Autobiography Of Flower In English

Autobiography Of Flower In English

Autobiography Of Flower In English - 1000 in words

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Autobiography Of Flower Essay in English Introduction

Who doesn't love the scent of flowers? People's mind becomes happy seeing colorful flowers. Flower petals bloom with the first rays of the sun. Juhi, Champa, Jasmine, Rose, Marigold, Juhi, many types of flowers make people happy. The fragrance of flowers spreads everywhere in the garden. People plant and take care of flowering plants everywhere in the world. If the mind of the people is not happy, then they become happy with my fragrance and my presence. Today I am going to tell my autobiography. I am a flower I have existed for many decades and yet I have not lost any of my charm and beauty. I bloom in different species, shapes and colors. I enchant the whole environment with different types of sweet fragrances. I am a symbol of love and happiness. I am widely used for decoration and create a beautiful atmosphere, Which gives everyone a feeling of happiness and joy. Sometimes used to honor me on certain occasions. On sacred occasions I am offered in the worship of Devas (God) and Goddesses.

love all

Everyone loves me, be it humans or birds, bees and butterflies. The different colors and forms of my species impress and attract birds and butterflies alike. I enjoy the company of birds, insects and butterflies and together with them I maintain the balance of Mother Earth. I am not that long. I bring smile on people's face. People give a bouquet full of flowers to express their love.


I am a red rose flower. Thorns also come with me. I am also a symbol of the beauty of nature. I bloom in the people's garden and amaze me with my beauty. I love greenery. I love this nature and the open sky. I feel very happy when people praise my fragrance and beauty. When I am in bloom, bees come and sit near me. She drinks my sweet juice. Everyone likes the scent of roses. Rose is found in many colors.

care by the gardener

I am a beautiful flower blooming in the garden. Gardeners give us water and fertilizers everyday and take care of us.

My use in many festivals and celebrations

All the festivals of the world have faded without me. In weddings I am used for decoration. At the time of marriage, the bride and groom garland each other with flowers. The fragrance of flowers makes the celebration even more double.

manufacture of perfume

When I am separated from my plant, I am in great pain. Perfume is made from my petals. Everyone loves the fragrance. I smell the world with my loving fragrance.

compliments of beauty

I feel very happy when people praise my beauty. I shudder with joy. People use many flowers like me and me in their celebration, birthday and wedding. I feel happy when many colorful flowers like mine are decorated. Popular and big people are welcomed by making my garland. I am used to express the respect and love of the people.

plucking flowers

We all enhance the beauty of the flower garden and nature. But if anyone comes and throws flowers after plucking and crushing them, then I feel very sad.

my use

Humans use me in many festivals. To give a warm welcome to the people, I am threaded in a garland. When someone dies, they are decorated with flowers to say goodbye to them. When worship is done, we offer flowers to God. I feel immense happiness when I am offered at the feet of God.

popular among poets

Poets write poems on me, being mesmerized towards my beauty and fragrance. In poems, I am described as a symbol of love. My beauty is appreciated. This makes me happy.

honor of martyrs

Soldiers sacrifice their lives to protect India. In this war we lose many Indian soldiers. When tribute is paid to such brave soldiers, we are offered flowers. This makes us proud.

used for employment

In many places we pluck flowers and take them to the market. People buy those flowers and sell them in the markets. This runs their home. They get employment.

attracted to fragrance

People are pleased by my fragrance and come drawn towards me. He draws his picture in front of the flowers. He gets happy seeing the colorful flowers. The atmosphere smells of my fragrance.

to throw away

I feel very sad when people unnecessarily crush flowers and throw them away. Flowers also hate being separated from their plants. It is forbidden to break flowers, even after writing, people pluck flowers and throw them here and there. But there are some conscious citizens who take care of flowers wholeheartedly.

end of me

One day the gardener broke me along with other flowers. We used flowers to decorate someone's birthday. The next day we all withered and we were thrown in the garbage. I have ended but I am happy that I was able to give happiness to others.


The life of flowers is very short. We spread our fragrance in someone's life. Flowers are used to give respect to someone and also to say goodbye to someone. We also come to work for the aarti and welcome of the people. In a few days, they wither away and say goodbye to life. We go away but our fragrance settles in the hearts of people.

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Autobiography Of Flower In English