Autobiography Of Road In English

Autobiography Of Road In English

Autobiography Of Road In English - 1200 in words

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Autobiography Of Road Essay in English Introduction

Roads connect one city to another city, village to city. Without roads, all the journeys of life would be impossible. In daily life, we need means of transport to reach from one place to another. Road construction is important from the point of view of progress. Many laborers work day and night to build the roads. If the roads are paved and good, then the journey becomes much easier. I am a street Today I am going to tell my story.

i am a street

I am a street Many buses, cars etc vehicles run over me. I can feel all the vehicles when they run over me. People think that there is no life in me. In fact, I know when people walk up to me. I transport every person to his destination. I am the medium to take everyone to the places like office, school, home etc. Every human must have seen me from their childhood. I do my job round the clock every day. I feel very bad when people, being educated, throw garbage on me.

young children's experience

When small children walk on me. Sometimes he walks away with joy, so I feel very happy.

get people to the destination

I am a path, which takes people to their destination. We only help roads to take many people from village to city. If the roads are unpaved then there is a lot of trouble. The government makes many schemes, in which roads are constructed well.

visit your friends and family

By passing over me, people ride in their vehicles to meet their loved ones. Along with humans, all the animals also walk on me. I feel happy when I can connect all the important places, so that man can reach wherever he wants. Sometimes cows, buffaloes and goats sit on top of me for a long time. Then there are problems in movement of vehicles. Animals get tired and sometimes sit on top of me for rest.

i feel happy

I feel extremely happy when people use me and reach their homes and workplaces with ease. Children sometimes come and play on the open empty road. I am very happy with their voices. Roads are not only for buses, cars, trucks, but airplanes fly on me in the beginning. To make me, people cut the rocks of the mountains, so that they can make a road for the movement of vehicles and people.

more number of vehicles

Humans have made great progress. With the continuous construction of roads, the number of vehicles has increased tremendously. Pollution has also increased significantly. I feel very sad when the balance of the environment is disturbed due to excessive pollution. The number of buses, cars and trucks etc. has increased to such an extent that there is unrest. Noise pollution becomes more when people come on the roads with countless vehicles.


Sometimes I break down because of more vehicles moving. Cracks occur. Sometimes the government takes a long time to make repairs. Due to all these disregards, the news of accidents of cars and buses comes on the roads every day, due to which I feel very sad. Nowadays people are in a hurry to reach their destination. Accidents take place because of this hurry. I feel very sad when people lose their lives in road accidents. Many families have to lose their members. It is the responsibility of the people to follow the traffic rules and drive carefully.

my many forms

I have many forms. Sometimes I become a trail, sometimes a wide path. I am the medium to introduce everyone to each other. All kinds of creatures can easily walk on me. Like humans, animals and birds also walk on me and use me. I create an emotional bond by connecting all the villages, towns and cities. My only important responsibility is to take the people to their destination properly. I find my way even through the mountains and take people to their destination.

dirty the streets

Some people deliberately spit on the roads and make the roads dirty. I am very sad to see this. We humans use the roads, but do not pay much attention to cleanliness. The government should stop this. Along with using the roads, keeping them clean is also the duty of human beings. Strict rules should be implemented against those who make the roads dirty.

Garbage, plastic should not be thrown on the roads

There are many vehicles plying on the roads. People enjoy the journey and some of those irresponsible people we make the roads dirty. They throw away plastic bottles, packets of chips. They don't even know that they are harming themselves by spreading filth. Garbage and such things which are not easily found in the soil should not be thrown on the roads. Animals also roam the streets. They are callous and naive and sometimes swallow things like plastic, which leads to their death. Citizens should be aware of their responsibilities and all these things should be banned. We citizens should always keep the roads clean.

people don't drive fast

Sometimes people drive fast to reach early, which is absolutely wrong. The train should not be speeding to reach its designated place. Traffic safety rules must be followed. The rules should not be ignored at all.

my many names

People have given names to many roads like us. Like Mahatma Gandhi Road, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Road etc. I have been created by human beings and it is his responsibility to repair and keep us clean and tidy from time to time. Because of me it has become easy to reach anywhere in this world.

nice and clean roads

When there are good and clean roads, we are happy to travel. Humans have built beautiful highways. Due to which the journey has become easy and enjoyable. I am made of cement and stones. If man gets me repaired in time, there will be no accidents and I will look good too. I just request people not to throw garbage on me. If you plant some trees around me, then the environment will also be good.


The development of the country is also recognized by its good and strong roads. I walk every kilometer by kilometer. I take people to the destination. I have met many travelers in my lifetime. All those memories stay in our hearts. Like when potholes occur in the roads, they are repaired. In the same way, there are many difficulties in the life of human beings, they should face them. Just like human beings fill the potholes of the roads, in the same way it is our responsibility to find solutions to the difficulties in life.

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Autobiography Of Road In English