Autobiography Of River In English

Autobiography Of River In English

Autobiography Of River In English - 1400 in words

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Autobiography Of River Essay in English Introduction

I am a river and today I am going to express my feelings through this autobiography. People have given me different names. Like Sarita, Tatini, Pravini etc. I flow freely without stopping. I never stop, I just keep on flowing. I pass through many obstacles. There are many obstacles in my way. Whatever stones and difficulties come in my way, I overcome them and go through them. Sometimes I flow fast and sometimes a little slow. I flow wide according to the place. I go through every problem and go my own way. In India Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari, Krishna, Tapti, Ravi, Sutlej, Rivers like Brahmaputri etc. Plants and trees are alive because of me. The fields are irrigated by my water. Farmers and common people cannot survive without my water. It is because of me that water comes in the homes of all the people. Water is very important for human beings. If there is no water, then the entire human race including animals will end. Man gets water from me, which he uses in his daily activities. Man's thirst is quenched with my water.

irrigation of fields

The farmer irrigate his crops with my water. Man misuses natural resources for his selfish ends. Therefore, due to natural calamities, the water of rivers is not available to humans everywhere. In many places, the water of rivers dries up in summer. Due to which man yearns for a drop of water.

my qualities

I come out of the lap of mountains and flow through many rocks. I play an important role in water welfare. After passing through the crooked paths through the mountains, I finally meet in the sea. Small canals come out of me. I can make barren soil fertile. Due to these qualities, I am called by many names.

power generation

I make electricity. Without electricity, all human activities are impossible. Electricity is required for almost every work of human home and office. Electricity generation cannot happen without me. Electricity does many things for machines. If electricity had not been generated by me, he would not have been able to watch entertainment programs on television and radio. Electricity is most important at night. Humans do most of the night work in the presence of electricity.

daily work

Humans cook food using my water. People wash their hands, take bath and cook food using my water. Man does all his work by my water. Today, if people are getting water facility at home, then I am the reason for this.

balance of environment

I help in maintaining the balance of nature and environment. It is because of me that farmers' fields remain green. I maintain the fertility of the soil and provide moisture to the soil. I have irrigated the earth with my water.

religious significance

The sages, knowing the glory of my public welfare, used to worship me. Many people come to my shores to make pilgrimages. That is why many people come from far and wide to see me. Big fairs and festivals are also celebrated here. Everyone knows about the Kumbh Mela. People come to me to atone for their sins. Thousands of people worship me. They get satisfaction by drowning in my water. I am worshiped as a goddess. People worship me with full heart and devotion. I feel very happy.

My Darshan in various festivals

Because of my religious importance, people come to see me in festivals. On auspicious occasions like Amavasya, Poornamasi, Dussehra etc. people definitely come to see me. Everyone enjoys and experiences the peace and water flowing in me yesterday. I attract everyone towards me with my beauty.

no one can stop

I have no end. There is no border. No one can stop me even if I want to. When the moon's light falls on me, my beauty gets four moons.

Means of transport do not run without me

Steamers, boats and big ships are run in my water. All the people use the water route to reach from one place to another. Large commercial settlements have been settled on the banks of the river.


Man is disturbing the balance of nature. Due to which flood-like situation is being created every year in many parts of every country and states. There is not a single year when there is no flood. Sometimes man puts so much pressure on nature that I assume a fierce form and break the edges and submerge the villages and the coastal areas. Many people's houses get destroyed because of me. After that I calm down and come back and regret it in my heart.

There are many living beings inside me

There are many living beings inside me. He cannot survive without water. When pollution increases, it becomes difficult for them to live in river water.

to be polluted

Man has become so blind behind industrialization and urbanization that he is harming the natural resources. Where people worship me, there are many people who throw garbage in my water. Day by day many rivers like mine are becoming a victim of pollution. Many rivers like mine are getting ruined due to increasing pollution. Many creatures live in my water. Due to excessive water pollution, they have difficulty in breathing and some water creatures die. I suffer a lot. I can't even do anything. Today such a situation has arisen that conservation of rivers has become important. Because the coming generation will not get pure and clean water. Plastic, household waste, waste from factories are flowing into the rivers.

happy moments

I feel very happy when a traveler travels a long distance and quenches my thirst with water. Children also sometimes play with my water with their little hands and wash their hands and mouth. I feel very happy. In festivals everyone celebrates their festival happily in front of my shore.

face difficulties

Like in life a person moves ahead by facing various difficulties. In the same way, I also flow through various lanes and mountains. When I leave the Himalayas, I become a little narrow. When I reach the plains it becomes very wide.

No expectation and no limited life span

Human beings have a definite life span. When a man dies, his ashes are immersed in rivers. I get very sad. Man's desires and dreams flow in water. But I can never die. I always will be and I don't have any special expectations. We are part of nature. If there is nature, then we are too. There is no person or medium who can take my life. No matter how many obstacles come, I will keep on flowing. It means never to break, never to shatter. It is necessary to mold yourself according to the situation. Never stop in life, just hold on to the pace of life and move forward. When life is good with a man, he is extremely happy and when tough times come, some people get scared of difficult situations. Do not be afraid of situations and face them. This is the philosophy of life. If he thinks like me then there will be no tension in life.


Where I am worshiped as a goddess, there I am made dirty. I am very sad to see and bear this. Now humans have become more conscious than before and are conserving rivers. But it is not enough. All I want is that people should become aware and do not intentionally pollute the rivers. I will always flow like this and do public welfare. If man continues to harm the environment in this way, then the day is not far that my existence will also be in danger.

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Autobiography Of River In English