colors. Mine is manufactured in the factory. Then I am sold at all the shops big and small. People fold me and keep them in their bags and purses. As soon as it is hot, he takes me out of his bag and covers his head. I cover their heads and protect them from the sun and sweat. I absorb the strong rays of the sun. I protect people from the scorching sun. I save them from falling ill.

rainy season

In the rainy season, people do not even leave without taking me. People keep all types of umbrellas big, small according to their choice. As soon as the raindrops fall, he opens my umbrella and covers himself and his partner's head. Otherwise, getting wet in the rain can cause cold and fever. That's why I am a very useful commodity. When someone forgets to bring an umbrella, other friends ask them to bring their umbrella. My biggest feature is that I can fit anywhere. If the umbrella does not work properly, people immediately reach the shops to get it repaired.

my history

In English language I am called Umbrella. Louis the Emperor of France had I available in thirteen colors. The British have used me in the war. Some people kept umbrellas made of gold and silver with them at that time. Mine was used in the country of Rome to avoid the rays of the scorching sun. According to their beauty, women used to keep umbrellas matching their clothes with them.

protection from crooks

When a man reaches a difficult time, for his safety, he beats up the umbrellas of the crooks, that is, me. I fulfill my responsibility with full dedication.

my unique look

Earlier people used to use me as a stick with big umbrellas. Right now I am available in all sizes small big. There has been a lot of difference between my old and new forms. Small children use small umbrellas according to their own needs. The rest of the elders take a bigger umbrella according to themselves. Some umbrellas are so big that two or three people can stand under them. With the passage of time my clothes also changed. Right now there has been a change in the appearance of many students like me. We make umbrellas from different fabrics and other things. We are given an attractive look to the umbrellas. Sometimes people also use me for self defense. In olden times I was decorated with elephant teeth by rich people. At that time my beauty had increased even more. People used to praise me from their friends. Mine is very easy to use. Anyone can easily use mine. I am available in many designs. I am shaped according to different themes,

made of fabric and metal

We can take the students anywhere according to our convenience. People can make us small or big according to them. I am made from objects like fabric, metal and plastic. Over time mine has been made of different metals. I am made in the factory and brought to the shops and sold. Available in green, blue, red, yellow colours. Many umbrellas like me are sold in stores. I was also bought by such a female customer.

took care of me

When all the other umbrellas are in the shops, he also thinks in his mind that who will buy me and take me. Some people come to the shops and bargain so that they can buy me. I had many friends at the shops, but I was so attractive that the lady customer bought me. The female customer took great care of me. She always carried me in her bag. Whenever it rained, she would use me. Then she would leave me to dry. If my handle got damaged somewhere, she used to get me repaired. She would not throw it here and there after using me like some people. After drying it in the courtyard, she used to fold me neatly and keep it in her purse. Most of the people use me during the rainy season. I become a protective shield for them. Everyone uses me from kids to elders.


I have been created for the service of mankind. I am happy that I can be of use to people. According to the changing seasons, people always need me. Some people keep me well and get me repaired with time. Some people keep me carelessly, so I feel sad. I hope that I will continue to work for such people. People keep me with them and feel at ease, because they know I'm always there to protect them if the weather turns bad.

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Autobiography Of Umbrella In English